10+ Best Anime Pictures for Free Download

Anime is one of the most popular things these days. Especially, in this digital era, anime pictures are gaining more popularity with each passing day. Originated from Japan, anime picture is a computer-generated animation. Though people believe that anime is specifically produced in Japan, for Japanese, every animation produced regardless of origin is called anime.

Anime does sound and look-like cartoon and fictional characters but it doesn’t target kids only. The younger generation these days is more obsessed with anime. You will find many movies, video games, and products inspired by anime. From big shops selling anime-themed toys to big statues and anime picture snacks, you will find anime everywhere across the globe. Anime series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Death Note, and Cowboy Bebop are all majorly successful among adults. People have made their virtual idols from anime characters.

Anime culture is so ingrained in Japanese society and now across the globe that many companies are using anime characters in their advertising or even creating their own anime characters or mascots to appeal more to the younger market. Some people are so obsessed with anime characters that they love to buy all the products related to them. In Japan, there is a whole town (The town of Akihabara) that is entirely based on anime pictures.

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Types of Anime

If you are new to this anime world, you will be surprised to know that there are many types of anime. It is not just a cartoon, every type target a different type of audience. One thing that you should know is that while anime itself is not a genre, it’s composed of different types, and the most popular ones are Shónen, Seinen, Shójo, Josei, and Kodomomuke.

The reason why these categories exist is that each one of these categories is created with a specific population in mind. If you are an anime fan you can easily distinguish the difference between each type of anime. You can download different anime pictures according to your desired categories below. The aesthetics and techniques used in all these anime are not just a normal things but an skilled form of art.


This type of anime pictures usually targets a male audience. Typically aged between 8 to 18 young males are the target audience for Shonen. You will mostly find the male protagonist in this type of anime. However, sometimes attractive female protagonists are also being used in this type of category.

Boy anime character 1
Boy anime character – illustAC

The main goal of this type of anime is to meet all the needs of young males including action, drama, adrenaline, comedy, horror, adventure, and more.  Some popular Shonen anime are Dragon Ball, One-piece, Naruto, and Attack on the Titan.


This type of anime pictures also targets a male audience but people aged 18 and above, basically adult males. You will find more intense stories in Seinen. This type of anime has a strong storyline and anime full videos with more violence and psychological aspects. You will find all the action with male protagonist fighting with the main characters and also some intense interactions with the female characters.

anime pictures illustAC
Male anime character – illustAC

You will also find some sexual and pornographic content in Seinen anime that’s why it targets adults. Hellsing, Gantz, and one punch man are a few examples of Seinen anime.


Shojo is the most popular type of anime. Its literal meaning is ‘virgin maiden’. It targets young females mostly ages between 10 to 18. In contrast to Shonen, this type of anime has lighter content with no violence. It mostly focuses on fantasy, romance, and drama.

Though you won’t much action or male protagonist in this type of anime due to the light content and human relationships it is one of the favorite types of anime among all the age groups.

Shojo’s work can be enjoyed by anyone of any group and gender. If you are interested in human relationships, love, romance, and stories that are not necessarily action-packed, then shojo anime is highly suggested to you.


This type of anime also targets female audiences but different age groups. Like shojo, Josei also has drama, romance, and human relationships but has more detail in them. It touches on more realistic and thoughtful topics. Where Shojo is all about a fantasy world and perfect romance, Josei hit more reality like infidelity, sexual assaults, abuse, and more erotic and intense topics.

Josei can be enjoyed by women as well as men. Many young adults have the curiosity to find out how the female mind works. They relate it to the struggles they face in romance and life in general.


This type of anime is the one everyone knows about. It targets children and empathizes on leaving good moral lessons to the kids. These type of anime are very cute and entertaining and teaches good behavior and how to be a better person.

Also, kodomomuke anime is simple and easy to understand. The dialogues and pronunciations are clear. You will also find animals and other types of fictional characters in this type of anime. They keep the kids hooked while teaching them a good lesson. There is adventure, comedy, fun, and dance too. Though it mostly targets kids but people from all age groups enjoy kodomomuke. Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pokemon are some of the popular examples of kodomomuke.

You will find many anime pictures of this category in kids bedroom. You can download free anime pictures, illustrations and royalty free images from illustAC.

Anime Characters

Anime majorly depicts Japanese culture, values, and traditions through its characters. You will find a lot of resemblance in anime characters with Japanese daily life. There are an uncountable number of anime characters that people love and are obsessed with. Anime pictures are among the most searched pictures of all time. From being cute to the most aggressive ones, anime characters are loved by many according to one’s choice. 

Anime culture is not new, it started many years ago but now it has hit the mainstream media and gained more popularity.

Anime has built reputation majorly because of its characters. Every character has its fan following depending on their characteristics and the entertainment value they provide to their audience. Every genre has different characters that made that genre more popular. Anime pictures of female characters are very popular mostly because of their style and sexual content. Also, anime pictures of male characters are popular because of the action and intensity in their characters.  

Same as any film hero or heroine which people idolize, anime characters also have such fan followings. Whether it’s about the looks, badass nature, or the action, anime is getting a massive audience through its characters.

You will find anime pictures all over the internet. From the sea of anime characters, we have shortlisted some of the best anime characters of all time.

Anime Boys

There are millions of anime male characters. People love to have statues, anime pictures, and other stuff relate to anime characters. Many companies are also cashing their popularity but building their marketing strategies based on anime characters. Most anime male characters are action figures with lots of intensity, aggression, and power in their characters.

Anime male characters are similar to those superheroes just computer-generated figures rather than actual heroes. But, never underestimate the power of anime. Here, based on popularity and people’s favorites we have list down some of the top favorite coolest male anime characters.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is one of the best swordsmen in the anime world. Belong to One Piece anime pictures, he is one of the most favorite anime characters. He is strong, stubborn, and hotheaded. From his childhood, he always believed that he is unbeatable. Also, he is always confident about his swords skills. Initially, he used to think that just having more swords meant he was stronger. But, after intense and painful training, he mastered the three-sword style that he always carries.

Zoro’s other best quality is loyalty. He is loyal to the death. His body is covered with many scars and wounds sharing his journey of various battles.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is an anime character that is popular among girls. You might find his anime pictures in many Japanese girls. He is charming, manipulative, and deadly! Don’t go on his looks, his innocence looks tempting at first glance but he has a darker side that overshadows his sweet personality. He possesses a bipolar personality which lures him to do things that lead to mass destruction.

In the anime franchise Death Note, he joined the companionship of death god Ryuk. Now he hacanill anyone. However, he mostly uses his power to kill criminals and people spreading violence. Even with his deadly nature and extreme measures to kill, he is loved by many anime followers.

Levi Ackerman

From one of the most popular anime franchises Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman is the most popular anime character in history. He is not just a character but an idol for many. Attack on Titan is one of the most loved franchises adopted in many movies, video games, anime pictures, and more.

Levi is handsome but not very approachable. He has a straight face showing no emotions to anyone. His cold and blunt nature is mostly very offensive. He is a captain of the Survey Corps and known as the strongest soldier in the Army. He is an unsocial and heartless type of personality but from inside he cares a lot about his people and their lives.

Anime Girls

Like males, there are many female anime characters loved by many. They are strong, powerful, intelligent, and most importantly attractive. Regardless of their deadly nature, female anime characters can kill just by their looks.

You will find many anime pictures of female characters on young adults’ laptops. They enjoy and cherish their story and the way it is being communicated. It is interesting to know that the anime world had more male characters initially but later on female anime characters have also paved their way to the heart of the audience. Today, many female anime characters are known for various reasons. C.C. from Code Geass is mysterious and humorous, Motoko Kusanagi from ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is powerful yet sexual, and many more.

Uraraka Ochaco

Uraraka Ochaco is a very cute female protagonist known for her lively nature and blushed cheeks. She is very open-minded and understands people’s feelings. She is empathic and very caring. Her cute bubbly nature is loved by many in the anime world. Uraraka easily gets excited over small things and enjoys every small moment of her life.

She can manipulate gravity. She can make things weightless and make them float. She can also make herself fly. However, every hero has some weakness, this unique ability sometimes backfires and she feels nauseated while doing this floating trick. She can lift any heavy object making it weightless against gravity.

Hinata Huaga

Hinata Huaga is a sweet shy little girl with a strong mind and body. Her parents have trained her in martial arts and she is one of the strong girls in her ninja clan. She usually doesn’t speak much but when she does she is always very kind and motivating. Her style of fighting is also very gentle but with all her energy.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is one of the most loved anime characters due to her strict personality. She is so intimidating that she becomes more attractive to the audience. You will find many anime pictures of Erza Scarlet on the internet. She is a fearless and hotheaded personality, ready to meet any danger or people regardless of gender.

Along with being fearless, she is righteous and has the power to summon magic weapons and armors. She can store hundreds of armors and use them according to her need. She is among the top 10 favorite anime characters of all time.


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