10 Steps on How Do I Create an Email Signature Design

An email signature is a block of words in the email footer. It offers at least the essential details about the sender, i.e. name, title and contact information. Some email signatures also consist of images, clickable call-to-actions, hyperlinks, products and services relevant to the email recipient.

An example of modern email signatures is business cards. These cards are primarily used for external communications, but large and successful companies also use them for internal mailing.

These email signatures are based on peer-to-peer communication. You should gather the information about who the primary recipient is so you can target with a sound email signature that must include amazing design and essential details and functions.

To decide what information should be included, you need to think through what is suitable for your department to communicate. The IT department probably doesn’t have to deal with customers or the audience, so they are required to sum up their mobile number, for instance. Your email signature should consist of an essential thing: name, title, department, and company name. The common idea is to identify the sender and clarify their role within the organization.

You can even make your email signature design better by doing the following things like adding a photo, phone number, email address, website, address, social media icons, logo, CTA, and google maps. Signatures alone can look dull, so these design signatures add a little sparkle and some personality. Use a photo that makes your email signatures more personal and better.

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Email Signature Design Example

A good email signature is visually attractive and easy to read. This type of email signature is achieved by making a clear hierarchy, using white space, and limiting the colors used to not more than two or three( prefer a color that matches your brand color). Some of the email signature examples are

Making great sales offers directly from your signature brand

You should highlight property listings that you want to promote in the design. It is an excellent way to encourage readers to click straight through the site and read more about them. And it also helps for the attractive look of the email signature.

All the information a prospect should be interested in a property is presented in the signature block, so it’s super easy and comfortable for everyone to contact and express interest.

Make your signature look lively with a touch of animation

We all know animation is a strong technique to add story depth to the email signature’s limited space. Motion visuals always drive in a lot of details in them that still images don’t. Therefore adding animation creatively in the right place on your business cards, banners, websites, etc., can demonstrate your best wares. Make yourself approachable, and also present your basic values.

Demonstrate your work and talent with splendid signature design

You should use your signature image to present both yourself and your creative artistry. To sum up, you must leverage the significant noticeable element in your email signature block, advantages beautifully and subtly. Also, add the link to the email signature with your portfolio.

Doing these things will have more people’s attention on the content, and more people means more chance of success in making a purchase.

Also, create your email signature timely

You are free to use the handwritten signature app to sign off a message and also personalize the signature. The best example is making holiday greeting cards.

Be creative with the signature CTA Button

A lot of well-established organizations use Wisestamp to manage email signatures across companies. Visually guide the customers to take the desired action. Use a GIF banner to ease prospects into the making of signing up for a demo.

Extent and enrich the Branding of your company

The best and coolest email signature ideas are by using logo components to add additional details like your brand slogan, a discount offer, or an advertisement for coming festivals or events.

Make a fantastic impression on users with the use of the social media templates button

By adding links to your personal social media accounts, you will remind your readers that they deal with an individual and not a faceless corporation.

Likewise, there are numerous ways to improve your email signature design, like adding a video, etc. By doing these things, as mentioned earlier, you will surely be able to grab high attention on your websites, banners, and cards and more likely to have more purchases.

What’s your targeted audiences?

Targeted audiences refer to the specific group of people interested in taking your products or service. Your targeted audience can be of any gender, age, etc. You must know your targeted audiences as a group of people really wanting to be your customer by grabbing attention from various advertisements, brands, etc.

When marketers are well-known about their ideal customers, that helps to make more informed decisions about the message, media, and timing. So, let’s have a time and determine your targeted audiences,

Knowing the targeted audiences has numerous advantages before creating your email signature design. To execute marketing plans and strategies, you need to understand the targeted audience. Airing an advertisement throughout the Super Bowl is an excellent way to be seen by a lot of people, but it’s costly.

Also, having the information about users reading a certain type of publication or watching a specific show means that only a few people will see your advertisement, but the right audience. So before making your email signature design more creative, you should also have the knowledge about your targeted audiences of yours.

To know about the targeted audience, you need to do the following things like:

  1. Carefully analyze the customer base and run client interviews.
  2. Do market research and identify industry trends.
  3. Examine competitors
  4. Make Personas
  5. Know who your targeted audience is, not
  6. Revise continuously
  7. Make sure you use the google analytics

What is working for your competition?

Switching employers can be a nice strategic choice to advance the career. Other companies might be offering different benefits, friendly payments or even vacation allowances than someone’s current job. If you want to work for a competitor, then you need to understand how to switch employers.

That might be the smooth transition. In this article, you will notice why you want to have a job with a competitor, the details about non-compete contracts and how to apply or get an appointment with your present competitor.

Working together with competitors might offer many advantages that could achieve personal and professional goals. You might be looking for a job with the competitors for numerous reasons like higher pay, more responsibilities, better work-life balance, more room service, and extra advantages like insurance or retirement options.

You will also discover it easier to work for with a competitor since they could use the same type of software and programs and have related rules and regulations. Similarities will help you make the transition quickly and feel more comfortable in the role. It might seem illogical in any walk of life to help your competitor.

However, in this entrepreneurial world, different ways to help others can end up with zero balance in bank accounts and generate better practices for your business. So, believe it or not, assisting competitors to can be beneficial. Like competitors, keep the industries thriving.

Choose Similar Colors

The perfect and striking email signature design is essential for the final messaging results. Opening the letter, the recipient or users instantly will notice the visual of the brand, which catches the general mood and ambience of the business. Hence, it invites the users or recipients to communicate emotions and cooperation.

And a perfect way to express your creativity and personality, a professional approach is the correct logo and email signature design color selection.

Meanwhile, if you are not a pro artist or a designer, then this particular task might be difficult or haunting for you. Being a marketing head or a director, you certainly might use the words proficiently and communicate the relevant details using a suitable narrative style. But what about the colors of the email signature design?

How to make the selection of the most suitable ones, mix them nicely, and create a colorful harmony? If you are concerned about this thing, like making a perfect email signature design, then this article is for you. Just utilize the professional templates, consider the color transfer in the displays of numerous devices, start experimenting and get great email signature design results.

Talking about the account email signature design account, focus on the message you want to convey. Select the correct colors to communicate the mood, the company mission, and the necessary call to action. The shades and tones you choose can also make users feel secure, inspired or vigorous.

These primary colors speak about the colors:

Red-energy, passion, and familial love

Orange- youth and happiness

Yellow- positively, optimistic, and clarity

Green- wellness, trust, stability, and environmental awareness

Purple- royalty and the mixe of both strength and energy(extravagance)

Blue- serenity, loyalty and wisdom

Color for email signature design
Top color for email signature design

Chose Similar Typography

You should use a similar or identical font for your email signature design and body of the email. There is nothing more discouraging than watching the Arial font for the boy of the email and the Times New Roman font for the email signature design. If your company uses Arial font for sending emails, then use only Arial in your email signature design.

Parameters to Test

Grip your creativity and skills. You can also change parameters from existing templates or code your templates. So after creating a great email signature design adding all the highlights and essential links and containing CTA also but ever wondered or decided to know if anyone has ever clicked on them or not?

If you really want to know about whether people are clicking the links are not, make the link trackable. One of the finest ways to do it is by adding UTM parameters to the association. Learn step by step about using the UTM parameter and test it out numerous times to determine which ones are driving the most clicks on your email signature design.

CTR, Response Rate, Close rate

Banners in image footers play a significant marketing role. They help businesses share any piece of detailed data and increase the email click-through rate. Therefore, banners and CTR buttons should be used to maximize the email CTR.

CTR is more likely the first answer or response we get when asking an email marketer what metrics they track. It lets people easily calculate performance for every single email sent. From there, one can also track how your CTR changes over the period. Email reputation is built to manage a high level of positive engagement while reducing negative engagements.

To increase the response rate of your email signature design, you need to follow the following things:

Make the beginning of the email engaging so that we all get cold emails, and most of us are even good at recognizing boilerplate openings. Begin with a great opening sentence, i.e. simply don’t use the common words; try to be extra.

Adding animated images in our email signature design helps greatly to stand out and entice the recipient to take action. Don’t make your email content too long. Often, a sender can send a message up to three lines but instead decide to write a short novella. When writing emails, be well aware that they are too long.

Test and Scale

You can also test different shapes, sizes, colors, placements, etc. You can even measure the results through click and click-through rates through some of the online platforms. You must spend a great amount of time building, reconfiguring, testing and making the formula perfect for a significant signature.

You will surely find success in simplicity. Keep your text short and easy for readers to read. And, also add your most relevant details in the email signature design.


An email signature design is an excellent opportunity to brand every message you send. It also establishes and strengthens who you are in the company? By making a cohesive email signature design for each employee on the team, you will create brand recognition in every person to whom your employees send emails.

It is an essential element of the marketing campaign. It shows the brand personality, introduces people behind emails, and offers necessary contact details. Therefore, your email signature design must be eye-catching, using the right colors representing your brand, personality, and other things mentioned above in the article.

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