10 Sources of Free Clipart for Teachers

Clip art images are a set of graphic design elements for creating a complete graphic design. It can be both separate objects and complete images. Moreover, it can also be presented in two graphics formats, raster and vector.

Any individual can develop desktop wallpapers, collages, and websites using such clipart pictures. These are also popular for creating posters, booklets, calendars, and so on. So, the clipart collection is an essential tool that every webmaster has.

Learning is more interesting with clipart, as it helps students understand the concept easily and quickly. All the educators and teachers will surely agree that students learn quickly and better with visuals. And one of the best ways to bring it to life is by adding professional-grade illustrations or free clipart for teachers and images into your class projects and presentations.

Besides catching students’ attention, these free clipart for teachers makes learning more interesting. If you want to enhance your teaching skills with free clipart for teachers, then look for these top sites below. Moreover, some of these sites mentioned below offer high-quality images, free clipart for teachers, and background images that add more visual appeal to the projects.

Clipart is an excellent time for busy classroom teachers who are inundated with the daily focus on teaching. Clipart is great for bulletin boards or a slideshow presentation that gets student’s attention easily. There are various uses of clipart in teaching, and they are:

  • It is used for designing your classroom.
  • Creating a fun classroom newsletter.
  • To make your own quizzes, lessons, handouts, and tests.
  • Teachers use it for making interactive lessons using the smart board.
  • Designing schedules for special needs students that are tailored to them.
  • You can also add specific signage to the content you teach your students.
  • Making labels for bins, cabinets, and drawers to improve classroom organization.
  • For composing lessons for Google Classroom.
10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers
10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers

10 Websites Offer Free Clipart For Teachers

Are you looking for high-quality printable clipart for bulletin boards? Or you want some teacher’s clipart. You will find numerous of these teacher clipart on the internet, but not all of them are good and of high quality.

So, for your ease in understanding different sites, we have made a collection of ten sites that offer cost-free and premium clipart for teachers, which are eye-catching and worth using. We know teachers have limited budgets, and fortunately, the internet is full of good quality, cost-free cliparts.

But some of the sites might also require attribution in some cases, so be sure that you check the rules before using these cliparts. The various websites are as follows:


Are you searching for cost-free amazing quality free clipart for teachers: If yes, the illustAC is the best place to look for them. illustAC has offered numerous cost-free clipart for teachers, so don’t hesitate to download them.

As you can see, illustAC has already made over seven million registered daily members, demonstrating how its customers are satisfied using its clipart illustrations images. Also, for the ease of the users, illustAC has provided facilities like filter search and image search from where one can find their desired shape, color or size (free clipart for teachers) within seconds or minutes.

You can search for your desired free clipart for teachers in the search bar, and then there, you can see various keyword options related to your search that make it easy to find the right one.

Using such high-quality cost-free clipart for teachers from illustAC can never be a wrong or regretful decision as it never fails to stand out. You can download these free clipart for teachers from illustAC by clicking on the images you like, and the download button appears.

Also, if you want to be a premium member of illustAC and use its premium cliparts, it doesn’t cost a lot. It costs only $12.2 and $132 monthly and yearly. Moreover, being a premium member of the illustAC means you can enjoy numerous facilities like zipping numerous free clipart for teachers, no attribution needed, unlimited downloads (free clipart for teachers), and new design packs are given frequently, and so on.

When a trustworthy site like illustAC is offering you the best quality free clipart for teachers, why not download and use them. 

Classroom Clipart

As the name symbolizes, this website was designed by a top resource for teacher clipart. The index makes it easy to find clipart by subject and provides some animated clipart.

Classroom clipart offers all the free JPG downloads of clipart for personal use that do not contain a copyright watermark. Unlike most other platforms, the images and illustrations on Classroomclipart are related to education, teaching, and learning.

Parents, teachers, students, and everyone else can use the resources on this site. Free graphic images are available for single downloads, while multiple downloads can be accessed as paid options.

Using such images of free clipart for teachers from this site can be the best decision for your life as they are eye-catching and tend to get more student’s attention. Moreover, you can also sign up on the classroom clipart site for a paid account for online editing tools and additional file types that cost $19.95 per year.

10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers
10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers


You might have already have an idea from its name that all the cliparts( free clipart for teachers) here are in PNG form with transparent backgrounds. This site also offers free clipart for teachers but needs attribution and is also not allowed to be used for commercial print purposes. Pngtree also consists of customizable templates and slides. To download the two photos or free clipart for teachers per day that are available for download, you have to register for a free account. More daily downloads and complete commercial access without attribution are available with only a premium subscription.


There is much wonderful free clipart for teacher’s selections on Freepik, but remember that all need attribution unless you join up for a subscription account that costs $10 monthly.

This website’s downloads are a little awkward because you instantly receive a ZIP file that contains JPG and EPS (vector) files. If you don’t require the EPS file for clipart or free clipart for teachers, you can right-click the image and still save it as a JPG instead of using the download button. Furthermore, each image contains the details needed for accurate attribution, whether used online or in print.

ClipArt ETC

This collection of free clipart for teachers was specifically made with educators in mind by the University of South Florida. The website specializes in scientific images of plants, animals, and other items in black and white.

Teachers and students can use about 50 items for one personal-use project. You can buy individual images or free clipart for teachers if you want to use them for commercial purposes.

You can use clipart or free clipart for teachers with presentations, student and teacher characters, tons of different school patterns, icons, items, and many more. All graphics offered by this site are free to download for personal and commercial use, but Freepik may require the need to credit authors.


Use this straightforward website to download cliparts or free clipart for teachers with simply a right-click; no account is necessary. The pictures are certainly adorable and ideal for kindergarten and elementary schools.

Teachers are free to use this clipart as long as they give credit to the developer however they see fit, including on websites like Teachers Pay Teachers. The majority of cliparts or free clipart for teachers are transparent-background PNGs.


Along with photographs, this is a highly well-liked site for vector clipart and free clipart for teachers. You have access to a huge library of cliparts with the free membership; all of these free clipart for teachers and other images have commercial usage restrictions and call for acknowledgement.

Even more photographs, quicker downloads, and complete commercial rights with no attribution are all included when you sign up for a premium subscription, and it costs only a $9 fr monthly package. JPG and EPS files are automatically included in downloads. A built-in editor enables you to edit the images or free clipart for teachers right in Vekteezy before saving your modifications (free and premium).


Along with cliparts or free clipart for teachers, Pixabay offers a huge selection of clipart, and everything is completely free and can also be used for commercial usage. The majority of clipart or free clipart for teachers on this site is available in PNG and SVG formats.

Higher resolution and SVG graphics require a free account; however, you may easily log in using the Google account to make things easier for downloading, such as eye-catching free clipart for teachers.

Besides stock images, illustrations and free clipart for teachers, Pixabay offers numerous free footages, HD video clips, and royalty-free music to make your educational projects and presentations more appealing to your students.


There is a ton of teacher-friendly clipart(free clipart for teachers) in clipartPal’s Public Domain section. Since everything is in the public domain, you are free to use the files for either personal or professional usage. However, the site is a little challenging to use, and the files may be of worse quality or size. It’s still a sensible choice (to download such free clipart for teachers or not ) to make, though.


Every cliparts( free clipart for teachers) on this site is available for any kind of use, consisting of commercial purposes, and also no attribution is required.

We have seen the selection of free clipart for teachers or other clipart from this site is not the best decision; however, it’s good to be able to choose from SVG and numerous sizes of PNG files.

Paid Sources from where you find the Clipart for Teachers

There are various paid sources from where you will find the required clipart for teachers. For your ease in understanding these site’s values and what they offer, we have made a collection of some of these sources; let’s have a look at them:

Vector Characters

Sometimes, it is worth enough to pay for your clipart, especially when you have specific needs and the clipart is of amazing quality that easily attracts attraction.

It is also an intelligent technique to use when creating products for sale, so you’ll know you have the rights to the images or teacher’s clipart you want to use.

You can easily find numerous free characters in different categories, including teachers, boys, girls, robots, animals, and even characters for presentations. Free downloadable files are available in png, pdf, and Ai formats, so one can easily add them to their project.

10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers
10 Sources for free Clipart for Teachers


Shutterstock is a reputable source of stock images, illustrations, and vector clipart. Excellent quality is offered here, and the standard license covers both personal and essentially business use. The lowest subscription option at the moment is for ten images or cliparts, which cost per month $29; subscriptions are sold as images per month (billed annually). You may test out Shutterstock for free for a month to see if it’s for you.

Clipart.com School Edition

Clipart.com is one of the most renowned paid resources for quality clipart in a wide variety of vector and non-vector file types. You can buy images individually, create an account, sign in, and pay for unlimited downloads.

An educational license costs $99.95 yearly and offers by single-user for personal purposes only. If you want to utilize images or clipart commercially, you have to have a professional license currently, which costs about $200 a year.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a well-known stock image website offering cliparts, vector graphics, and more. You can use this premium clipart for personal and simple business purposes with a standard license, much like Shutterstock.

Plans operate similarly to Shutterstock and start at $29 monthly for about ten images. Some products are premium and can only be bought with credits.

Vector Characters

Want to express your personality? Check out Vector Characters! These collections of cartoon characters are ideal for designing online courses that feature supportive teachers with various attitudes. You have both personal and commercial usage rights under the standard license.

While The set sells premium characters, certain lesser sets are offered for free. Credit purchases also enable financial savings.

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are obsessed with a particular blogger or TPT seller’s style, check to see if they sell their teacher’s clipart on Teachers Pay Teachers or not. Many offer theme packs at different prices by subject, and there is a wide selection of cost-free clipart. You can just search by clipart on this to see your choices.


Clipart is art or an image created by professional artists to fit numerous categories like animals, people, schools, etc., to be inserted into a document. And we all know students learn quickly and faster with visuals, So teachers use these amazing cliparts and images to make them understand the concept.

If you are also a teacher and want some amazing free clipart for teachers, then look for that on the above-mentioned site. It is sure that you will be able to find the desired shape, size or colors or subject matter, like animals, fruits, people, etc., on these sites.

Also, using these amazing quality, cost-free clipart for teachers is the best way of teaching your students and making them understand faster.

If you are also looking for these free clipart for teachers, then these sites, as mentioned above, are the best for them. Also, illustAC has been offering this high-quality cost-free clipart for teachers for years now and has gained almost eight million people’s trust.

Using such eye-catching amazing free clipart for teachers downloading it for free from illustAC will never be a regretting decision of your life. Every free clipart for teachers and royalty-free images of illsutAC always stand out and gain high attention.

Also, you shouldn’t wait to find the desired shape, size or color of free clipart for teachers as illustAC has offered filter search and images search, thinking of its customer’s ease. We hope reading the article was helpful for you in understanding some major sites offering free clipart for teachers.

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