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Easter is a religious festival celebrated among Christians. In the Christian religion, Easter is considered a resurrection of their prophet, Jesus Christ. They believe it is the holiest day of the year. This day is officially considered a holiday in many countries worldwide. In some traditions, they start their Easter celebrations with the saying, ‘Christ is risen!’.

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As Easter is a religious event, and religious people celebrate it with passion, non-religious people also celebrate it in form of lunch, Easter dinner parties, family get together and egg paintings, etc. even some people who do not belong to Christianity, celebrate it as a holiday and a cultural thing. Despite the reasons, everyone celebrates Christmas with full zeal.

Easter does not come on the same day or date each year so, we say it is a moveable festival. There are a lot of things you can do to make your Easter holiday memorable. there is a specific method to calculate the Easter dates each year. It is celebrated on the first Sunday, which comes after the full moon after the 21st of March. like that, easter could arrive any day between 22nd March and April 25.

This year, we will celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 17.

Easter Bunny Vector
Easter Bunny Vector

Easter Bunny

Everyone loves Easter and so do they love Easter Bunny. The Easter bunny is also called Easter Rabbit. It is a folk story figure and represents Easter. In the folklore, it is a rabbit, sometimes in clothes and it brings Easter eggs. In some cultures, it appears as a judge whether kids were behaving good or bad and so on the judgment, should they receive Easter eggs or sweets or toys. Or maybe the kids only ‘deserve’ eggs and not toys etc.

According to folklores, Easter Bunny come to houses with children, with a basket full of decorated eggs the night before the Easter holiday and laid these eggs for kids. The next day, the kids find their treats and celebrate their festival in its full spirit. Get inspired by Easter Bunny Vector.

Easter Bunny Vector with Easter Eggs
Easter Bunny Vector with Easter Eggs

Easter Games

Since Easter is started, it is considered a celebratory event so many traditional games and customs evolved and attached to Easter over time. Eggs have an important role in these easter celebrations. Because eggs are considered a symbol of birth and fertility so they are linked to of new life of Jesus Christ and his loyal followers.

Some of these games include egg tapping, egg rolling, pace egging, confetti eggs, and egg decorating. If someone is not celebrating Easter they can still enjoy these Easter special games. These games just do not randomly exist but they have rules to play. The rules vary according to cultures and regions though. Sometimes there are contests as well containing these innocent Easter egg games.

Some other games also exist regarding Easter like puzzles with easter special vocabulary or jigsaws etc. with easter characters in them. But these games have a specific audience.

Cute Easter Bunny Vector, Cards Set
Cute Easter Bunny Vector, Cards Set

Famous Easter Egg Games

Here we throw light on some very interesting Easter egg games. You can play these games at your home, or play them as an activity in your classrooms. To create more fun, you can divide kids into groups and held a competition as well.

Egg Coloring

On Easter, coloring the eggs is a very old tradition that is still ongoing where ever easter is ongoing. In old times, they dye eggs by boiling them in natural substances such as beetroot, onion peel, walnut, etc. Nowadays you can add a few drops of food coloring in boiling water to color the eggs. With this method, you can get a lot of different colors.

Easter Bunny Vector Collection
Easter Bunny Vector Collection

Egg Tapping

Egg tapping is a traditional game. This game is played in a lot of countries. In this game, hard-boiled eggs are distributed among all players, and every player hits/taps the other one’s eggs with their egg in a manner that their egg could not be broken. This is called egg tapping. The winner is considered the player who has the last intact egg. There is an annual egg tapping competition as well which takes place during Easter every year in Peterlee Durham. Like all other games, a few cheating incidents are also reported in this game, like using a fake egg made from marble or cement being used in the game.

Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is a traditional Easter game as well. In this game, children rolled eggs from hills at easter. This game is played with hard-boiled painted or decorated eggs. Generally, it is considered a kids’ game but it has its meaning deep-rooted in the religion. In the religious aspect, rolling the egg down the hill means rolling the stones away from the tomb of Christ.

Easter Bunny Vector Seamless Background
Easter Bunny Vector Seamless Background

Egg Dance

Egg dance is a game in which you have to place eggs on the floor. After placing the eggs, you dance around them. The goal is to damage as less eggs as you can.

Egg Hunt

The egg hunt is an old game in which eggs are hidden for the children to find. The eggs used in such games are always hard oiled to avoid accidents of eggs popping here and there. These eggs are also decorated or painted. Sometimes they use artificial eggs filled with chocolates or sweets for a little extra treat for their kids. This game is usually played outdoors but it could be played indoors as well. Sometimes there are gifts or prizes as well for good performances in egg hunting games like a gift to a kid who collected eggs more than anyone or a gift for the biggest or smallest egg etc.

Easter Bunny Vector, Different Ideas
Easter Bunny Vector, Different Ideas

Egg Decorating

The decoration of eggs is another tradition widely practiced in every region. Specially, you do not have to be a religious person to take part in this activity as this is related to art and craft. Everyone can participate in this tradition for fun. You only have to buy some coloring stuff and eggs to participate in such activities. You can use watercolors to decorate your eggs. Sometimes people also use sugar icing mixed with food colors as well to get vibrant and pastel colors in results.

Traditionally people decorate eggs only in plain colors with natural products. But nowadays, like everything else, egg decoration has also been upgraded. Now, a lot of the methods are there to create tasty eggs with creative designs. Decoration tools are advanced now and so are the decorations. People also prefer, fake eggs filled with chocolate, jelly, and sweets.

You can see more ideas for egg decoration and Easter Bunny Vector collections.

Easter Bunny Vector, Egg Decorations
Easter Bunny Vector, Egg Decorations

Easter Foods

Easter holiday is associated with treats and family gatherings. During these family gatherings, people organize lunch and dinner parties and cook traditional food according to Easter Traditions. These foods vary from region to region. In a lot of countries, Lamb meat is eaten on Easter just like Turkey meat is eaten on Thanksgiving.

As easter is mainly related to eggs, you can serve various egg dishes. Some people also like to have ham as their main meal on the Easter holiday. You can serve it with some potatoes etc.

For more Easter vibes, you can use Easter-colored plates and napkins over your family dinner.

Easter Bunny Vector, Eggs Basket
Easter Bunny Vector, Eggs Basket

Things to Do Over Easter

Easter is celebrated in various ways in different cultures. Though Easter is a religious festival, people do not celebrate it so religiously as addressed by Christianity.

So, here are a few things you can do on your Easter holiday to enjoy it completely.

  1. Paint Eggs with your kids or alone
  2. Hunt Easter eggs
  3. Provide Easter baskets to kids
  4. Make Easter Bunny themed cakes and biscuits
  5. Play games with your kids to make their day special
  6. Go on an Easter hike with family
  7. Join family gatherings on Easter
  8. Participate in cooking lunch and dinner during a family gatherings
  9. Plant something new to celebrate a new life
  10. Go to church for Easter prayers
  11. Read Easter story to your kids from Bible
  12. Have some non-religious celebrations
Easter Bunny Vector, Icons
Easter Bunny Vector, Icons

Commercial Point of View

Nowadays, Easter is commercially as important as it is religiously in Christianity. A wide range of sales was executed during the period of Easter. These sales include all types of stuff i.e. fashion accessories, clothing, food, and greeting cards. Easter baskets are another hot item on easter days. Artificial eggs are the most selling items in any candy or sweet store. because easter is largely associated with eggs and there are a lot of egg games are also taking place. Another thing that is widely sold and almost everyone buys is Easter egg decorating stuff.

You can use our Easter Bunny Vector to enhance your sales as well.

Easter Bunny Vector, Wrapping Paper
Easter Bunny Vector, Wrapping Paper

Famous Easter Symbols

Symbols are necessary while designing the process and they make a design representation of a specific event. Symbols set the mood, features, and purpose of a design.  We made a list of Easter symbols, you can use while decorating your homes and could also be used in designing a design poser for Easter.


The Cross is the main representation of Christianity so it is widely used in Easter as well. This is the most important symbol to use in any design but one has to avoid it while designing something for kids.

Easter Bunny and Eggs

Both of these things are directly represented Easter and considered symbols of fertility and new life. So you can use them in classic or modern ways with variations of colors in your designs.

Easter Bunny Vector, Symbols
Easter Bunny Vector, Symbols


According to Christian folklore, lilies grow where the sweat of Jesus falls in his sadness. So, lilies have subtle importance in religion and are considered symbols of purity and innocence. You can use them in your design process to make your design more acceptable for a wide audience.


Butterflies also have great symbolism in the Christian religion, especially with Easter. The process from a caterpillar to finally becoming a butterfly is direct shows the process of the resurrection of Jesus. So you should use butterflies in your easter themes.

Also, butterflies have widely appreciated insects. So, you can sell anything with butterflies on them.


Ribbons enhance the beauty of everything where ever you add them. You can use ribbons in your designs as well as in your home decorations or during packing the gifts for Easter. They just add happiness and festive vibes to the atmosphere.

Easter Bunny Vector Collection
Easter Bunny Vector Collection

Easter Designs & Where to Use Them

There are a lot of options during an event to use art. We human beings love art in every possible way. So, this is not difficult to tell where to use the Easter bunny vector. The purpose of using an Easter bunny vector and other similar decorative stuff is to tell others that you are celebrating an event. Others may join you on an invitation. You can also use Easter Bunny Vector to promote an event regarding Easter.

You can add elements to compliment your design such as balloons, icons, unique decorative fonts, etc. These designs are used worldwide for, holiday announcements, posters, brochures, kids’ events, flyers, social media posts, postcards, print on items, and ad campaigns.

You can see our Easter Bunny vectors, for further design ideas. Our designs are completely editable and you can easily customize them as per your taste.

Easter Bunny Vector, Card
Easter Bunny Vector, Card

Final Words

Easter is a time of year when families get together again and spend their time showing love and care to each other. This is a warm and hospitable festive. To enjoy it even more vibrant, you can use our designs to add some more colors to your digital life. You can also use our Easter bunny vector designs to get some inspiration from the color palettes and design elements to decorate your homes, classrooms, offices, and shops. These little efforts make you happy and fill you with a feeling of fulfillment.

In last, no event is special. People around us make it special with effort and care for each other. This is the spirit of Easter as well. Enjoy your holiday with your family.

Happy Easter!

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