15+ Awesome Royalty-free Tropical Clipart for your Designs

Royalty-free tropical clipart and illustrations are all the rage right now. We’re seeing them everywhere, from wedding invitations to Instagram stories, websites, and marketing materials. IllustAC is proud to offer the very best tropical illustrations on the market—and we want to help you use them as royalty-free!

We’ve put together a quick list of tips and tricks to help you navigate this trendy new design aesthetic:

1. Go monochromatic. One of the hallmark characteristics of tropical designs is their bright color palette. If you’re not a fan of bright colors or want to create a more subtle effect for your project, consider going monochrome using just one of the colors in the palette. For example, if your illustration has hot pink flowers, try changing it to black-and-white and then recoloring only the pink parts back in! This will give you an impressionistic look that’s less harsh than full color.

2. Play with angles. Many tropical images are set at an angle, creating a diagonal composition that’s both eye-catching and dynamic. You can use this technique to balance your design with other elements on the page or just because you like it! It’s up to you how much or little angle you want

1. Pick your colors. Do you want to take a classic approach with greens, blues, and yellows? Or do you want to go more modern with oranges, pinks, and purples? Be sure to keep your color palette in mind as you’re selecting graphics so they all work together. Think about the colors that you imagine when you think of the beach. What do you think of seagrass? The ocean? Maybe vivid red flowers? When picking out a color palette, start by imagining the scene you want to create. Think about all of the elements in your painting and how they’ll fit together or contrast with each other.

2. Don’t go overboard! When it comes to royalty-free tropical clipart, less is more. A few well-placed graphics will bring a summery feel to your work without overpowering everything else.

Also, use bold accessories. The best royalty-free tropical clipart designs are all about bold choices! Don’t be afraid to use accessories that make a statement—a wicker chair with a leopard-print pillow or an ornate mirror hanging from your wall will make your room stand out from the crowd.

3. Consider using the trend for functional items and decorative ones. Royalty-free tropical clipart doesn’t just have to be used for gorgeous banners and logos—think about using it for your site navigation bar or form buttons too!

If you use it in a vintage manner, it’s all about natural colors with soft textures and a light palette that reminds you of a cottage in the woods or a cabin by the lake. If you use it modernly, the colors are bright, and the patterns are geometric, with clean lines and sharp textures.

For one thing, this royalty-free tropical clipart is fun! They’re playful and nostalgic and have universal appeal. They can be used to significant effect in various contexts because there are so many different ways to represent those motifs: clean vector lines, watercolor textures with soft edges, or bold colors on bright white backgrounds.

And their flexibility isn’t just limited to their appearance; royalty-free tropical clipart work for adults and children alike. Their visual appeal is broad enough that you’ll find them in everything from hipster cafes to kids’ clothing lines.

Basic Tutorial on how to draw Tropical Designs

If you use this Royalty-free tropical clipart in a vintage manner, it’s all about natural colors with soft textures and a light palette that reminds you of a cottage in the woods or a cabin by the lake. If you use it modernly, the colors are bright, and the patterns are geometric, with clean lines and sharp textures.

This article will show you how easy it is to create beautiful royalty-free tropical clipart. Here are six easy steps to draw your low designs:

1. Pick a color scheme.

2. Outline the shape you want your design to be in. After that, you’ll add small details to give it a realistic look. If you’re drawing a flower, this could be petals or veins in leaves; if you’re removing a palm tree, this could be lines on its trunk or fronds at the top.

3. Create a different shape inside of that using a contrasting color.

4. Add lines/shapes around the outside of the interior design using the first color you chose.

5. Add texture to those shapes by drawing more lines or making tiny dots with a marker pen or pencil tip.

6. If desired, add shading or highlights to make your design look more realistic!

Drawing tropical designs can be so much fun! You can take your inspiration from a wide variety of places, including the beach, the forest, and even the desert.

Basic rules when creating a tropical design:

Bring in nature.

Nothing says “tropical” quite like nature itself! Bring in plants, plant-inspired designs, natural materials like wood, and pieces inspired by ocean life for an extra layer of authenticity in your tropical design.

Add depth and interest with foliage.

Plants are a must for any tropical design. Plants are essential to the low look—you can’t have one without the other! Use them to add depth and interest. A fiddle leaf fig tree is always a good choice if you have room in your home for one, but even a small potted plant will do wonders to liven up your space.

For starters, the key to the tropical design is color.

You want to choose warm colors for your palette, and don’t be afraid to use bright shades. Try this: every room needs green if you’re looking for basic rules! Whether it’s a dark hunter green or bright lime green that reminds you of palm leaves, make sure you include some of this earthy color in your space.

Use natural hues. Earthy tones like mint, ochre, and soft yellow can effectively create a tropical feel in the workplace.

Don’t forget the greens. Using plenty of palm fronds and other plants is one of the essential parts of creating a tropical design. If you don’t have access to live plants, you may want to consider using faux greenery instead.

Add some water elements. Whether it’s a fish tank or just a tabletop fountain, adding water elements is another vital part of creating a tropical environment at work.

Another important rule is to remember that white is your friend.

White walls are your backdrop and give the rest of the colors a chance to stand out. White is also great for furniture—especially if you have a small space to work with. From there, add pops of bright color throughout your room! Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns (as long as they’re all within the same color scheme). Mixing patterns and using bold colors gives your space depth and texture in addition to vibrant energy.

Don’t forget about texture!

Using objects with different textures can help add more depth to your space. For example, try adding some woven baskets or wooden furniture pieces into your design scheme.

If you don’t have time to create and draw royalty-free tropical clipart, you can just easily download Royalty-free images from IllustAC.

What are Royalty-free Images?

Royalty-free images are photos, illustrations, and vectors available to use as you’d like. They don’t incur extra fees or permissions beyond the purchased license.

Royalty-free images are typically sold in two ways: individually (one photo at a time) or through bulk licenses. An individual photo can be licensed for a set number of times in an image pack, while a bulk license gives you access to all images in a collection on an ongoing basis.

Royalty-Free versus Free Images

Royalty-free images are different from free images. They can be used in various ways with no restrictions, but they’re not free.

When you use a royalty-free image, you can use it both personally and commercially without attributing the image to its source. However, there will be a small fee for using it.

Free images are just that—free! They’re available for reuse by anyone without any cost or attribution.

IllustAC Royalty Free Tropical Images to Download

Royalty-free tropical clipart Icon

This Tropical icon set is a guaranteed cute design, no matter what you use it for. This set is so fun, from stickers to mobile themes—and just a little cheeky.

royalty-free tropical clipart

Tropical clipart animals and plants

Are you looking for a tropical design to put on your desktop background or wallpaper? Or do you have a small packaging business that could use some low designs? Look no further. This tropical animals and plants pattern is a good inspiration that you can use for any of these purposes.

Royalty-free tropical clipart frames and borders

Summer is coming, and if you are trying to create a marketing poster or content for your social media platform, the frames and borders inspired through a Hawaiian theme below can be your best pick.

This design can also be a decorative element for your website or blog. The tropical summer theme will also make it easy for you to represent lots of other things like vacation, beach, sunbathing, surfing, and so on.

Feel free to browse through the collection of Hawaiian-themed borders below by clicking the image to see more!

royalty-free tropical clipart

Royalty-free tropical clipart labels

These tropical labels are great for all sorts of businesses. Whether you’re a car wash or a bar, or maybe even a distillery with a tropical theme (how fun would that be?), these labels will help you add some brightness to your business.

Royalty-free tropical clipart

Royalty-free tropical clipart Silhouettes

In a business setting, it’s challenging to create a theme that makes you feel like you’re on vacation without looking plain and casual. Tropical silhouettes are the perfect mix of fun and work-appropriate.

Try matching your tropical silhouette print with refreshing green, blue, and yellow colors. Throw in some geometric shapes to add a bit of sophistication to the ensemble.

Royalty-free tropical clipart

Marketing Ideas and Inspiration Using Royalty-free tropical clipart

Tropical design is the hottest new trend in marketing this season, and we love it! Low design is a great way to make your business stand out, and you can incorporate it into pretty much any aspect of your company.

Here are some of the marketing ideas using royalty-free tropical clipart :

  • Scrapbooking. A great way to market your business is to create a scrapbook. In this book, you can add pictures of tropical scenery, paper cutouts of palm trees and other tropical vegetation, and pictures of your products and services. The scrapbook should have a cover that features a low design to pull it all together.
  • Business cards. If you have a business associated with travel or the outdoors, you may want to use royalty-free tropical clipart for your business cards. You can find thousands of different templates online that feature palm trees or other low images on them. This will make it easy for you to create a business card that is unique and fun to hand out at conferences or meetings.
  • Retractable banners. One great thing about using banners as part of your trade show marketing plan is that they are easy to set up and take down when you are done using them. In addition, they can be placed on any surface to attract attention from customers who walk by them. Tropical retractable banners are perfect for drawing attention if you have an outdoor business, such as an island-themed store or restaurant.
  • Holidays or summer sale ads. Use bright colors and tropical patterns to draw attention to holiday or summer sale ads. You can even incorporate animals that live in the tropics into your designs, such as parrots or turtles.
  • Social media posts. Posts about products for sale or upcoming events can be more eye-catching when they use tropical design elements. Consider making your images on social media posts in a low color scheme so that they stand out from other posts in the feed.

Using royalty-free tropical clipart is indeed versatile and fun to use. Whether for your personal or business, it can be very creative and unique. The designs are easy to make, and they will surely make your work stand out!