18 Top Print on Demand Trends for Products and Resources for Printing

Are you curious about what is the best print-on-demand products to sell in the current year? During the early days of print-on-demand trends for products, we all forced ourselves to choose between t-shirts, tote bags and maybe mugs. Today, we can get or sell all kinds of print-on-demand products that are trending, from yoga pants, Bluetooth speakers, and fancy packs to sheets. But what should you sell today in this modern day? Do you know which print-on-demand products are trending nowadays?

If you’re interested to know, then let’s find out. This article will teach you about the 18 best print-on-demand products as of 2022 and the products you should be selling. Before we dig into 18 top trending print-on-demand products, let’s know something important.

What Are Print-on-Demand Products?

Print-on-demand trends for products are a form of dropshipping that enables dealers (like you) to brand and customize a variety of products before selling them online.

What’s best? The goods you offer don’t need to be sourced, kept in storage, printed, or posted. Instead, your print-on-demand supplier will take care of those matters. As a result, you can focus your time, effort, and resources on developing fresh designs and promoting your shop.

All in all, print-on-demand products make it easy to begin an eCommerce business with a unique brand. Cool, right? So, there are a variety of things that you sell. Here’s a quick list of some of the most trending print-on-demand products sold nowadays online:

  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Keychains
  • Stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Basketball Caps
  • phone cases
  • Postcards

18 Trending Print on Demand Trends Products to Sell in 2022

We have collected data from Google Trends to identify 18 of the best trending print-on-demand products you should consider selling in 2022.

All Over Print Clothing

Let’s start our list with a set of unique print-on-demand trends products, i.e. all-over print clothing.

In these images from Google Trends, you can see how all-over print clothing has recently gained popularity. But are you curious about what kind of clothing you should be selling? Well, all-over hoodies, yoga pants, and t-shirts are some of the best-selling print-on-demand products out nowadays.

Also, are you looking for a site that offers high-quality PoD illustrations? If yes, then illustAC is your answer. It has been offering thousands of cost-free, high-quality illustrations and vector graphics for the audience like flowers illustrations, people illustrations. And as of today, illustAC has gathered over seven million registered daily downloaders.

That means illustAC surely offers high-quality illustrations and other vector graphics that always shine out. Also, for the ease of audience, illustAC has offered filter search and image search from where you can easily find the required or desired shape, colors, or size illustrations you want. You can find any category illustrations you want to print on your clothing, from people, foods, flowers, textures, stationery, sports, beauty, fashion, and so on.

Furthermore, illustAC offers extra licenses for the audience to download PoD illustrations too. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your PoD Illustrations by licensing them to be members of illustAC; you surely will not be disappointed using these PoD illustrations from illustAC.


Some of the popular print-on-demand products businesses like JetPrint and Printify now also offer sneakers. It’s excellent news as sneakers lovers have been increasing massively nowadays for a while. It is very challenging to create appealing designs for sneakers or simple products like t-shirts. So you have to pay extra attention in detail to the design template provided by your desired print-on-demand vendor.

Are you looking for a site offering you high-quality and eye-catching design templates and illustrations for PoD? If yes, then illustAC is the site where you should look first.

illustAC has never failed to satisfy its users by offering high-quality illustrations for PoD and design templates as their desire. You can find any category illustrations that can be printed in your sneakers that will attract a massive audience.

You can make your sneakers a little dramatic or cute or fashionable with illustrations of different categories( i.e. people, animals, fashion, beauty, stationery, food, texture, etc.) like texture backgrounds, colorful illustrations, black and white illustrations, and silhouettes available on illustAC. In the category of beauty/fashion, you will surely find the desired illustrations you want to be printed on your sneakers.


Stickers are a classic print-on-demand products that is immensely popular these days. As you see below, Google Trends shows audiences’ interest in stickers has remained strong ever since 2004. To succeed with the print-on-demand trend stickers, try to create appealing, fun designs or download them from sites like illustAC. For example, the LQBTQ+ lifestyle brand, Passionfruit, sells colorful stickers alongside other print-on-demand products.

Different stickers illustrations are available on illustAC that can be downloaded for free. You can even use these stickers illustrations of illustAC for free use. There are various sticker illustrations like no smoking illustrations, fruit illustrations, gift and heart illustrations, and so on.

If you search with the keyword sticker on illustAC, the search will show you numerous stickers. You will surely love this cute, colorful and variety of stickers illustrations from illustAC.

So, don’t wait to download these sticker illustrations for PoD as the site is not only trusted by millions but it provides such high quality illustrations and graphics that it never fails to attract traffic.

18 Top Print on Demand Trends for Products and Resources for Printing
18 Top Print on Demand Trends for Products and Resources for Printing

Fanny packs

Fanny Packs or bum bags, as they’re renowned in the UK have made a successful comeback in recent years. Also, print on demand trends products on google shows how people are interested in fanny packs around the summer months. This is likely because these fanny packs are considered the perfect accessory for the summer. Like with sneakers, creating designs for fanny packs is not the most simple process. However,with some effort, this unique print on demand trends product could be a perfect seller.

Do look in illustAC if you are searching for high-quality and eye-catching illustrations and design templates. It has over thousands of royalty-free illustrations and other vector images, clipart offered for illustAC. You can have extra licenses to use these illustrations for PoD purpose.

Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world for forever and in doing so, it’s also created a need for a host of health related products. Though the interest in face masks increased dramatically when these pandemic hit the wrld first and then faded, these print on demand trends products are now a must have accessory.

Face masks are a great addition for your print-on-demand products that are trending. You can also download face masks PoD  illustrations from illustAC. Face masks are an essential need of our in this time of corona. Face masks have helped us greatly in this difficult situation. illustAC’s face masks PoD illustrations of different expressions like smiling, showing teeth, and so on.

Water Bottles

As people are now more environmentally conscious over recent years, reusable water bottles have become another everyday essential need. Unlike print on demand clothing, you don’t have to worry about the size when selling these water bottles.

Plus, print on demand companies provide plenty of water bottles to choose from like thermoses, sports bottles, and so on. Or you can even order a customized water bottle downloading the cute design of PoD for water bottle from sites like illustAC. As illustAC offers an extra license for those who want to download these eye-catching illustrations for various PoD purposes.

Tote Bag

Although Tote bags are not trending, interest in these print-on-demand products like tote bags has remained consistent for over decades. Thus, it is worthy enough to sell these classic print on demand trends products. Also, the best thing about selling this print on demand trends tote bag, is that you don’t need to create new designs. You can simply provide a tote bag featuring your best selling design.

Also, you can sell customized cute tote bags by downloading PoD illustrations from illustAC. You can download these cute tote bag illustrations from different categories like people, fashion/beauty, food, black and white illustrations etc.

You can even print these cute, colorful and striking PoD illustrations of your desire to your tote bag, one of best selling print-on-demand products, making it look fashionable/ dramatic and attractive.

18 Top Print on Demand Trends for Products and Resources for Printing
Source: illustAC


Many of the top print on demand suppliers now offer backpacks, you can see some of the options offered by the brand, Printify. It’s encouraging to know that interest in backpacks has increased over a decade now. This is one of the best selling print-on-demand trends products which can be sold online.

Like sneakers and all-over printing clothing, backpacks provide a fantastic chance for sellers to create something distinctive. Do you want to make your bagpacks look different from normal bagpacks? If yes, then illustAC got you. It has various categories such as people, fashion/beauty, food, animal PoD illustrations and design templates.

So you can download these fashions or beauty PoD illustrations and print them on your bagpacks which will make your bagpacks different from others and showcase your personality. You can show your personality like by printing spooky vibe illustrations or printing cute animals PoD illustrations from illustAC according to your desire. These illustrations available on illustAC are of high quality and never fail to gain attention; you can see over seven million people trust the site.

Bluetooth  Speakers

If you’re looking for unique print-on-demand products to sell that can make high sales then you should consider headphones, and bluetooth speakers. For example, Teelaunch offers print on demand trends bluetooth speakers and headphones that can be customized with your designs. If you are making an order then look for the illustAC’s illustrations that can be used for your customized bluetooth speakers. Also, illustAC offers an extra license audience so feel free to download illustrations and use them for PoD.

Also it’ll be a little difficult to compete with the big brands like Bose and Sony when it comes to audio quality. So, you should concentrate on creating truly attention grabbing designs that will make your print on demand trends products stand out. illustAC offers you not only amazing quality Bluetooth speakers but also eye-catching speakers PoD illustrations free for commercial use.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best selling print on demand trends product out there. Over the years, interest in wall art has increased greatly. Selling these print on demand trends , wall art allows one to provide limitless designs without purchasing or managing additional inventory. For examples, look out illustAC’s wall art eye-catching illustrations in various styles.

Searching for wall art in the illustAC’s search toolbar, you can find various options from black and white wall art to colorful wall art that gets your attention at once. This amazing wall art illustration surely is what you are looking for. So what are you waiting? Hurry and download your desired wall art illustrations.


Cushions are another renowned homeware print-on-demand products that are trending. In fact, searches for cushions have increased rapidly over the years. This print-on-demand products offers an excellent opportunity to reuse your most popular designs and reuse your all-over print designs.

You can print anything on cushions, from cute animals to fashion/ beauty illustrations or even food illustrations. Make your cushions attractive using these amazing PoD illustrations available from illustAC.


Do you know that interest in purchasing towels has increased greatly over the years? Moreover, these print-on-demand products designs provide a huge canvas for expression and creativity. Use high-resolution images when making towel designs; otherwise, your prints could be pixelated when printing.

You can print anything on a towel that makes it look cool, cute, appealing, and interesting. Beautiful scenery illustrations, cute animals illustrations, and expression or creativity illustrations are all easily available at illustAC.

illustAC has been providing these different categories such as people, stationery, education, fashion, medical illustrations and vector graphics for you all. So hurry to download these amazing quality illustrations, print them on your towels, and make your towel cool and interesting rather than a regular towel.


Similarly, throws also present a great opportunity for print-on-demand products. Searches for these have increased significantly since the 2000s. Some of the top print-on-demand products that are trending; suppliers that offer throws are Printify, CustomCat, and Printful. Again, make sure your throws designs are uploaded in high resolution.

You will be amazed by the eye-catching collection of these throws illustration available in illustAC. There are various throws illustrations, and graphic vectors available such as different sports throws illustrations, kids playing catch and throw illustrations, garbage throws illustrations, etc.

These colorful and striking throws illustrations can also be used for commercial purposes, as mentioned before by the extra license provided by illustAC.


Interest in buying bed sheets has increased rapidly over the years. Perhaps a print-on-demand products like homeware store is a way to get success. Interest in bedsheets has climbed significantly in recent years. There Was also a notable increase when the COVID-10 pandemic hit people, and they began to upgrade their homes during lockdowns.

Are you looking for amazing illustrations like flower and fashion illustrations that can be printed and used as a design for our bedsheets? If yes, then illustAC has an amazing collection of these. Rather than using regular plain bedsheets design, make your bed sheets appear more attractive, colorful, catchy, cool, and exciting with the PoD Illustrations of illustAC.


Mugs are another timeless print on-demand trends product that’s a perfect addition to any store. Interest in mugs strikes greatly during holidays but remains consistent all year round. When designing, consider how the template will wrap around the mug. If you are looking for these high-quality templates and illustrations, then illustAC is where you will get the desired one.

Mugs are the most popular print-on-demand products today. You can even print anything you want in your mugs. Make your mugs a little different from the regular ones by printing unique and amazing designs on them. If you want something cute for your mugs, you can print on animals, kid’s illustrations on them, or even print flowers, and so on. You can easily find the desired illustrations of your choice in illustAC by the feature such as filter search and image search available on illustAC.

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Source: TemplateAC


Phonecase is one of the most popular print-on-demand products trending these days. Custom phone cases provide much-needed protection for smartphones and give people peace of mind while allowing them to make a fashion statement. You can sell your phonecase showing the best-selling designs to the audience. You can also download design templates or illustrations from illustAC and use them for PoD purposes by getting the extra license offered by illustAC.


There is absolutely no doubt that T-shirts are the most popular print-on-demand products trending today. They’re versatile, provide a medium for self-expression, and sell all year round. However, it isn’t easy to differentiate a t-shirt business from competitors. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell print-on-demand products like t-shirts. In fact, it means that if you are going to, you must create a standout brand and design that resonates powerfully with a defined target market.

If you are looking for high-quality template design and illustrations for t-shirts, and print, then illustAC is the site for you. There are various T-shirt illustrations that are of high quality are available on illustAC.

You can find any size, color, or shape of T-shirt illustrations from illustAC within seconds or minutes from the site’s filter search and images search facility. Also, it offers an extra license for people to enjoy downloading these illustrations and use them for Pod purposes.

18 Top Print on Demand Trends for Products and Resources for Printing
Illustrations from illustAC

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry is generally small and lightweight, making it just perfect for shipping. It’s also the ideal blank canvas for customized designs and engravings. You will find a variety of options when you look for jewelry. If you are looking for high-quality design templates and illustrations of bracelets and other jewelry, then illustAC is definitely the place for you.


We’ve collected 18 top print-on-demand products that are trending which you should consider selling. So, our team hopes it was helpful for you in understanding the top-selling and trending print-on-demand products.
Also, you can download desired design templates and illustrations of high-quality and eye-catching from illustAC searching with the right keyword. As illustAC offers an extra license for the audience to use these illustrations and another vector, and design templates, for PoD.

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