5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

Digital illustrations are one of the best kinds of images when creating content, trying to elevate your email marketing game, or increasing your email clicks. I think it’s about time you optimized your email banners rather than using CTA, email senders, and subject lines. With the royalty-free illustrations and clip-arts available on illustAC, you can easily design a kick-ass banner for your email. We have excellent tips for you on how to create banner for email services.

Having a kick-ass email banner is not the easiest task, especially with various emails people are subscribed to, and the volume of emails in their inboxes. Your email banner needs to be top-notch to turn potential email readers into subscribers.

Emails are the best way customers receive direct information about products and services that spark their interests; they also receive information like promos, discounts, and the existence of a new version of the product through email.

When learning how to create banners for email, remember emails are also one of the best ways to make targeted campaigns and educate your subscribers. Email banners are very good for highlighting and creating a peculiar awareness for your brand

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

How to create banner for email

Learning how to create a banner for email or creating your own email signature in a professional way is fun and endearing ,most people just conjure designs out of the blue without knowing the proper step to take. When considering how to create a banner for email, always remember that a good email banner is attractive and also communicates the right message to both the reader and subscribers. Here are some tips you should always remember when going through the process of how to create a banner for email:

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

What is your target audience?

Understanding your audience is one of the most important steps before selecting any template when learning how to create a banner for email. Whenever you’re thinking of how to create banners for email relating to your business, having the right persona for your subscribers and understanding what they want and need is very important.

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

What is working for your competition?

Scoping out the competition and doing research work is the best way to begin developing your brand. Your competition has the information you need on how to make your brand more successful.

When learning how to create a banner for email, seeing what your competition did right, what works for them, the mistakes they made, and how you wouldn’t repeat them is one of the key elements in making your brand successful.

Understanding the various benefits, forms of payment, and understanding the dynamics of how their business runs smoothly can advance your brand identity. Working together with them can also improve your brand faster as you learn different software, programs, and forms of project handling skills needed to kick start your brand.

Choose a similar illustration

In the process of learning how to create banners for email, there are over 1000+ illustrations available on IllustAC.Your newsletter or email design template has to have a high-quality image and top-notch resolution. Low-quality illustrations can reduce the identity presence of your brand and make it appear fuzzy or blurry.

Whether you are using graphic cliparts for your illustrations, using high-quality images is the right approach to improve the appearance of your banner.

Saving your illustrations as a vector file helps them retain their quality and resolution when it’s being magnified. Also for your pictures to retain their high quality, a high-resolution image should be used when creating your illustrations.

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

Raster graphics vs Vector Graphics

Raster graphics are also well known as bitmap graphics, it is a digital element that is made up of uniform pixels in rectangular form and they are also arranged in a grid formation, rows, and columns to represent an image. Raster graphics also have a format that accommodates a variety of colors and subtle graduated tones.

Vector graphics are made up of paths that are composed of mathematical formulas which dictate how it is shaped and what color it is composed of. Since they are rendered by mathematical formulas, their appearance is retained regardless of changes in size. They can be used to perfectly imitate photographs.

One of the shortcomings of raster graphics is that its quality is dependent on resolution, once the resolution is increased, the quality changes and it looks pixelated. Vector graphics, on the other hand, can have their resolution increased without losing their quality; this is because their graphics are made up of mathematical equations and geometry to give quality to their images. Vector graphics are better suited when doing graphic designs or typesetting,so you have to consider this when learning how to create banners for email.

Using Halftones and Gradients

As we’ve emphasized earlier on how important color is when learning how to create banners for email, gradients and halftones are also very important.

Halftones generate a gradient like look by having variable sizes and spaces which activates continuous tone imagery. Gradients are basically 2/3 colors meshed together in a linear, angular or radial form to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance of a color. You can make good halftone gradients on adobe illustrator and Photoshop

Choose similar colors

Colors are a perfect way to express your creativity and create a general mood and ambiance for your brand especially when learning how to create banner for email. Every graphic designer or marketing specialist understands the importance of color and the psychology behind each color, they know the kind of messages they convey when they have used a perfect color harmony. Just choosing a color pallet is not enough to make your banner stand out, understanding the mood and psychology of color is very important as well.

Your color choices have to be top-notch when creating the banner so it matches your brand color and other complementary and accent colors you add. If you always have problems choosing the right colors when creating a banner for your email, then this article is for you. You can utilize the various templates we’ve made available for you here at IllustAC and PhotoAC instead of guessing how to create banner for email.

For Those of you who want to understand a little about color psychology in their quest to learning how to create banner for email:

  • Red-represents intensity, excitement, passion, love and it is an energetic color
  • White/black-this color can make your email banner look clean and sophisticated.
  • Green-color of nature
  • Yellow –represents creativity and optimism
  • Blue- shows intelligence and security. It is a color that mostly represents technology and communication

Choose similar typography

Typographical hierarchy when choosing templates and creating designs for your banner is very important. No matter how aesthetically pleasing or high quality the images on a template are, if the font sizes, height, or the choice of fonts don’t match, it becomes very distracting to the readers and the message intended is lost and not communicated.Paying attention to typography when learning how to create banner for email cannot be over emphasized.

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email
5 Easy Tips on How to Create Banner for Email

Parameters to test

As a professional designer or email marketer, there are numerous on-demand services for your business and you must continually test your designs and email services so as not to be relegated to the bottom or lose customers to your competitors.

It is very important to follow the design standards when learning how to create banner for email and take note of the basic features, make adjustable and UI responsive buttons. Also, remember to follow the WCAG(Web  Content Accessibility Guideline) when designing by aiming for at least an AA level to make your email banner accessible to everyone.

Open Rate, response/click rate, close rate

The click rate is the number of times your email is clicked or your site is visited. For instance, a click rate of about 44% means for every 100 people that saw your advertisement or banner, an average of 45 people clicked it.

A high open response or CTR is sometimes dependent on the banner and the CTR button so this should be maximized. A close rate is the number of people who closed your marketing page without flipping the pages and reading more about your product.

When tracking metrics on data platforms, CTR is most likely one of the first things email marketers monitor to calculate the performance of their services.

When learning how to create banner  for email, our templates here on IllustAC help to focus on increasing your conversion rate and improve your email signature design by:

  • Providing about 1000+ high-quality templates for you to start your designs
  • Making sure our designs stand out by adding high-quality clipart to our banners
  • Helping you decide the flow and how to choose color and typography when working on your email banner.
  • Being creative with our CTA buttons to increase CTR through highly responsive designs

Test and scale

Creating a signature email banner can be very tasking, you need to configure, build and test your designs and CTR on different online platforms. You can test different colors, font gradients, and text hierarchy but you must always make sure the design appears spectacular, responsive, and accessible.

Testing your email signature banner should help you grade your competence, response, and click rate and help reflect the conversion rate of your email services.


We’ve laid very good precedence on how to create banner for email and the various forms that can be achieved in the best way possible. Creating a professional and responsive email banner that also has a high conversion rate is very good for your brand to improve its identity.

 A professional Email banner is an essential element in your marketing campaign, it improves your brand identity and the CPR of your product also increases. Therefore, your email banner should have a very unique appearance by having the right color, gradient, and font combination.

Like we’ve said before in this article when learning how to create a banner for email, you can trust illustAC and choose from the amazing 1000+ royalty-free email banners made available for you. Our high-quality clipart, vector graphics, and high-resolution images demonstrate how the best on the internet is made available for your subscribers. You can easily download them and take your business or product to the next level