Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers

What is a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first ever email received just after signing up, subscribing, or submitting your webmail to an online store. It is crucial as it is the first impression a company or organization makes with a new customer, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber through email.

As we all know, first impressions last long, so it is very important to make an excellent first impression. Welcome emails can deliver special offers, a sign-up form, videos, or just a friendly hello to develop a relationship with a new (customer, viewers)contact.

Sending a welcome email to your new blog reader, customer, blog subscribers, or newsletter means you’re making a first impression on behalf of your company’s brand or product. To help you make sure your first impression is the best, we’ve collected or mentioned some of the best lists of standout email welcome examples from big and small brands.

A type of email, a email, is very much beneficial for numerous reasons. First, they show your new readers or subscribers that you appreciate having them as a part of your subscriber community. Welcome emails are great as they remind users or customers of what they signed up for. This is important when customers enter your blog via various direct ways, like check boxes on landing pages.

Moreover, the email also sets expectations with the subscribers clarifying the types of content they’ll get emailed about and how frequently they’ll get those emails. Welcome email also gives you, the marketer, an opportunity to promote other things like upcoming events, offers, etc.

And, best of all. Welcome emails can be set up and triggered automatically, requiring less maintenance on your part.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers

Benefits of Onboarding Welcome Emails

Onboarding emails help new customers, or blog readers use and gain value from a product or service. Educating your customers on the key advantages, they will receive from the product and helping them reach the product ‘aha moment’ is one of the best ways to onboard new customers and drive long-term engagement.

Anatomy of a Welcome Email: 9 Tips to Delight, your new users

Okay, so what about the welcome email alone? What should be included in it? General email, best practices aside, let’s look at some of the specific welcome email must-haves, taking a look here in this article.

Recognizable Subject Line, Sender Name, and Branding

Recognizability is key when choosing the subject line, sender name, and branding of your welcome email because this is the first email your subscribers will receive after signing in.

As a result, be careful to include your site’s name and other branding elements like screenshots and logos to clearly indicate that the email is from your blog. To make it clear why they are receiving the email in the first place, it’s also a good idea to include the action the receiver did in the subject line.

Let’s take an example of the Inbound Hub’s welcome email:

Thanks for Subscribing to Inbound Hub. Your Next Steps…

Thanks for subscribing; remind your recipient that they have just subscribed, and your following steps provide a sense of urgency to click through to the email. As always, you should feel free to test the variations of your subject lines and sender names to determine what works best to generate click-throughs.


Aren’t greetings so much more personal when they are well personalized? If you are lucky to have email software join your contacts database and you’ve collected any information about your contact aside from just their email addresses such as their names, say, etc., personalizing the welcome emails is easy.

Plop in a unique tag, and you can quickly turn that generic ‘Hi There’ greeting into something much more personal like, ‘Hi Shikha’. It’s much more welcoming if your anime is Shikha, proper?

Thank You Message

Show your new subscribers that you care after you’ve said hello. As we stated, this is quite a compliment that these folks thought your material was worthy enough to warrant emails about it. Give them a little thank you to tell them how much you value their new subscription. It will be beneficial and is appreciable.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers
Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers

What Subscribers Can Expect

Remember that even if you set up your welcome email to go out immediately after customers subscribe, some people may still require confirmation regarding what they expressly agreed to, mainly if they subscribed without reading the fine print. Tell them what kind of content they are likely to get. When you publish a new post, how often will people receive emails about it, like on a regular basis, Weekly, or Monthly?

Because Inbound Hub has numerous different sections, they specify which of those sections the receiver is subscribed to and how frequently. In this manner, subscribers(customers) are fully aware of what they are signing up for and what to anticipate.

In your welcome email, utilize dynamic tags to highlight the subscriber’s email subscription preferences.

Link to Email Preferences Center

What if the subscriber objects to how often you would be emailing them? What if they decide that they don’t want to get emails on your blog’s content? By providing a link to a landing page for your email preference center, you can give the readers the option to update their frequency preferences or entirely opt-out of your blogs.

Additionally, We advise including a link to this page in each email you send to your blog subscribers.

Relevant Call-To Action

While your welcome emails should be primarily about welcoming new subscribers and providing information related to their new subscribers, we are also marketers, right? It is challenging not to use the opportunity to inspire some kind of action or next step, so don’t worry about including a call-to-action for a relevant offer or action you want your subscribers to take next.

Maybe it is also a CTA to download your latest free educational ebook, register for an upcoming event, or simply check out your most famous blog posts. In our welcome email, we’ve chosen to promote the revamped homepage of Inbound Hub since it’s fairly new and is something we’re trying to attract more traffic to. Hence, the choice is yours, so make sure it’s subtle and relevant.

Personal Sign-Off

It might seem obvious, but a welcome email should always come from an actual person. You can even extend the logic to your sender name as well to make things to make them more personal.

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Social Media Follow Buttons

Logically, many of your subscribers would prefer additional opportunities to communicate with you if they were interested in your blog enough to sign up for your emails. Use the social media follow links for your social media accounts in your welcome email to help grow your social reach.

Do your every subscriber receive a welcome email from you? What more advice do you have?

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers

High-Quality Imagery

Also, you need something that attracts or catches people’s eyes first is, images. When people find the images are nice and are related to their interests, they are more likely to sign up or watch what your site is about. Are you looking for high-quality, cost-free illustrations for your welcome email design? If yes, then illustAC is the place to look for.

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Also, there are different categories like people, flowers, animals, etc., offered by illustAC. Using such high-quality cost-free illustrations from illustAC for your welcome email design will never disappoint as it never fails to stand out. You will surely have high traffic to your blog, and more people are likely to sign up as illustAC free illustrations are eye-catching and are worth using.

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Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers

Examples of Standout Welcome Email

So, what does a great welcome email look like? Here in this article, we’ve collected some standout welcome message series examples: getting started messages, thank you emails, and providing templates to help you with your client’s or customer’s onboarding process from start to finish and make a great impression the way.

Virgin America

Types of Welcome email: Get Started

A welcome email is ideal for outlining the qualities (and quirks) that differentiate your brand from the competition.

Virgin America must clearly display the “I love you” hand gesture. This modest act shows the recipient that the Virgin America staff values their patrons. Virgin America’s amusing accompanying language, “Welcome aboard,” and relaxed call-to-action, “Grab a seat,” contribute to the brand’s initial positioning as a young, fun-loving one.


Types of Welcome email: Get Started

Sometimes, the tiniest elements in a welcome email speak volumes about your brand. Here we are taking Food52’s welcome email example, their preview text at the top of the email, we brought snacks, definitely accomplish this.

 Also defind to as a pre-header or snippet text, the preview text is the copy that gets pulled in from the body of an email and displayed next to the subject line in someone’s inbox. So, when you see Food52’s welcome email in your inbox, you will taste their brand’s personality even before you open its welcome email.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers
Source: https://food52.com/


Type of Welcome Email: Video

After using InVision’s free prototype app, the welcome email you receive is quite clear about what you should do next.

The welcome email from InVision doesn’t only outline the steps necessary to get started; instead, it provides instructions on how to use the program. Instead, it gives a series of brief films explaining what you must perform. Doing this makes sense given the product’s visual, interactive character.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers
Source: https://www.invisionapp.com/


Types of Welcome Email: Get Started

No fancy design work, no photos, no videos, the welcome email that Drift sends out after you sign up for their newsletter is a lesson in minimalism.

The welcome email of Drift opens with a bit of candid commentary on the email itself. Most people can have long welcome email sequences after you sign up on the email list of Drift, but Dave from Drift writes, “Good news: we aren’t in that most people list. A simple bulleted list of the organization’s most famous blog posts follows. The mention of the product only comes in a brief script at the very end. If you’re trying to design a welcome email that is not interruptive and then laser-focused on adding value instead of fluff, you can follow this great welcome email example.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers
Source: https://www.drift.com/

SAXX Underwear

Types of Welcome Email: Offer

The welcome email from SAXX Underwear, specialising in men’s underwear, is incredibly innovative and appealing. They connect with their audience by using a humorous and personable tone, as shown by the subject line of their email, “welcome to you and your balls.” They also have a very visual welcome email like images of models in their boxers serve as proof of their comfort guarantee.

In addition to providing a 10% discount voucher for first-time(first-time purchase) customers, the welcome email points them toward their store. Along with the promotion, they publicly display their refund policy to reassure any hesitant customers. These actions encourage new subscribers(customers) to trust them and purchase from them. What is amazing in the SAXX Underwear is its welcome email, the tone copy, and the careful yet bold and catchy choice of words.

Welcome Email Examples and 9 Tips to Delight your New Subscribers
Source: https://www.saxxunderwear.com/

Who Gives a Crap

Types of Welcome Email: Why us

Who Gives a Crap is a renowned company that sells organic toilet paper, and they’re passionate about it. Their welcome email is equally fun, informative and interesting. They have stated all the reasons why you should be using organic and eco-friendly products. Then, they sweeten the pot by notifying us that they also donate 50% of the profits to global sanitation projects.

The welcome email also reminds us that we will get the toilet paper at the same price as in the supermarkets. They also have an appealing call to action to their welcome email, i.e. offering 10% of their product for people who subscribe to their(Who Gives a Crap) email list. The organization has also added their, Shop Now button for convenience; if readers or visitors are convinced to buy, they can do it just with one click.

Kate Spade

Types of Welcome Email: Thank You

Let’s face it, the Internet using people like us is constantly bombarded with prompts to subscribe and sign up for all sorts of email communications. So as a brand, when people take time to shift through all the chaos to sign up for your email communications, athens intentionally, it’s a big deal.

 To acknowledge the organization’s gratitude to the folks who took their precious time to subscribe, Kate Spade uses a simple, elegant, and effective strategy with their welcome emails. Placing the Thank You note on an envelope, Kate Spade creates the feeling of receiving an actual thank you letter through email.


Welcome email helps your brand make a solid first impression with your subscribers, visitors, or blog readers. An excellent first impression in the welcome email world involves announcing new subscribers to your brand’s goal, services, products, and overall message.

Not only do the welcome emails provide a warm welcome to your new subscribers, but this welcome email also offers them the relevant content at the correct time when they are psychologically ready for you. Therefore, we hope the article was helpful for you in understanding welcome emails and finding the inspiration for welcome emails by looking at the few examples of welcome emails we have mentioned above.

Also, you can look up illustAC’s cost-free illustrations if you want eye-catching and high-quality illustrations for your welcome email design. Also, not forget that over seven million people are already trusting them and their daily users.