Understand Rejection: 9 Reasons for Rejected Content

Content submitted to illustAC might be refused to be published due to several reasons! To help you understand rejections better, in this article, we listed 9 common mistakes to avoid to get your content published. 

Rejection ❶ – Content that is ”Poor quality”

A content is rejected for the reason of being of poor quality, it is because of one of the following issues:

  • Content that does not meet the company’s basic technical and aesthetic quality standards
  • Content that does not comply with the basic composition rules
  • Content that contains a font that is not consistent with the resource and is not for commercial use
  • Content that has presents lighting, contrast, or opacity issues
  • Content that does not make sense


Nice composition
image 1
Bad composition
image 4
Consistent content
image 5
Irrelevant content included
image 6
Good contrast
image 7
Bad contrast

Rejection ❷ – Content that is ”Offensive to public order and morals”

A content is rejected for the reason of being offensive to public order and morals, it is because of one of the following issues:

1. Content contains nudity and adult content

  • Content that depicts a person’s nakedness or half-nakedness
  • Content that is heavily exposed
  • Content that contains sexual expression
  • Content that is obscene

Examples of content with acceptable nudity

understand rejection
This content is acceptable because nothing is heavily exposed
This content is acceptable because it is a medical illustration

2. Content contains violent expressions

  • Content that is considered to encourage or encourage violent expressions such as bleeding, beating, stabbing, or shooting people or animals will be rejected
  • Content that encourages the use of illegal weapons and drugs
  • Content that depicts child abuse

3. Content accusing or attacking a specific subject

  • Content that contains any expressions or words that attack a specific individual, country, group, or organization
  • Content that includes elements of racial discrimination

Rejection ❸ – “Similar content”

Any content that has a few to none of the differences from other content in the same submission or is very similar to the content that has been published before will be refused to be published.

1. Similar content in different colors

similar content

2. Plagiarism

  • Content that imitates other resources or reuses any elements of other creators
  • Content that is live traced images in case you are not the author of those image resources
  • Content that is created based on other authors’ photos

Rejection ❹ – “Not properly tagged”

Right keywords to describe the content will foster users’ search experience, raise the chances that your content can be downloaded, and increase your income as a result. The following cases will be considered as not properly tagged:

  • Irrelevant tags, for example, ”Christmas” is inserted into Content about summer
  • Not English tags: you should only use English when inserting any descriptions of the Content

So, how to add tags properly?

Rejection ❺ – “Not properly categorized”

Just the same as tagging, when you choose the right categories for your Content, it will be displayed in the right places and users can find your content more easily when searching.

So, how to choose categories properly?

Rejection ❻ – “Personal information included”

A content is rejected with the reason of including personal information because of one of the following issues:

● The creator’s signature or copyright included in the content
● The content that portrays a celebrity in recent years (Walt Disney, Kiyoshi Atsumi, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, etc.)

4 1

Historical figures are acceptable.

Rejection ❼ – “Registered trademark included”

A content is rejected with the reason of registered trademark included because of one of the following issues:

  • Content that contains a registered mark (red cross mark, Olympics five rings mark, SNS mark, toll-free mark, etc.)
  • Content that contains registered artwork
  • Content that contains registered logos or brand names of other companies or products
  • Content that the manufacturer can be easily identified (Especially content of cars)
  • Content that portrays real characters who actually exist
  • Content that includes the lyrics of existing songs, novels, manga, poems, etc.
  • Content that is close to the design of any actual product
  • Content that is traced or copied from other authors’ photos of the actual products
registered trade marks

Rejection ❽ – “Not an illustration”

A content is rejected for the reason of not an illustration because of one of the following issues:

  • Content that is the hand-drawn illustration as it is. We recommend that you convert the data into vector data before posting, such as by taking a picture with a scanner or a high-resolution camera. It works best for watercolor content or brushes content.
This content is acceptable because they are scanned with high resolution and can be reused easily
  • Content that is not of appropriate quality
  • Content that is a processed photo
poor quality
This content is rejected because they are of poor quality

Rejection ❾ – “Incomplete data”

A content is rejected for the reason of incomplete data because of one of the following issues:

  • Content that is in the wrong direction, for example, vertical orientated content uploaded horizontally.
  • Content that contains any stains or anything elements that are not illustrations
  • Content that contains misspelled text

The above are 9 common mistakes that you should avoid to get your content published. We believe that you can save much time and effort to avoid rejection when carefully reviewing this article. If you have any questions, check our FAQs or feel free to contact us.