15 Best Ideas to Run Effectively Back-to-School Sale Campaigns

There are so many uncertainties around the back-to-school sale season for this year, especially considering the fact that students in many parts of the world are going to school with their face masks on. Another important point to consider is the area of social distancing, especially in classrooms. Despite these unique peculiarities, it doesn’t imply that businesses won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the back-to-school sales.

There are so many strategies that can be used to attract the audience of teachers, parents, and students to your business as schools come back to the session. As you read on in this article, you’ll find everything you should know about the back-to-school sales campaigns and how you can run these campaigns. We’ll also take you through an effective library where you can get back-to-school clipart to use for your sale campaign, so read on.

Continue reading to find all the back-to-school sales marketing ideas that we have included to place your business in front of your audience’s mind.

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Best Ideas to Run Back-to-school Sale Campaigns Effectively

To simplify things for you, we are providing our list according to different types of business and also based on the type of campaigns you can run.

Ideas for Fitness

Here are the back-to-school sales ideas that you can use if you own fitness business and would like to utilize this time:

1.       Teach a class at a school

This can either be done by dance, yoga, or fitness studio looking to assist the community and maintain relevance in the fitness business. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to do this physically, as technology has made things a lot easier, and you can take a class virtually. It will also serve as an avenue for tired teachers in school to take a break.

2.       Run a fitness challenge

It’s not always easy to transition out of the summer days, but that’s never the case for a fitness business. One of the things that you can do is to run a 30-day challenge. Again, this can be done virtually, through social media, or even at your fitness facility. It’s also an effective way to place your business in front of your audience.

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Ideas for Salons and Spas

There’s no student that won’t want to look great on the first day of school or even office. If you own a salon or spa business, you might want to consider one of these back-to-school sales ideas.

15 Best Ideas to Run Effectively Back-to-School Sale Campaigns
15 Best Ideas to Run Effectively Back-to-School Sale Campaigns

3.       Create a school year package

This can be for parents or for students, but creating a package will spread the word about your business. The package can be anything, including a long session and half session every month already paid for. Basically, you need to be creative with your offer while ensuring that it’s appealing enough for everyone.

4.       Utilize “the first day of school” services

You can get as many customers as you want on the first day of school, and the only thing you need to do is to encourage them to look refreshed and fresh. To achieve this, you might want to consider giving them a package deal, and this can be with waxing, a massage, and mani/pedi sessions.

Ideas for Restaurants

There’s hardly any business that doesn’t stand a chance to benefit from back-to-school sales season. The restaurant business is not left out, and here are some marketing ideas that you might want to consider during the back-to-school sale season:

5.       Participate or cater for a school event

There are different events that require the supply of food, and examples of this include dances, fundraisers, and meetings. If you own a restaurant, it’s a great time to contribute and put your business out there. Participating in these events is also a great way to promote your deals and delivery services for students.

6.       Offer timely specials

One thing you should always remember is that your consumers are restricted to a particular schedule. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to offer specials at different times, and this should be during different days of the week. It can be morning commute specials, lunch break deals, or another other interesting deal you can think of.

Ideas Targeting Schools and Teachers

If your audience is mostly for the heroes of the back-to-school sale season, then you might want to consider using one of these ideas:

7.       Give discounts to teachers

One of the best times for a teacher appreciation campaign is during the school year. Regardless of the type of business you own, it’s a nice time to give a percentage off and other freebies to teachers alone. It’s a way to encourage them for the good work they do while promoting your business with the back-to-school sale discount.

8.       Discount tutoring services during the first month of school

This can also be a semester or year-long tutoring package. With this option, you can easily reach a wider audience of teachers and students of different age groups. It will promote your business and make it easier for you to maximize back-to-school sales.

Ideas Targeting Students

We can’t afford to leave students out of the back-to-school sales season, and here are some ideas that you might want to consider using to reach students during this time.

9.       Provide moving service deals

While students move into new apartments, dorms, and generally out of their parent’s homes, the expenses on them might get unbearable. This is a perfect time for you to assist these students with deals to ease their financial burden on them. Another strategy you might want to consider trying is to partner with different moving companies and also offer moving vouchers to students.

10.   Offer part-time positions for students

You can offer part-time positions to students, not only to help their finances but also to give them working experience while in school. The interesting thing about this is that it will bring more customers to do business with you. Remember that their family and friends will visit your business location regularly, and this will also increase your visibility.

11.   Offer future-use coupons

You can create coupons for your customers to use, especially for customers who will do business with you at a later date. The interesting thing about this strategy is that it’s also a way to attract new customers to do business with you again.

12.   Provide college students with discounts

This is an effective back-to-school sales strategy that people near universities might want to consider. One of the key things you should consider doing is to offer special discounts to students. These students only need to present their IDs when they make a purchase with you. This is an effective strategy that can help you gain loyal customers.

Ideas for any Business

Regardless of the type of business that you own, you can utilize the back-to-school sales season to increase the reach of your business. There are different special promotions and marketing ideas to use during this time, and here are a few options that you should consider trying out.

13.   Launch a customer loyalty program that people can benefit from

The start of school is enough reason for your business to stay busy all the time. However, you need to give your customer more reasons to do business with you. One way to achieve this is by creating loyalty programs that your customers can explore. With this type of program, you can be sure that they will be eager to do business with you again.

14.   Partner with different local organizations

Another way to give back to the community and also get people to know more about your business is by partnering with different organizations. This is also an effective way to show support to local communities. The aim of joining these partnerships is for you to be able to offer donations and sales percentages that can benefit the organization and the community as a whole.

15.   Reward students with good grades

Another thing that you might want to try during the back-to-school sale season is to give rewards to students who have good grades. This is an idea that any business can explore, and it’s generally best to have a reward program to stick to during this time.

By utilizing this strategy, you are simply creating an opportunity for people to walk into your door to do business with you. Regardless of the type of business you own, you can reward outstanding students with your service and motivate them to do better. This is also a way to inspire other students to put in their best and also come out with good grades as well.

We have been able to go through so many back-to-school sales ideas that you should consider depending on the type of business that you run. The aim is to increase the reach of your business and also positively impact teachers, students, and your community as a whole. As students prepare to go back to school, you should consider trying the different ideas that we have provided in this article.

Where to Find Back-to-school Clipart for your Sale Campaign

We have provided all the ideas that you should consider exploring above, but what’s left is for you to implement these ideas, and for this, you’ll need to utilize back-to-school clipart. You might already be wondering where you can get these back-to-school clipart from.

There are so many options and places to explore for anyone looking for back-to-school clipart. Some of these options are completely free to use, while for others, you might need to pay a token to use them. If you’re looking for a reliable place where you can get all the back-to-school clipart, you might want to consider checking illustAC.

illustAC is an intuitive platform that offers different types of clipart that you can use. Basically, it depends on what you have in mind, but you can be sure that you’ll find the exact clipart you want on illustAC.

To fully explore the different ideas that we have presented above, you’ll undoubtedly need a clipart. Whether you run a salon, spa, restaurant, or any type of business, this clipart will make it easier for you to promote your back-to-school sale campaign.

One thing to note about illustAC is that there are different contributors who constantly upload clipart and other designs on the platform. The aim is to ensure that users don’t run out of options to use. In addition, the back-to-school clipart that you’ll find on illustAC is all available for use for both commercial and personal use.

Back-to-school sale is a strategy that will help you increase your business reach, and with the clipart that is uploaded daily on illustAC, you can easily increase your business reach and also gain new customers.

15 Best Ideas to Run Effectively Back-to-School Sale Campaigns
15 Best Ideas to Run Effectively Back-to-School Sale Campaigns


So, there you have it; we have been able to provide 15 different back-to-school sales ideas that you can implement for your business this year and in the coming years. We also provided a reliable resource where you can get all the back-to-school clipart you can use while exploring these ideas above. Depending on the type of business you run, you can find an ideal clipart to use.

The key thing you should remember is that the school session is a key time of the year that every business owner should maximize. It’s a time for your business to be of impact and also a time that you can present different offers to teachers and students. The ultimate goal is to positively impact the community while maintaining relevance and gaining more customers.

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