Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use

The holidays have arrived! We understand how memorable, fun, exciting, stressful, and time-consuming this time of year can be. So we thought we’d ease one step by providing some unique Christmas freebies that you can download for free. Sending and receiving Christmas greetings can be deeply personal in many ways during the holidays; all you have to do is choose the right design to convey your message. We asked our global design community to create a variety of one-of-a-kind Christmas freebies for you to choose from below. If you want to give an update on what you’ve been up to or simply show how much you appreciate your customers, now is the time.

10 Ways to Use Christmas Freebies

Free Christmas Clipart

It’s the season to be unique, creative, and imaginative. Think outside the (beautifully gift-wrapped) box if you want to stand out this holiday season and create fresh, innovative Christmas designs. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to start sending holiday eCards, delivering Christmas party invitations, and publicizing your Christmas discounts and sales. You’re probably short on time and energy at this point in the year (who isn’t? ), but don’t worry- illustAC is here!

illustAC is a creative subscription service for designers and creators that offers an unlimited supply of Christmas freebies, ranging from glittering backgrounds to festive templates. Therefore, as our gift to you, we’ve put together this collection of distinctive Christmas templates, Christmas freebies, and trends to help you spread the Christmas spirit while sleighing your projects this festive season, whether you’re looking for Christmas cards, flyers, invitations, greeting card templates, or the perfect Christmas color palettes. Ho ho ho!

Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use
Source: illustAC

Christmas Greeting Card Templates

Are you ready to welcome the new year? Sending Christmas cards is an excellent way to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. The traditional style is lovely, but the modern flair in Christmas freebies is equally beautiful. These Christmas card designs incorporate new life into classic holiday themes. Such Christmas freebies add a personal touch to a traditional concept. Beautiful illustrations capture the season’s beauty and whimsy. These one-of-a-kind Christmas cards are appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds, and they frequently have a warm, nostalgic, or quirky feel to them. Sending a Christmas card demonstrates that you care, even if it means keeping it simple and not saying much.

Use humorous cartoons from Christmas freebies to give your holiday greeting card a unique twist. illustAC’s cool Christmas cards are ideal for sending to friends, siblings, cousins, or even colleagues. When it comes to sending holiday greetings to clients, your business Christmas card can combine playfulness and professionalism. If your clients prefer a more relaxed tone, a funny Christmas card will be ideal. Take advantage of the holidays to demonstrate your sense of humor. Holiday greetings should be enjoyable rather than boring, and your corporate Christmas should be no exception. Consider using delicate, colorful illustrations to brighten your clients’ mailboxes. Spread holiday cheer with our one-of-a-kind Christmas freebies and Christmas card designs!

Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use

Social Media Christmas Templates

Enhance your celebrations with our beautiful Instagram and Facebook posts and story templates!
The long-awaited Christmas day will arrive in just a few days. If you’re looking for ways to make your holiday season even more festive this year, why not visit illustAC for some eye-catching social media post templates? Whether it’s for holiday greetings or Christmas sales, illustAC is here to help you celebrate in style! These social media templates will not only catch your audience’s attention, but they will also set your social media feed apart from the rest.

Because Christmas is all about warmth, joy, and giving, you can use the templates below to express these sentiments in any of your posts. Though the traditional Christmas colors are red and green, illustAC is here to help you get creative by delving into rich tones to make your social media feed even more classy this holiday season. You can, of course, continue to use our traditional-style Christmas templates (such as the ones below) if you prefer!

Christmas Icon Set

We decided it was time to update our readers on some good news as the most magical time is quickly approaching. And what could be better than showing you guys some cool design stuff? We appreciate your participation and feedback as another year is about to come to a close. You may have already noticed, one of our special ways to say “thank you” is by providing free design resources. We find it amusing, and it is unquestionably good news for you guys.

Here, we bring a fun collection of Free Christmas icons. To use them in your digital world, they are available in a variety of sizes (48×48, 72×72, 128×128, 256×256 in PNG format). By using these lovely, cost-free, and practical Christmas icons, bloggers and website owners can give their blogs and websites a festive makeover. You can use these Christmas freebies to set the ideal mood for you this year on websites, blogs, cards, invitations, desktops, and even print advertisements.

Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use
Source: illustAC

Christmas Coupons

Holiday preparations, especially for Christmas, begin long before the season itself. The majority of the world has been decorated like a bride now that we are almost there. Showing gratitude to your loyal customers is a big part of the preparations you’ve probably already started by making your Christmas marketing strategies. Here are a few Christmas coupon designs that are currently offered on illustAC. You can download them and quickly solve your problem of deciding what to give. Christmas coupons can instantly change the appearance of any card or newsletter with their entertaining application. Christmas coupons and gift cards are one of the best ways to add a special touch to your holiday sales with a simple and quick modification.

Christmas Email Newsletter

It’s wonderful that people are already motivated to make purchases around Christmas. In December, everyone looks for gifts for their loved ones. The only thing left to do is to use the eye-catching Christmas freebies to prompt your audience a little bit and direct their initiative in the right direction. There are two stages to the Christmas email campaign strategies of today. Sneak peeks and preview emails are the first step in the process because they stimulate subscribers’ interest, build anticipation, and hook the audience.

Black Friday weekend marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. As a result, at the beginning of December, you can start sending out email newsletters with Christmas freebies that are festive. Sending an email on the first of the month will give you a head start. Once or twice a week, choose the best time for your customers to send follow-up reminders about your store or products. Keep in mind that being pushy can turn off potential customers, so be subtle. Utilize personalization to begin the conversation in the appropriate tone to suit the audience and maintain the festive atmosphere with our Christmas freebies.

The second phase starts on the night before or immediately after a holiday. The days leading up to and following Christmas, usually one day before and one day after, are ideal for amazing deals. Make this day magical by sending out the best deals and enticing people with extra benefits. Email newsletters from retailers as well as friends and family will be sent to contacts in a deluge. But if you followed the sneak peek instructions to the letter, you should have no trouble passing.

Not everything ends on Christmas day for some email marketers. Keep going with campaign efforts. Post-Christmas email newsletters are a part of the third stage. It is applied to maximize the festive atmosphere. After all, New Year’s celebrations are just around the corner, and everyone will be in a good mood. Plan your post-Christmas email newsletters to go out around the time that people are shopping for New Year’s Eve, providing a unified experience.

Christmas Invitation Card

A lavish Christmas party for your friends and family is something you intend to host. If so, the first step must be sending an outstanding, thrilling, and styled invitation card that sets the tone for the party and the guests, even before you decide on the menu card. If you are out of ideas and in need of some new inspiration these invitation cards are perfect to amp up the excitement and force the recipients to mark their calendars well in advance.

Christmas Flyer

The best times to break from the routine and spend time with friends and family in a festive setting are Christmas and New Year’s Day. When planning a party, there are many things to consider, but it makes sense to start by sending out invitations to let people know about the event. Pick one of our free Christmas and New Year flyers if you require a ready-made solution. Flyers are well known as effective marketing tools to draw attention to any event, whether it is a small, private gathering or a large, public one. They can be utilized to advertise sales or other limited-time offers at your store.

The Christmas freebies and flyer templates we’ve included in this article have striking designs and clever color combinations, and they can be used to highlight a variety of information about your upcoming event, including the date, time, place, cost, special guests, etc. You will be able to draw people in visually and inform them of what to expect there with their assistance.

The cool thing about these free Christmas resources is that you don’t have to worry about creating anything yourself or working with graphic designers. Each piece in our collection is free to use and comes out of the box prepared to use. As a result, it’s unquestionably a great choice for those of you on a limited budget. You can easily change the colors, text, and other design elements of these Christmas flyers if you want to give them a more unique touch. As a result of their well-layered structure, customization is simple and easy.

Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use
Source: DesignAC
Download Christmas Freebies for Both Personal and Commercial Use
Source: DesignAC

Christmas Postcard

When was the last time you sent a Christmas postcard? The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and now is the ideal time to express your gratitude to your loved ones for being in your life. We are sharing a tonne of Christmas freebies for illustAC readers in honor of one of the happiest seasons of the year. There are numerous Christmas postcard designs available for download, printing, and sharing. Each postcard has a colorful illustration that is available in a variety of formats. Print, personalize, and mail the postcard to send the ideal holiday greeting. You can use these postcards to express your gratitude to your family members, business partners, and clients on a year-round basis.


There’s a reason why the phrase “brighten someone’s day” was coined. Christmas illustrations are the best example of this term. The mere sight of Christmas designs induces a happy spirit in the viewers. When we see Christmas clipart, we even get a dopamine boost! People have been using beautiful Christmas freebies in their holiday celebrations for years. Christmas clipart can help you personalize your gift, stand out in your presentation, and get more people to read your social media posts.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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