Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards

There are many reasons to send Christmas cards to your friends and loved ones, and the art dates back to the 19th century in England. However, today, due to many excuses like our busy schedule, and social media, people don’t really send out Christmas cards anymore. However, there are many reasons why you should actually send out Christmas cards during the season, and this article will take you through some of these reasons.

One interesting thing about Christmas cards is that you don’t have to buy them. You can actually create them online, and this can be by hand or online with the help of Christmas vectors. Continue reading to find out more.

7 Reasons Why You Should Send Christmas Cards

Here are reasons you should send Christmas cards, whether a physical card or online:

1.      Cards offer a Tangible Touch

Christmas cards provide a tangible option for people to show their friends, family and loved ones that they care. This is because the process of designing a card usually takes time and effort. When people receive your card, they realize that you spent time to think of them and consider sharing kind words with them. This is a little kind gesture that they will value for a long time.

2.      Handwriting is Personal in the Digital Age

The common thing that people do is to go only and send e-cards during the Christmas season. In our digital age today, handwriting means so much to many people because of the personal touch it brings. As simple as a sentence is all you need, and because it’s handwritten, you can be sure that the person you’re sending it to will cherish it.

3.      Christmas Cards Can Be Kept for a Long Time

For someone who sends out Christmas cards every year, it eventually becomes a timeline of how everyone has grown. The people you send it to will always hold on to the cards, and you can also have a copy of these cards. Text messages can easily be deleted, but these cards are a lot easier to keep for as long as you want.

4.      It’s a Mail that’s Sure to Bring a Smile

Nobody likes to go to their mailbox just to find bills piled up in them. This only ruins their day, especially when they don’t expect any bills. However, when they find your cards and well wishes in their mail, you can be sure that it will leave a smile on their face. It’s even a lot better when it’s your handwriting on the Christmas card.

5.      Christmas Cards Connects you with People

In a case where you haven’t seen your friends, family or loved ones in a long time, sending them Christmas cards is a great way to maintain a good level of connection with them. This is a thoughtful way to show them that you care and that you always think about them. Therefore, for this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to send them cards during the Christmas season and even during other times of the year.

6.      People Like to Displace These Cards in their Homes

People like to decorate their homes and even offices during the Christmas period, and they do this by using different elements. People always place a great level of significance on the cards they receive during Christmas, and they like to keep these cards for many reasons. Among these reasons include using them for decoration in their homes.

7.      Cards Carry Valuable Meaning

The writing in these cards usually has great meaning, and sometimes, they can be the motivation that someone needs to go on with life. Also, these cards serve to remind people about the reason for the Christmas season. People also use Christmas cards to share stories and other useful messages with their friends and loved ones.

With everything said, let us now go into the details of how you can create Christmas cards. Continue reading to learn more.

Making Christmas Cards by Hand

Here are the steps to follow to make these cards by hand:

Start Early

Making these cards by hand usually requires a lot of time, so it’s advisable to start crafting these cards as early as possible so that the receiver can get them on Christmas day.

Choose a Format

There are different formats you can choose from. You can choose any between photo cards, decorated designs, and handwritten cards, and all you have to do is to personalize the card according to your preference and for the recipient.

For the card formats to use, there are different places where you can get them, and some notable examples are websites like illustAC and magazines.

Sketch a Basic Design

To make your card look appealing enough, you’ll need to have enough supplies and also be able to make the process as easy as possible. There are different aspects to the design process, and this also includes motif, color, and the message the card will carry.

The interesting thing is that there are so many Christmas motifs that you can include in your design, and some common examples are Rudolf or Santa. In addition, the message and colors in the card are also important features to remember.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: illustAC

Choose a Paper and Envelope to Use

With the steps above completed, the next thing is to choose a suitable paper for your design. This also includes the envelope for the packaging. When it comes to paper type, you have multiple options to choose from. This is a part that shouldn’t be rushed so that you don’t negatively affect the impact of your design.

Purchase Supplies and Decorations

In addition to paper, you’ll also need to purchase other items for your Christmas cards. These items include scissors, glitters, glue, stickers, and ribbons. When getting these items, it’s advisable to stock up enough quantities to account for mistakes or for cases where you’ll need to change your design.

Do a Test Run

Start the design by using a basic design sketch. This will give you an idea of how everything will appear when you’re done with the design process.

Write your Messages

As mentioned earlier, a card wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t include a nice message on the Christmas card. The goal is to send them your Christmas well wishes and also a really nice message on the card. With this, you can be certain that they will value the card.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: illustAC

Decorate the Cards

After writing the message, the next step is to start decorating the cards, and this is where some of the supplies you bought earlier will come in handy for you. This is also an area that lets you explore your design prowess.

Leave the Cards to Set

At this point, your Christmas cards are ready, and you only need to leave them to set before you start sending them out.

Making Christmas Cards with Vectors

Here’s how you can create cards for the Christmas season online using vectors:

Choose a Format

If you want the cards to be personal, you won’t need to spend much time. You can simply search online services like illustAC to find a great format you can use for the design.

Choose a Template, Design, and Online Service

In addition to choosing the card format, you’ll also need to determine what suits your needs more. Some online services will allow you to customize the templates you choose according to your preference.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: DesignAC

Design the Front of the Card

At this point, you might have gone through different design elements, motifs, and other options. You’ll need this for the front part of the card. After placing the design element, you can then write a message on the card if the template doesn’t already have one. You can also include another message if the template already has a message.

Design the Interior of the Card

After designing the front page, you might also want to consider adding motifs to the interior part of the card, together with a personalized message.

Check the Final Product

Before you download the completed design, you might need to review everything one more time to ensure that you don’t miss anything out. If you are using a paid platform for the design, you’ll need to make the necessary payment before you can download the completed design. After that, you can proceed to download the card and share it with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Christmas Vectors to Use and Where to Get Them

When designing Christmas cards, you’ll also need vector graphics to further enhance the visual appeal of your design.

With that said, here are some ideas that you might want to consider using the next time you design a Christmas Card.

Snow Globe Card

If you want to send the card to your grandparents, you should consider designing a card with snow globe illustrations and vectors. This card will feature a photo of your child or little ones, which you can do every year.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: illustAC


Another interesting option that you might want to consider trying is a design with reindeer illustrations. Making this design with your kids is a fun way to help them enjoy the festive season. Downloading your favorite reindeer illustration, printing it out, and sticking it to the card is an easy option but fun to do with your kids. This is one of the easiest designs you can include on your Christmas card.

Christmas trees

Adding Christmas tree illustrations is also another option that you should consider creating together with your kids, especially in a case where you want to produce a lot of cards. Creating paper trees is a craft that your kids will enjoy.

Christmas wreaths

Another design option that you might also want to consider during the festive season is to make a design with Christmas wreath illustrations. The interesting thing about the Hama beads creation is that they are a great gift option that you can give anyone during the festive season.

Ornaments, ginger bread and candy canes

Ornaments, Christmas lights, ginger bread and candy canes might be other good choices to add to your design.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: illustAC
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Source: illustAC

Little Snowman

Adding snowman illustrations is also an option you should consider for your Christmas card design. It’s a great option that kids and even adults would love.

Awesome Ideas to Create Xmas Cards with Free Christmas Vectors: 7 Amazing Reasons to Send Christmas Cards
Source: illustAC


Christmas times is a time of fun, joy, love, excitement, and so much merriness. It’s a time to share the love with your friends, family, and loved ones, and one way to achieve this is by sending Christmas cards. A lot of people don’t do this today because of digital alternatives. However, there are many reasons why you should send Christmas cards, and we have highlighted some of these reasons in this article.

In addition, we have also provided the steps to follow if you want to design your Christmas cards, whether it’s online or by hand. The processes are very easy to follow, and you don’t need to be a professional to achieve them. For creating the design, you’ll need vectors, templates, formats, and other design elements, all of which you can get on illustAC without hassle.

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