10+ Free Football Clipart to Download for Commercial Use

Are you passionate about football? Do you find yourself talking about football clipart and only football during the league season? If yes, then you’re in the right place as we’ll be having an in-depth conversation about football today. Answering all those questions that often come to your mind regarding football like how many football fans are there in the world? Is football the most popular sport in the world? How many people are involved in football? Why people are so passionate about football? What makes football so different from other sports?

Along with answering all those questions, we will be sharing more than 10 free and highly professional-looking football clipart with you. You can use them on your website or can integrate them into your presentation, or document to make them look more visually appealing. You can use this clipart in logos, magazines or as your mobile phone icons. The choices are countless just like the number of possible strategies during a football game.

Is Football the Most Popular Sport in the World?

 Free Football Clipart to Download for Commercial Use
Football players clipart from illustAC

Football which is also called soccer in the USA and Canada is the most played sport in the whole world. According to research conducted by Atlas, Football has over 4 Billion fans in the whole world. FIFA conducted a global census that reported that 4% of the world’s population is involved in Football. Among which 265 million are football and soccer players and 5 million are referees. 300 Million people spread all over the world shows how big our football lover tribe is and it’s not wrong to say that, “We are divided by borders but united by our love for football”.

Why People are so Passionate about Football?

There is no doubt about the fact that people don’t see football as a sport but as an emotion but it’s an interesting question why people are so passionate about football. There are a few very concrete reasons behind people’s extreme love for that sport.

Interesting Relationships Between Football Clubs

The number one reason behind people’s madness toward this sport is interesting and long-term rivalries between some football clubs and as humans we love drama. When two rival clubs start playing against each other then it becomes impossible for football lovers to move from their seats. It feels as if the whole world is left on halt.

No other sport has this type of interesting rivalry between two countries and clubs and it is one of the reasons why people are so connected to football.

Inspiration for People

Another very important reason why people are so connected with football is that most football players come from families of very humble backgrounds. In simple words, most footballers have lived a life of poverty and have worked really hard to reach this level and their stories inspire people to work hard and chase their dreams.

Many famous footballers like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Dani Alves, Alexis Sanchez etc have lived really hard lives and have done multiple odd jobs before earning immense wealth and stardom. Most football lovers take inspiration and motivation from them and love them. If you find yourself asking whether people actually get any inspiration from their favourite footballer’s actions then Ronaldo and Coca-Cola incident is the perfect answer to your questions. Where one single action of removing Coca-Cola bottles and saying the word “Agua” by Ronaldo caused a rapid loss of $4 Billion to the beverage company and all of this loss happened in just 30 minutes.

Game of Clarity

Another primary reason why people love football so much is that it’s a game of clarity. The time limits, the goals and the rules are crystal clear and easy to understand. That’s why most people stay hooked to their screens while watching a football match as every second is important in a  football match.

Now we know why we are passionate about football. We love to show the world our love for football through different things like wearing hoodies and sweatshirts that have logos of our favourite football club to carrying football-related keychains. There is another fun way to show our love for football and the best part is that it’s completely free land you don’t have to spend even a single penny for it.

We will be sharing our favourite football clipart with our football lover tribe. All of these football cliparts are free. You can easily download them and use them. Now some of you must be wondering what is clipart? Where it can be used? Advantages of using it?

What is Clipart?

Clipart is a type of visual art in which some pictures can be integrated into a document, poster, presentation and banner to make it more visually appealing.

Where to use Clipart?

Clipart can be used in many different types of documents, in custom or graphically designed images, and in presentation slides. They are used on websites and banners. Clipart is widely used for education purposes. As kids learn by what they see and instead of explaining something to them we can just show them a picture and they will always remember it. Therefore, Clipart is used a lot in Digital children’s books and guides.

Advantages of using Clipart?

Clipart can make any presentation, website, banner and picture more aesthetically pleasing as they are not huge in size like normal images and can fit into a small space. Clipart is lightweight for both computer disk and web servers therefore they don’t occupy a lot of space and don’t affect the speed of your website.

10+ Football Clipart

As we have promised you above, we will be sharing more than 10 absolutely free and beautifully designed football clipart with you. You can use them for any purpose and make your work stand out from the crowd.

 Clipart of Boy Playing Football

Boys playing football clipart from illustAC
Boys playing football clipart and vector from illustAC

The first one is very simple and can be used anywhere. The colours are perfect and will go well with websites and presentations following any colour scheme. This clipart is different from other traditional football clipart that looks dull and boring. This clipart is very vibrant.

Football Goalkeeper Clipart

Free football clipart from illustAC

Goalkeeping is an important aspect of football. The opponent team tries to enter the ball into the crossline while the goalkeeper stops the ball from entering the crossline. This clipart shows a goalkeeper trying to stop the ball from entering the crossline while the opponent trying her best to send the ball to the crossline.

The best part about using clipart is that they are extremely cute. Like the one shown above, this football clipart is perfect for any children’s book to explain goalkeeping to them. But this clipart can be used anywhere you want.


There are four basic skills that are important for playing football and passing is one of them. If team players keep passing the ball between one another then they can keep possession of the football for a long period of time and can take the ball ahead on the playing field.

football players illustAC
People playing soccer clipart – illustAC

This clipart shows a scene where one player is waiting for his teammate to pass the ball to him while shouting “pass pass”. This clipart can be used to explain football passing while it can also be used in a non-football way as a corporate joke to tell fellow employees to not keep hold of something for too long and give it to their teammates as well to move things ahead.

Teamwork Clipart

football team illustAC
Free Football Clipart to Download

Football is not a one-man show sport and players require a great sense of teamwork to succeed in this game. If a team plays together as one unit then no one can stop it from winning.  Out of all sports, football requires the most amount of teamwork and when all team players work together with proper coordination then every team member covers for the shortcomings of his team mate and this increase their chances of winning.

This clipart shows teammates happily and enthusiastically standing next to each other. This football clipart can be used in any document, presentation slide, banner and webpage related to teamwork in football.

Football: The Aggressive Sport Clipart

Football is one of those sports that can be extremely aggressive as players are very closely in contact with each other. The aggressiveness and fierceness of football are the primary reasons behind its popularity. During a football match, opponents come super close to each other during blocking, tackling and hitting. While aggression often makes a player powerful and sought after but excess of anything is bad therefore, every player should keep his aggressive side in check as aggression should only be used to maintain an environment of competitiveness and defence. Aggressive should never be used to manhandle other players or break rules and be reckless during the game.

This football clipart is very different from the others while others show a very happy and playful side of players. This one shows a little aggressive side of players and shows a relation between players when things heat up during matches.

Realistic Football Clipart

Football match clipart illustAC

This football clipart might look very generic and boring from other interactive football clipart but actually it has more meaning to it. This football clipart removes the misconception of a lot of people regarding clipart who believes that clipart looks fake and very dull. There is this misconception that clipart does not look very visually appealing and looks very low quality.

This is definitely not true and this clipart image is the proof of that. If you get your clipart from quality websites like illustAC then you will always have high quality aesthetically pleasing clipart with more informative content in it.

Black and White Football Clipart

Free Football Clipart to Download

While some people find coloured clipart more appealing and cute. Some people prefer their football clipart black and white or monochromatic. There is a lot of black and white clipart option as well.

This clipart is really cute and will look any document, website and presentation look more beautiful and aesthetic.

Heated Football Match

Football matches are famous for being very unpredictable and keep their viewers hooked to their screens till the end of the match due to the number of possible strategies again in every move. During such a nail-biting match there are many heated moments and football lovers remember them even after many years.

This clipart shows one of such heated moments where two players are super close to their goals and they need the football ball to reach it.

Female Football Player

Football is often referred to as a masculine sport as it involves a lot of aggression and extreme contact with opponents but there are females out there who are making other females proud by not only learning but also playing this game.

This football clip art is proof that there are female players who can be equally fierce and talented.

 Free Football Clipart to Download for Commercial Use
 Free Football Clipart to Download for Commercial Use
 Free Football Clipart to Download for Commercial Use

Football Foul Card Clipart

Let’s add another important clipart to our diverse collection of football clipart that is every footballer’s worst nightmare. It is called a foul card and in football, there are two types of foul cards yellow and red. These cards are given to players to discipline players when they conduct any offense.

The yellow card shows caution while the red card shows dismissal from the field.

Football Juggling Clipart

Juggling is taught as an important principle in football and footballers love it way too much. If you ever want to know if a person plays football or not and you don’t want to ask them directly then throw a football in their direction if they are a footballer then they will start juggling it in 0.000001 seconds. It is tried and tested. You can easily conduct this experiment.

Footballers love juggling so much that they will start juggling in the most cramped place. That’s why adding this juggling clipart to our list as well.

Goalkeeper Saving Goal Clipart

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the goalkeeper of your team saving a goal. It feels as if in that one moment the whole world is put to a halt and then the cheers and excitement after that are magical. So the best way to end our football clipart list was to end it with this clipart.

Even though our list has ended here but illustAC has thousands of free football clipart on their website. You can pick anyone from that according to your need. They have high-quality clipart to make your documents, presentations, banners and webpages visually pleasing.


Football is the most loved sport on the earth. Billions of people call themselves football fans and this number is only increasing every day. Football has received titles such as ‘Sport of the Street’ as the only thing you need to play football is a ball and then you’re good to go.

There are numerous reasons why football fans call it emotion and not a sport. These people want to show their love for football to the whole world. While they are many paid ways to do it, we have shared some free football clipart with you that you can you almost anywhere in your digital space. Clipart are graphical images that can be added to documents and they are super lightweight but still, some people use to avoid them as clipart from random websites are dull and low quality. The solution to that is illustAC which provide high-quality free clipart to its customer so they can decorate their virtual places.