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There are so many resources on the internet where you can get free infographic templates to download. However, this article focuses on illustAC, one of the leading resources where you can download free infographics.

Before we continue with the key things you should know about illustAC and how to get these free infographic templates, here are some key things you should know about infographics. Continue reading to find out more.

Overview of Infographics

We all have five core senses, but they don’t all have the same level of importance, especially when it comes to marketing and for businesses. Most of the information that our brain processes daily comes from the sense of sight. The human brain can process images more than 60,000 times faster than it can process text. Also, statistics show that about 65% of people are visual learners. With that, it’s safe to maintain that visuals play a key role in determining how we can earn someone’s attention.

Another interesting finding is that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read compared to plain text. That is why infographics are widely applied in business for marketing purposes. Infographics help to increase communication, website traffic, and social media engagement. If you have a business, then you should consider including infographics in your marketing campaigns.

There are many benefits that infographics offer, in addition to enhancing readability, and for marketing purposes. Also, you can use infographics for different reasons, and we have highlighted some of these reasons below.

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Key Purposes for an Infographics

Here are some key purposes for an infographic:

Displaying Survey Data

For a business that just performed product research or market research and looking to share the information with people, placing the information on an infographic template is a great option. Your business should also consider creating a survey for customers or leads. It can also be research to gain more facts that your audience will find interesting. The goal is to show your audience what appeals them the most using infographic.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

Simplifying Complicated Concepts

Another purpose of infographics is that it helps in helps in simplifying complicated concepts. This is also handy for businesses that sell sophisticated, high-tech, or complicated products and services. The best thing for such businesses I to use infographics to explain these products and services so that customers can understand them better. Basically, infographics are designed to convert confusing data into information that can be understood with ease, and this is with the aid of pictures.


Infographics are also great to use for cases that require making comparisons. This is also a great way to highlight the benefits of the products and services that you offer and how they are better than those of your competitors. You can also use infographics to show how the products and services you offer are innovative.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

To Raise Awareness

If there are challenges within your industry that you’re looking to highlight and bring to the spotlight, you can use infographics to achieve this. You can also use infographics to talk about how severe an issue is and how you can offer help using your products and services.

Key Places to Put Infographics

In addition to knowing the key purposes of infographics, it’s also good to know where you can use them. Here are some of the key places to put infographics:

Social Media

This is the first place you should consider placing your infographics. You can place it on social media either as a URL or as an image. The social media options you have for this include LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, SlideShare, and Twitter. Posting your infographic template on social media platforms is also a great way to increase the number of click-throughs you get to your website.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

Email Marketing

Another option you have is to send out emails to your contact, leads, or even your marketing list. For these emails, you might want to consider including infographics and other vital information about the topic covered in your infographic. At the end of it all, always remember to include a call to action in any marketing email that you send out.

Website and Blog

Another option you have is to upload the infographic template on a landing page on your website or even on your blog. Doing this is a great way of ensuring that you can share the infographic template with people in the form of a URL. Another interesting thing to note is that HTML sharing and embedding data is a great way to encourage people to promote your infographics and share them on their platforms.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

White Papers

Adding your infographic template to a white paper, case study, or brochure is also a great option you have. This is a great way to place more emphasis on the points you highlight in the document. With infographics, you can also influence your reads with ease.

Press Release

Another option you can explore is to create a press release that covers some of the interesting and key findings highlighted in your infographics research. After creating the press release, you might want to consider sending both the infographic image and press release to news and magazine organizations for them to share with their large number of readers. This is also a great way for you to increase your leaders and boost more business conversions.

The key thing to note about infographics is that they will undoubtedly increase the leadership image of your business, as well as draw more leads to your website.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

10 Tips for Creating Great Infographics

We have already highlighted certain things to note about infographics above, but a key thing to always have in mind is that they are vital storytelling tools and an amazing way to share important information with your audience. Whether you’re creating the infographic template from scratch or you’re simply customizing a template, you’ll need the tips we’ll highlight below.

1.      Create an Outline

The first thing you want to do is to create an outline because it will help you identify every piece of the infographic. Also, determine the points you’ll want to deliver in the infographics. In addition, you’ll want to also identify the key elements of your infographic template design when creating your outline.

2.      Have a Clear Title

The design process begins with you adding a title to the design. This clearly states what the infographic template is all about. The main reason why you should be as clear as possible is so that you can easily convey the message in your infographic template design. Also, to make your title clear, you’ll need to make it short so that it can be understood easily and also appeal to your target audience.

3.      Choose the Right Fonts

When designing infographics, the general recommendation is to stick to only two fonts. One for the header and title and the other for the body of the infographic. For your header and title, you can make the font to be more decorative or fun, but it’s always best to keep the body very simple. The main reason why you should keep the body as simple as possible is to enhance readability. In addition, it’s best to choose a font combination that suits the topic that your infographic template covers.

4.      Choose the Right Colors

Another way to keep your infographic template visually appealing and easy to read is by using the right colors. For this, the general recommendation is to use between three to four colors. When choosing the colors to use, also ensure that they perfectly communicate the topic, you’re discussing.

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5.      Keep it Simple and Clean

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons to create infographics is to make complex information and data a lot simpler and easy to understand. When designing your infographic, you should always have this in mind. The readers should not find your infographic template confusing or overwhelming. You can enhance the readability of your infographics by leaving enough white space between every statistic in the design.

6.      Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

The importance of graphics in every infographic template design cannot be overemphasized. For the graphics to include on your infographics, you have nothing to worry about. At illustAC, you can get all the icons and vectors you need. What’s more is that you can find suitable illustrations, irrespective of the topic your infographic template covers.

illustAC: One of the Top Resources to Download Free Infographic Template in 2023

7.      An Easy-to-follow Layout

The next thing to consider in the design is the flow of everything. Your design should naturally have a hierarchy for text and images that you include. To achieve this, you only need to keep vital information prominent and also keep them at the top where it can be read with ease. Always organize the information you include according to its level of relevance and importance.

8.      Use your Branding

The next thing you should have in mind is that branding is important, and you shouldn’t leave it out. This is to make it easier for readers to know that you created the design. Another benefit of including your branding is that it will allow you to boost your brand recognition and also encourage your viewers to visit your social media and website.

9.      Remember to Promote

With the tips above, your design should be ready at this point. The only thing left is for you to share it with different people. You can upload it on your social media or website or share it via email with your subscribers, as shown above. When doing this, always remember to include a call to action that inspires your audience to share your design. Doing this will also help increase the number of leads you get.

10.  Use the Design as an Advocacy Tool

The last tip on our list is to use infographics to tell a story about your business or brand. With this, you can clearly highlight all your activities and the type of value that you provide your customers.

Why illustAC is a Top Resource for Download Free Infographic Templates

We have covered a lot about infographics above, and if you’re ready to design your infographics, you’ll need a reliable source to download all the infographic templates you need. For this, we recommend checking illustAC, which is a top resource for downloading infographic templates.

Are you wondering why you should download free infographic templates from this leading resource? Here are some reasons that will convince you:

  • Different Infographic Templates Categories: With illustAC, you always have multiple options to choose from. There are different categories provided, and you can be sure to find a template that suits your preference. Some notable categories you’ll find on the platform include people, seasons, business, food, icons, and many more.
  • Option to Use Illustrations, Vectors, and Clipart: Unlike other platforms, illustAC will let you use vectors, clipart, and illustrations in many ways. The common ways to use them include marketing, UI design, and on social media platforms.
  • No Attribution Require: Another interesting thing about the platform is that the infographic templates, vector images, clipart, and illustrations on illustAC are free to use, without any attribution required. Visit the Usage Guide and Terms for more information.
  • Fresh Templates Frequently: There’s always something new on illustAC, and you can be sure to always find something interesting. This is because fresh content is uploaded to the platform frequently.


The importance of infographics cannot be overemphasized, especially for business. We have highlighted some of the purposes of infographics and where you can place them above. In addition, we have also highlighted some key tips for creating great infographics.

For all the infographic templates you need for your design, there’s no better place to check than illustAC. On this platform, you’ll find different templates to customize easily. Visit illustAC now to check the available options.

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