12+ Types of Graphic Design Patterns Designers Should Know

Numerous components of graphic design patterns come together to form a seamless, incredibly powerful whole. Patterns are one of such elements. As you create and publish your ideas, you can assist pull the eye, highlight particular components of your design, or make it simpler for viewers to understand what you’re focusing on by employing patterns effectively. Your graphic designs contain repeating components known as patterns. A pattern requires at least two components to cooperate to exist.

You can use graphic design patterns that encompass your entire design and emphasizes repetition and continuity, or you can use a pattern that just appears a few times across the entire design. Regardless of the size or quantity of design elements, a design is considered to possess a pattern if the individual design elements repeat in that pattern.

Patterns in Graphic Design: How to Use Them

Be sure to balance your graphic design patterns, especially if they have numerous components. Although patterns can be quite attention-grabbing, it’s important to balance them with less distracting components. To maintain your design easy to understand and keep it from overpowering your consumers, blend bold, bright patterns with simple colors and features.

Depending on the effect you’re striving for, you need to know how to mix and match the colors in your graphic design patterns. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t use more than three colors in a single design. Considering all the creative options available in the world of graphic design, it is challenging to adhere to this rule. Discover how to combine patterns and colors to create beautiful designs. One approach to achieve this is by combining powerful patterns (such as plain lines or geometric patterns) with colorful or bold colors to create an unforgettable design.

To give it a branded look, use patterns that are related to your design’s logo. For instance, a website header or piece of branded apparel might look great with a geometric pattern in the logo colors. In your composition, texture and patterns can achieve several important objectives.

They can:

  • Identify surfaces
  • Display or measure the impact
  • Express a certain design aesthetic
  • Increase visual interest in a certain section of the design
  • Highlight a certain area

Types of Graphic Design Patterns Designers Should Know

Abstract Patterns

Modern and distinctive shapes, colors, and forms are used in abstract art and design to communicate in an extraterrestrial language. It is frequently applied to designs to highlight an individual or business’s distinctiveness. These abstract graphic design patterns are certain to brighten your day if you’re the type of person who always seeks out the intriguing and adventurous. Make use of these great templates with abstract graphic design patterns to highlight your edgy individuality, whether you’re printing out your business cards or getting a tattoo. All of these abstract designs are also available from us for download, so you can tweak them as needed.

Floral Patterns

Floral graphic design patterns never go out of style. It is always in style and radiates happiness and beauty. You can find a pattern with a floral design that suits the needs of your project because there are so many flowers now accessible. These flower patterns stand out because of their vibrant hues, which give off a welcoming vibe to everybody who sees them. They are a great background decoration for wedding invites, birthday invitations, and other formal invitations. Check out the following floral patterns to add appeal and style to your design.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are adaptable, aesthetically pleasing, and useful. They frequently have recurring and overlapping geometric motifs, including circles, lines, triangles, or squares. These patterns can be used to bring vibrancy or modern touch to your project. Although geometric patterns were frequently used in Islamic art and architectural buildings, they are now increasingly popular in online and graphic design patterns. Geometric pattern designs, whether in straightforward or complex shapes, are impressive.

Ethnic Patterns

The fact that there are so many ready-to-use ethnic pattern designs available online will delight designers. With the help of these designs, your creation will look fantastic, and you’ll gain a market reputation as a designer. A vast variety of graphic design patterns will undoubtedly give your product a wonderful appearance. Use the Ethnic Pattern collection from illustAC to give your creation a beautiful appearance. So start looking for the best ethnic pattern designs in illustAC and make something beautiful.

Summer Patterns

Summer is undoubtedly the season where patterns thrive because there is so much that can be done with them. Considering printing a postcard or visiting card? No worries put a pattern there and write on the other side. Do you want to design a hip banner for your website? employ a pattern. unable to stop wondering what else might be done. This season, there are no restrictions on either originality or the range of available categories. Here are a few fashionable graphic design patterns that we put up with 2022 in mind to help you get your projects or prints off the ground without any roadblocks.

Retro Patterns

Retro design is a fundamentally modern design that borrows elements and aesthetics from the past. It might be an updated version of an older design style or it might be influenced by elements of that style. In a new invention that borrows vintage aesthetics and presents them in a contemporary manner, images from earlier generations are brought back. Although several retro graphic design patterns have been in vogue since the 1940s, the name “retro” wasn’t coined until the early 1970s. It has come full circle.

Today’s designers are creating content that is comparable to that of the 1980s because many of them were raised on 80s fashion trends. Retro style will always have a strong emotional impact on us since it makes us feel cozy and at home. It will therefore continue to play a significant role in visual design for the foreseeable future.

Minimal Patterns

You must be very familiar with minimalism, which has recently begun to dominate the field of the graphic design if you are a graphic designer. Moreover, it encompasses all forms of design, including fashion, packaging, interiors, and more, in addition to graphic design. The meaning of the term itself, taken literally, provides the basis for the concept, which is simple to comprehend. Execution of application is the challenging part. Only the fundamentals should be included, with everything else being left out. To master this craft, a lot of time and equipment are required. Consequently, we have a few superb examples of minimalist graphic design patterns to help graphic designers comprehend the application.

Block Patterns

Both the inside and the outside of homes are decorated with block patterns. In addition to being strong, they can also be fashionable. More and more people in the building industry nowadays are becoming aware of how practical it is to combine functionality and aesthetic appeal. Because of this, when people wish to construct block walls, they opt for components and layouts of graphic design patterns that may serve both security and aesthetic goals.

Tribal Patterns

Pattern use is commonplace for many designers all around the world. These graphic design patterns contribute character by either defining the style of the numerous projects to which they are included or by simply adhering to and enhancing the style. Tribal designs have existed for ages. They were utilized by ancient cultures to decorate and set themselves apart from one another. To share with our readers, we have compiled a variety of tribal pattern patterns in the wake of this.

Collage Patterns

Although the collage method has been used for generations, it only really became popular when Pablo Picasso started using it in his artwork at the beginning of the 20th century. Collage now refers to a variety of techniques, from sewing fabric scraps together on a canvas to utilizing Photoshop to combine images with different textures and colors to make a graphic collage. You need to be aware of the message this method delivers if you wish to employ it in your designs. The first benefit of collage is that it will give your design a handmade feel. Depending on the components you combine, it might then send a message. Artists will occasionally employ collages to convey a message.

Nature Patterns

Nature patterns are frequently used for a variety of purposes. A Nature Pattern can be used to create a background for your website or any printable projects such as scrapbooks and banners. Posters, invitation cards, postcards, and other printed materials are available. The best part about spring patterns is that they inspire viewers to appreciate nature’s beauty at any time of year. The graphic design patterns we have vary in style and finesse, and they are sure to appeal to a wide range of personalities. Look through our collection of nature designs and choose your favorite. You can save your favorites to your computer and use them on any surface you want.

Hand Drawn Patterns

Textures and patterns are necessary when you are developing something. These serve as a great body for the artwork and give it a distinctive appearance. You can use these patterns on fabric or any other surface that calls for some artistic flair. To simplify your work, we have created a collection of hand-drawn graphic design patterns that are distinctive and easy to use in any creative endeavor you engage in. Take a look at these hand-drawn designs and select the one that appeals to you the most.

Animal Patterns

Nearly all artistic and creative endeavors benefit from the utilization of animal skin patterns. They consistently leave a good first impression and are so adaptable that you may utilize any of them in graphic designs, web pages, and product designs. They offer services for adults and children. There will always be a desire for these graphic design patterns, but designers are always releasing high-quality patterns in a wide range of animal prints, so your options are never constrained. These ten animal skin patterns can be used in Photoshop if you need some creative inspiration.

12+ Types of Graphic Design Patterns Designers Should Know

Fruity Patterns

One of the first types of graphic design patterns from ancient times was the fruit pattern. In the classical eras, all fruit patterns had adorable appearances. In the field of fruit patterns over the retro decades, both light and brilliant colors were equally popular. In the past, as they are today, animated and vector-illustrated fruit patterns were highly well-known.

Typography Patterns

The trends are constantly changing when it comes to typographic pattern design. The only issue is that some trends frequently return to the current trend. Designing typographic handwriting patterns has been popular for a while. It is timeless, ageless, and acknowledged as possibly having peaked in terms of typographic pattern design. It is only used for header decorations and is ideal for giving homeowners who enjoy creating an artistic and fashionable vibe.

Where to Find Free Vector Patterns for Commercial Use

Some awesome places to get awesome graphic design patterns. Let’s go!


illustAC is an excellent website for free vector graphics. The website features graphic art, graphics design patterns, and much more. It has a fantastic search bar that can help shorten search times and arrange all the available illustration vectors using tags.

With quick and adaptable design tools at your disposal, illustAC is a reputable vector drawing program. You’ll have as many non-destructive design pattern elements at your disposal with illustAC as you require to update your designs and give them a fresh look. You can keep your designs and, in the event of an error, roll back to previously saved versions indefinitely with illustAC.

These graphic design patterns can be incorporated into your user interface to spruce it up. They can be used to breathe new life into a landing page. The designs are simple to apply to goods and merchandise. To give their high-fidelity wireframes a more realistic feel, several design teams include them.
illustAC has compiled a helpful list of our favorite free vector image websites of free vector patterns for commercial use for your high-fidelity prototypes in honor of the simple vector image. You’ll discover a bit of everything here, saving you the time it would take to spend hours searching the internet for the desired vector image. It’s all here.

Wow Patterns

The best source to look for fantastic patterns to use in UX design is wow patterns. This website is a fantastic source for free vector pictures and has over 3000 patterns. We adore that the patterns are lovely in and of themselves and can be utilized that way or modified and altered to provide users with a more distinctive experience.


You can use patterns as a highly effective component of the graphic design process, from geometric patterns to natural patterns that embrace the environment. To create a unified final design that will draw attention to the areas you want, use illustAC to design those first patterns or replicate them. Visit our website right now to get designing.

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