Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Easter day is one of the most important and promising days for the people of the Christian community. This day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In 2022, this year, Easter will be celebrated on April 17. People celebrate Easter because it gives them hope for eternal life.

According to the Bible, Easter has occurred three days after Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans and unfortunately died in roughly 30 AD. Christ was crucified on Good Friday and buried in a rave with his disciples, commemorated as Maundy Thursday. It is essential to know that the exact date of Easter changes each year. There’s a definite period(time) in which this day occurs, from March 22 through April 25(in the Gregorian Calendar, not the Julian Calendar).

Easter is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. Easter is enjoyed(celebrated) as a joyful occasion, and the Sunday prior is called Palm Sunday, which marks the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. Various churches start the celebration in the late hours of Saturday through a religious service called Easter Vigil. Non-religious celebrations include the tradition of Easter eggs representing fertility and birth, and the Easter bunny delivers chocolates and sweets to kids on Sunday morning.

Common gifts exchanged on Easter day are chocolate-filled eggs or brightly painted eggs with sweets inside. Some famous examples of non-religious Easter traditions also include games like a treasure hunt for searching for eggs, egg rollings, egg decorating, and so on. People wish each other by saying Happy Easter and God bless you, Happy, happy Easter, Hoping your Easter is extra bright and happy this year, Happy Easter to your whole family, and so on.

Free Happy Easter clipart, vectors, and illustrations from illustAC

If you are searching for eye-catching happy easter clipart, easter backgrounds, easter vectors, illustrations, then illustAC is your right place. illustAC provides you thousands of free high-quality happy easter clipart, easter backgrounds, easter vectors, and illustrations images for free, and the download process is also way too easy.

You can click any image as your heart desires to download, and then the download button appears. For ease of finding the images of happy easter cliparts, easter vector illustAC has also provided you with the search through image and search filter option. illustAC is trustworthy as you see it has registered users of over seven million to date that shows the authenticity of their happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, and illustrations images and the high performance of their artists.

Some of the design elements that should be included on Easter day are mentioned in detail. As we know, people celebrate Easter day with the easter bunny, easter egg, easter egg basket, hot cross buns, Easter lily, so make sure your designed happy easter cliparts, vectors, and illustrations have these elements in them. For Easter egg baskets, use bright, entire colors for each easter egg or the mixture of colors. This will help your easter cliparts, easter vectors egg basket shine out, and people will easily download these images to wish someone online or social media post. 

As easter lily symbolizes rebirth, hope, purity, new beginnings so, make your happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, and illustrations keeping these things in mind. Your design image of happy easter clipart, easter vectors, and easter illustrations should have these related things used to celebrate Easter day, and it’s Jesus Christ.

Cute Bunny Illustrations

For creating cute bunny illustrations, all you need is a drawing lesson and an excellent template made from adorable shapes. Bunnies are fun animals to create because they are easily recognizable with their long ears, small teeth, tiny nose, and circular tail. Drawing such an animal can be a difficult task, so that is why ilustAC is here for you to provide such cute bunny illustrations images for free. Now, you will learn about how to create cute rabbit cliparts in the following ways:

Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Sketch a few basics steps to create a nice template

First, create a few basic shapes to adjust proportions and create something visually enjoyable. Make something like one ear straight and long and another one a little bent. Also, notice the oval shapes needed to represent all legs and feet. Since we are creating cute versions of rabbits, don’t hesitate to draw a large oversized head with a tiny body.

Drawing the Animal Using Mostly Short Curved Lines

The next step is to draw the cute rabbit using many long and short lines. Make the hair visible near the cheeks and the length of the back feet. Once you are satisfied with the drawing of happy easter cliparts, erase all the orange shapes created in the previous step.

Working inside the head of this cute rabbit cliparts

The face of the rabbit is essential. Use two short oval shapes to form the eyes. Now, choose another larger oval shape to sketch the nose. Now, create the mouth from two sharp lines. Finally, you have also made the teeth of the rabbit from short pointed lines.

Add more details to create a more realistic character

Now inside both ears, draw thin lines to create small patches. And, also make another large patch that is added on the chest of the cute rabbit. Now, draw two lines inside the back legs to complete the shape. Finally, you have to draw small shot lines inside all four legs to illustrate the paw.

Now it’s time to add some colors

Now choose the color your heart desires for your cute rabbit cliparts(I will select light blue/grey). And, to make your happy easter cliparts of cute rabbits, choose pink color for three patches, including the nose. And then color your eyes and teeth blue and white, respectively. Now, happy easter cliparts and vectors, and illustration is almost done. Let’s add basic shadows to make it look more realistic and more volume. Congratulations, you made cute rabbit illustrations on your, and now you are ready to use them.

Now, make the right color palette for your easter bunny illustrations. Don’t worry if you are not a professional in drawing Easter bunny illustrations and vector images because illustAC is here for your help. You can get every color, shape, size, cute bunny illustration, and easter vector for free. As mentioned above already, you will not be disappointed when searching for what you need on illustAC. 

Easter bunny illustrations can be of any colors but make the use of pale piano, white, lilac and beige color palette, so make sure that your easter bunny illustrations look cuter and can easily get attention. The cuter your easter bunny illustrations images look, the more people get attracted to them and will quickly download and use them for their personal and professional use.

The color palette for your cute, funny illustrations is just not only the simple, white color for your bunny. Try something new and fun color palettes that get attention quickly like bunny illustrations, pink color palette, green and yellow color palette, white, beige, blue color palettes.

Easter Egg illustrations

Easter is an enjoyable spring holiday known for its tradition of painting eggs. It is generally associated with gentle, vivid colors and a spring mood. You can get free happy easter cliparts, easter vectors and illustrations from illustAC. Following mentioned steps are the ways to create an easter egg illustrator in Adobe illustrator with few steps:

Step 1

First, begin by making the base of the egg. Take the Ellipse Tool(L) and make a 70*70 px circle. Now choose its slide anchor points with the Direct Selection Tool(A), drag them down a bit, and make the bottom of the shape bulge. After that, select the upper anchor point and drag that up, making the top of the egg point.

Step 2

Now, we’ll use a bright spring palette with gentle colors that you can choose directly from the screenshot below with the Eyedropper Tool(I) while holding the Shift Key. Now, you have to fill the egg with yellow and keep a copy in the back(Control-C>Control-B), as we might need it later. After doing that, depict the decorative ornament above the egg. Take the rectangle tool(M) and make a 70*15 blue shape.

Step 3

After that, take the Line Segment Tool(/), hold shift and make a horizontal shape with the pink stroke of third part stroke weight. Now, align all the shapes to the egg. Choose(select) everything (Control-A) and click the egg while holding Alt to make it a Key Object(you will see a wide selection around it) and head to the Align panel, and choose Horizontal Align Center.

Step 4

Let’s modify the pink line. You need to select it and go to Effect>Distort and Transform>ZigZag. Now set the size to 5 px, Ridges per segment to 7 and points to smooth. Object>Expand the shape to apply the Effect.

Step 5

Add another rectangle to the bottom of the egg and fill that with the color you want(i will choose green color). Now delete those parts of the rectangles outside the egg. Take the sharper tool(Shift-N) and scribble above the pieces that you want to delete. Repeat the same things with other unwanted parts. 

Select the modified egg and Object>Expand it. Then choose the yellow middle of the egg with the pink zigzagged line and Divide them in the pathfinder panel, breaking the shape into two halves.

Step 6

Now fill the upper piece of the divided shape in a nice pink color. And take the Ellipse tool(L) and make a 5*5 px circle. Hold Alt-Shift and drag that circle to the right, making a couple of copies.

Step 7

You have made the basic view of the egg and now add a flat style shadow, covering one half of the egg. Group(Control-G), all parts of the egg, Copy and paste in Front(Control-C>Control-F). Keep the copy selected, Unite it in the Pathfinder, merging that into one silhouette.

Then draw a vertical line across the egg, using the Line Segment Tool(/). Align the line to the egg silhouette and make the egg a key object. After that, keeping the egg silhouette and line selected, divide them between the Pathfinder. Now, delete one of the pieces, switch the remaining half to multiply mode, and make it semi-transparent. You are ready to use your happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, and bunny illustrations for your personal or professional purpose.

There are various color palettes that you can use to represent your easter egg illustrations. It is an easier way to make your audiences understand your design. For your easter egg illustrations, color palettes are brown, green blue color palette, white beige, and pink color palette, yellow, blue, and beige color palette. You can download all these color palette easter egg illustration images from illustAC for free. You can download them by just clicking on the image, and the download button appears.

Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Easter Backgrounds

When Easter approaches, everyone wants to try and make cute easter pictures to use for their social media or even as cute little postcards. While making your banners, greeting cards, and so on, try to make your easter backgrounds simple like the color should be one like white or blue this makes your easter bunny, easter egg looks beautiful as they are colorful and pops out it man’s eyes. Also, try to make your Easter look like a 3D effect that attracts people easily. Spring colors will generally decorate your festival table on a bright easter holiday. Use turquoise, green and warm shades of brown for table decor, and you will surely surprise your guests. 

Also, you can use the same color for your greeting cards, social media banners or posts, and so on. These color palettes will surely increase people’s involvement. For these, if you need free easter cliparts, easter vectors, and easter illustrations images, then illustAC is your right destination. They provide thousands of high-quality easter vectors images for free. Level up your easter background by using the right color palette for them. Use the color for your easter background that will catch a human’s eye easily, like a pale color palette easter background, and so on. Some of the color palettes for easter background designs are

Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Color code

  • Chocolate Brown-#332522
  • Willow Green-#CACF59
  • Deep Sand-#BF7D5D
  • Bunny Gray-#C8BCC8
  • Frosted Peach-#FFF6D9

Color Code

  • Macaw Blue-#40A6B4
  • Deep Blush Pink-#F5738D
  • Light Fennel Green-3D5D49C
  • Pale Copper-#D8A089
  • Concord Gray-#7F7E79
Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Easter Patterns

Easter patterns make looking at your easter basket, easter greeting cards fascinating so, choosing the suitable patterns does matter. Your easter patterns color palette should be colorful as Easter is all about the celebration and making your happy easter cliparts bunny illustrations, easter vectors, easter backgrounds, easter egg look colorful. If you are searching for those colorful easter patterns images for free, then illustAC is your right place. 

illustAC has offered thousands of high-quality royalty-free happy easter cliparts, bunny illustrations, easter backgrounds, easter vectors, and patterns images. The download process is way too easy, as mentioned above. It provides you with the search through image option and the investigation through a filter that helps you get the required shape size, color happy easter cliparts, bunny illustrations image as your heart desires.

Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

Color palettes are essential because of the tangible component of the brand that people notice first and foremost. Color palette also helps increase brand recognition, which is why customers choose you. So use the suitable color palettes for your easter patterns that will shine and make your brand recognizable. Some of the color palettes that you should use for your easter patterns are

Color codes

  • Tardust Gray: #9E9E92
  • Mustard Yellow: #FEE759
  • Deep Salmon Pink: #F87583
  • Cerulean Blue: #03AAD6
  • Citrus Green: #95BB10

Color codes

  • Cocoa Brown: #543F2A
  • Fuscous Gray: #59564F
  • Celery Green: #A2CB63
  • Rosy Pink: #FF9492
  • Soft Brown: #DCC69D

Color codes

  • Cashmere Brown: #E7C4A4
  • Honeysuckle Green: #DFEE6F
  • Lavender Flower: #90D7DD
  • Rose Petal: #FF9D94

Free Easter Design Templates

Suppose you are searching for high-quality royalty-free happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, easter backgrounds, and bunny illustrations for your design templates to celebrate or wish someone a happy Easter. In that case, illustAC is your right destination. illustAC provides you with thousands of free happy easter cliparts, easter backgrounds, easter egg illustrations, easter wallpaper, etc., cliparts, easter vectors, and illustrations for free.

The download process is also way too easy. You need to click the picture your heart desires to see the download button. As we all know, a picture attracts people quickly rather than just text, but only the image or picture attaches to people emotionally. Some of the ideas for design templates to stand out from others are as follows:


There are various ways to get your perfect template. From illustAC go to free items and choose the one your heart desires to use, and you are ready to share that on your social media. Make your easter social media banners posters look colorful and appealing; this can only happen by the right choice of the free happy easter cliparts, easter backgrounds, easter vectors and bunny illustrations. There are various options to use these assets. Of course, your main goal is to inform people about the holiday organizations, so invite them to the celebration and provide information related to the events schedules in your poster. 

With the combination of the beautiful fonts, happy easter clipart, easter vectors images, cute icons, easter backgrounds, balloons, the sample will become universal, and you can use it year by year. They are great tools for holiday announcements, t-shirt and stationery prints, postcards and decorations, internet and campaign launch, social media posts, postcards and decoration, and so on. 

Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download
Happy Easter Clipart: 1000+ Free Beautiful Vectors for Download

These all assets are editable, so you can change anything and apply different solutions according to your choice. You can also edit graphics with Adobe Illustrator or photoshop, Cave or Microsoft office word. You can edit them by downloading illustAC free corporate identity models of happy easter cliparts, easter backgrounds, easter vectors and bunny illustrations images and testing them out.


Easter is when people observing the holiday participate in events, religious services and other activities. Whether you are organizing an Easter church service, community event or hosting an egg hunt for your church and community kids, custom banners are one of the best ways to incorporate your message, attract the attention of potential members and announce your service times. When designing custom banners, consider a few things if you want your banners to look fascinating and be successful. Don’t worry about the happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, bunny illustrations, easter backgrounds, easter egg illustrations images when illustAC is providing you with thousands of them for free. 

All you need to focus on is the place of text, those images and colors that attract audiences easily. The essential thing about your banners is to grab people’s attention from a distance. Because of this, your social media banners print out banners must be displayed in the large, readable text so that people driving by your church or those walking by on the road can easily see even if they are several feet away, and your message should be straightforward. Design is the most important thing for your banners to be successful; that includes the right color graphics to allure people and get your message across to your audiences. 

The colors you choose for your banner’s backgrounds have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of your banners. So choose high-quality happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, easter backgrounds, bunny illustrations, images from illustAC for free and make your design templates shine.

Greeting Cards

Send your loved ones or office employees celebratory greeting cards by placing personalized happy easter cards in their baskets. Make the right choice of happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, easter backgrounds, and bunny illustrations images from illustAC that match our greeting cards color theme and send them wishing them a sweet and short message. You can also send them online or for your social media post wishing happy Easter; if you are in search of high-quality royalty-free happy easter cliparts, easter vectors, and bunny illustrations, then illustAC is the place for you. 

The download process is simple and easy, as mentioned above. You can also search through images if you want something similar to your design. Searching through the filter option has made your job easier by illustAC for getting the required shape, size, or color happy easter cliparts, easter backgrounds, bunny illustration, easter vectors that you want.