How Do You Make a Banner Step by Step in 10 Minutes

A banner is the most famous advertising format on the internet, consisting of together with a graphic advertising piece within a web page. These banners are designed to grab attention, so they do not necessarily maintain the graphic line of the site. The goal of these banners is usually advertising impacts through impressions or to capture traffic through clicks to the advertiser’s website. Banners are incorporated in areas either by agreements between web admins, with an exchange of economic agreement or through platforms that allow their monetization. It is commonly used to promote events, brands or websites worldwide.

For advertisement purposes, different types of banners are made, and some of them are mentioned below:

Rectangle Banner: It is generally situated at the headwaters or at the bottom

Sky Scrapers: These types of banners are usually placed either in the left or right column

Page Stealer: These banners are integrated with articles

Expandable: With the extension of design, these types of banners are becoming more common day by day. The size of the banner embraces the kind of device and the screen’s resolution.

Interstitial: Open previous to loading the page. They are generally considered invasive, but their effectiveness in capturing the user’s attention is essential.

Designing a banner for your website, social media page, or advertisement is difficult, right? No way, here you can learn to make a banner in just a few steps. You don’t require to spend your whole day or even the following day making a banner with Microsoft Word or another program’s difficult process. Instead, you can create one easily and stylishly with one of the illustAC’s professionally designed banner templates, clipart, vector or graphic images and use them by putting a unique mark on the design.

Reading this article, you will have knowledge about how to make banners in four simple steps.

how do you make a banner step by step
how do you make a banner step by step
  1. Choose a pre-sized banner template that matches your requirements, or open a blank canvas.

To make an engaging banner from a design template, you should open a canvas and browse or look for the banner type you want to make. Once you will get the design, you want to use, select it to add your canvas and then customize it. You can even use free stock images of banner clipart or graphic images from illustAC. After you will open your canvas, click the background color on the left tools menu to select the canvas color. Then choose the colors you want for your banner.

2. Add graphics or Images to your banner

Add graphics images downloaded from illustAC to your banner to make outstanding visual interest. illutAC’s graphics are vectors, which means they’ll look gorgeous no matter how small or large you reside them. You can even customize the shape, color or size, and aspect ratio and erase parts of a visual or add a drop shadow to make it look custom.

3. Add design fonts and text to the banner message

You can choose your fonts from any online sources, plus you can even use your own fonts. Once you are done adding the words to your banners, customize them by changing the font’s size and colour. Make it shine by adding an outline or even curving text for a truly amazing look. Pairing various fonts also makes the banner look dynamic, but using too many will create confusion and might be unclear. So, choose two or three (never exceeding three fonts) fonts and stick with them only.

4. Download & share your brand new banner

When you complete the banner design, you can directly share the image file to outside sources like email or social media by choosing share from the top toolbar and selecting the destination.

Otherwise, you can also export the design to your computer by selecting the Download and then choosing file type. Your banner design will always stay auto-saved in the cloud storage folders for future access. Also, don’t forget to look in the Unsorted folder if you haven’t saved your work to date in a specific folder. Now, your banner is ready unjust 10 minutes.

You can trust illustAC for amazing graphics, clipart or vector images of banners, as millions have counted on it. You can see over seven million users, illustAC has easily collected. It also shows how quality clipart images of banners are illustAC offering to the audience.

You can easily download any stock photos or royalty-free clipart and graphics images from photoAC and can use them for various purposes. You can even use its service like image search and filter search if you are having any difficulty in looking for the suitable clipart your heart desires. Using these services offered by photoAC, one can surely find the desired clipart, vectors or banner images without delay.

But to enjoy other numerous services of illustAC like unlimited downloads, no attribution needed, shouldn’t wait for downloads, new design packs are given regularly, etc., then you need to do the subscriptions. The site’s subscriptions cost you $12.2 and $132 monthly and yearly, and you will be the premium member.

Using such clipart, vectors from illustAC to your project, banners, and websites can be the best decision of your life to date as it never fails to stand out. So, why not download them when a trusted site like illustAC offers you great clipart, vectors or illustrations images at an affordable price.

Banner Design Example

Seeing the best flex designs on giant billboards along highways is long gone. Despite the fact that they are still used today, banner advertising on the Internet, also known as digital banner advertising, developed as a result of their repetition. A web banner or an advertisement banner is a form of an advertisement on the web brought by an ad server. In easy words, it is the procedure of immersing an ad in a website or web page.

Here are some of the best banner design examples from where you can find inspiration.

how do you make a banner step by step
how do you make a banner step by step


One of the finest banner designs that exist is made by Disney+. Their poster advertisement is strong and attractive and can be best explained as an exclusive idea. Disney+ has come up with a clear call to action button that directs the viewer to Disney’s subscription page.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web is one of the smart sites to establish its authority as the best cloud to run windows in its poster advertisement. This site knows that it is a reliable cloud provider, and the USP is what attracts the audience to the simple message on the poster ad of AWS. This is also called the cold or hard stats approach in marketing and sales.


Another banner on the list of top banner designs is a staples poster advertisement. This is considered one of the simple and barebones digital banner ads available. This poster has a straightforward approach and does not aim at memorability or even creativity. However, staples have made sure that there is a clear CTA button within the banner ad.


Apple is undoubtedly one of today’s brands that knows what they are doing and which part of its strategy will work without fail. In its banner ad for the iPad, Apple translates a clear message using one image and limited text. The background is plain with the white contrasts well with the black color of the product image. The image is complemented by the bold black font. This poster ad strongly combines all the essential elements of digital design: bold text, clear, minimum background, high-quality image, and a clear CTA.

Even though the CTA button is in the color gray, it’s not a distraction, and at the same time, it’s visible and does not disturb the harmony of the palette used in the advertisement. Furthermore, the clarity in the message in poster ads is worth christening as the viewer is bound to memorize the product name, image, and price even after they exit the site.

What’s your targeted audience?

The targeted audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to have a desire for your products or service, and hence the group of people who should be really watching your ad campaign. The targeted audience can be of any gender, age, income, location, interest, or other factors.

Depending on your product, your targeted audience might differ from any other company. For example, if you are a shoe vendor, your targeted audience should be broad as shoes are worn by men, children, women and all gender people. Otherize, you can also sell high-performance or branded running shoes.

Then your targeted audience will be niche elite athletes who have more interest in running, or either a rich personality would prefer them. Either way, it is essential to know about your targeted audience in order to decide the creative messaging reverberating with them and pinpoint the channels they favour.

There are numerous advantages of knowing your targeted audiences. Being a marketer, it is essential to understand your targeted audience. These details will explain every marketing plan and strategy you execute. Like airing an ad during the FIFA, Super Bowl might seem like a great way to be seen by as many audiences as possible, but it’s an expensive way of showing your advertisement.

Furthermore, only a limited half of the audience would be interested in buying the product. Having the knowledge about your targeted audience by reading a particular publication or watching a specific show means that only a smaller audience will see your banner ads, but the correct people. For example, if you sell running shoes for any age, ads in popular magazines may be a good fit for your targeted people. Selecting the correct media is essential for achieving marketing ROI on your own efforts.

Hence, knowing about your targeted audience helps your business to focus marketing efforts and dollars on the groups that are most to purchase from you. This way, you are also generating business leads in an efficient, affordable manner.

how do you make a banner step by step
how do you make a banner step by step

What is working for your competition?

A healthy connection with the competition permits companies to offer different great values to the industry and customers. You might not think that working or having a competitor results in new business offers to your door. So, believe it or not, working with competitors is beneficial.

Many companies take competitors in the wrong way as they take away their customers. But the trust is that the more the companies, the bigger and larger the market will be. So, we should always be on good terms with our competition. Thus, a good relationship between competitors leads to several results. Competition is good for everyone as it provides them with better prices and more choices. It’s good for our business as competition makes our customers happier.

The competition also encourages companies to assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by doing a SWOT analysis. Businesses should understand the strengths of competition and capitalize on them. Not only that, recognizing your business weakness and addressing them helps to grow your business.

There is no way to do better without admitting what is needed to improve. Whether it is your customer service, product service or online presence, every business improves in this way. What is a better way to discover how to effectively appeal to your users or customers than by noticing another successful business in the market? And, if you are that one successful business, then doesn’t feel threatened when others follow.

Instead, you should be proud that your business is doing so well that other companies are copying it. Even being at the top, you can always have the opportunity to learn something new from your competition. Have you ever wondered how companies keep or steal customers? Then, let me tell you, better customer service is always a great start. The customer makes more expensive a purchase, and more facilities are provided.

Choose Similar Colors

Have you ever wondered what significant colors you should choose while making banners? If not, then here we can help you choose the right colors for your banner ads. Now read the articles below carefully and know how to choose the great colors for your banners.

We all know colors are the most essential tools when it comes to creating creative best-in-class posters. Learning about how to process when it comes to poster colors is, therefore, most important for any ambitious poster creator. You need to understand some of the things you need to understand while choosing the colors for your banner ads.

Choose neutral backgrounds without distractions underlines the messages

Making the use of neutral colors in the background for the poster ads can help us minimize the risk of the customer overwatching the messages of the banner. The use of too many bright colors may lead to confusion, and the message that the banner is trying to convey might not be clear.

Think carefully about the effect the selection of colors has on how the poster and message are received. If it is essential that the message your poster is trying to say must not be confusing, choosing a neutral background color such as black, grey, and white can be a good decision.

2. Unite the Dark Side

Joining dark magenta with a dash of dark blue gives the banner a modern classic look while still keeping the color combination in peace.

3. Let the color of the product control and define the banner

It might sound boring and somewhat ordinary, but sticking to one color and its shades can result in the customer not having any doubt about what kind of product you are trying to advertise.

Because you have one color, you are sticking to one value, which can also increase the chance of getting the right message to your customers. Browse over thousands of shades of the product’s color and choose the most striking color combination leading to a stylish banner design.

4. Use the combination of mixed warm and cold colors for a best of both worlds effect

For those who are not entirely fluent in design lingo, the terms warm and color colors might need an explanation. At first look, it might seem mysterious to attribute colors to particular temperatures, but it is something that you as a user do more than you think.

So, make the connection between blue shades and colder temperatures, probably because we associate it with snow and winter. Otherwise, you can also mix yellow and orange colors with warmer temperatures; we create them with the sun and summer. Therefore, the fact of summer sale banners looks or are in exactly these colors, unlike winter sale posters.

5. Become familiar with nature and use natural banner colors

You should not be doing yoga daily or eat plant-based foods to make the use of colors of nature in your next poster design. For nature-like colors, you can use earth and watercolors so that your poster design can get the same characteristics, and viewers tend not to forget them easily.

Banners which use natural colors also have a calming effect on the viewer. It means viewers simply get more attracted towards your banner design than that with the use of bright colors.

6. Using red color in your banner is not always a bad thing

Red is connected with romance and passion. During Valentine’s Day and Christmas, we see a lot of red posters, but if you’re a little more adventurous as a poster designer, your poster won’t be one of the holiday clichés. Red isn’t usually synonymous with predictability when it comes to banner colors. Choose some eye-catching red colors that work well together and give your postera traditional appearance.

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Choose similar Typography

Are you having a difficult time deciding the font for your banner? If yes, reading this article can be very helpful for you. Here we have mentioned how you should be choosing the typography according to the theme, image and other things about the banner typography.

Some of the best font examples for your banner design that can easily gain attention are Bebas, Futura, Avenir, Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Avenir, and so on.

But, it doesn’t mean that you will use other fonts than these five mentioned above. These fonts are the simple answers that are discovered from the survey. Choosing the correct font for your banner design is essential as it permits you to make a long-lasting impression and, fortunately, retain attention.

Therefore, to gain high attention and promote your business by conveying the message, making the banner nice and eye-catching is important. Typography is not only about just selecting beautiful fonts; and it’s an essential component of user interface design. Good typography builds a powerful visual hierarchy, offers a graphic balance to the website, and also sets the product’s overall tone.

There are countless things to think about while choosing a font for a banner, including your banner’s purpose, branding, etc. But finding the best font for the banner design starts and ends with readability. If your targeted audience cannot easily and comfortably read and translate the message you are trying to say, it won’t matter how cool your brand design is;

hence the banner will fail its purpose. An essential factor in selecting the best fonts for banners must be readable under the conditions like where you will display the banner.

Parameters to Test

A UTM parameter (sometimes known as a UTM code) is a piece of code that can be applied to a URL to help track visitor activity. It stands for ‘Urchin Tracking Module’ and is in the URL tracking format used by Google.

Are you paying for some display network banner ads? Use UTM parameters in your URLs to determine which advertisements attract the most traffic and where they should be presented. Some posters perform better in the header, while others work better in the sidebar or after the content on the page. Determine which method is most effective for your online content.

CTR, Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an outstanding metric for measuring users’ interaction with your website. A bounce rate appears when any individual visits your website and then leaves without navigating to another page.

An average click-through rate for poster advertisements has decreased, but ordinary wisdom is that a CTR above 2% is praiseworthy. The average CTR is much lower (around 0.25%). CTR is deliberated as the ratio of the number of clicks to the total number of impressions of an advertisement or banner.

Test and Scale

Testing is the procedure of putting different advertisements in front of a sample of your selected audience and asking for input on them.


Banner advertisements are one of the most-watched forms of display advertising. They are paid advertisements and are generally seen on the top or bottom of a web page or close by the margins.

But over the last few years, banners have earned a bad reputation as people usually find them as a disruption in the process of watching a site; this perception can be turned with eye-catching, thoughtful, well-organized and the best banner designs.

Therefore, illustAC is the place where you will find high-quality banner clipart, vectors, and graphic images for an affordable cost. Over seven million people count on illustAC for unique and original banners, theme colors, clipart, vectors, and illustrations.

You can also get your desired banner clipart, vector and graphic images by using the facility like image and filter search from illustAC within seconds. These facilities offer users to get their desired clipart and vectors in less than a minute.

Also, being a premium member of the illustAC, you can enjoy the facility like unlimited downloads, shouldn’t wait for downloads, zip various cliparts, new design packs are offered, etc. So, when a counted site like illustAC provides you with the best clipart, vector and illustration, why not download them.

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