8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart


Christmas is a time of so much fun and festivity. During the holiday season, we all get in the holiday mood and vibe, and nobody is ready to go through the stress of doing stressful activities during the period. For a business owner, it’s an opportunity to let customers and community to know that you care about them.

From party invitations to holiday cards, baubles, and sales promotions, the Christmas season is a time to share amazing items with your friends and loved ones. Are you considering sending these items and your good wishes during the holiday season? Then you need to know how you can create amazing Christmas designs using free Christmas character clipart.

This article will take you through some tips and tricks to help you create amazing Christmas designs for the festive season. Continue reading to find out more.

Tips to Help you Create Christmas Designs

Here are some tips for you to apply when creating Christmas designs during the festive season:

1.      Go Metallic

You can maintain a smile on your face and that of your loved one with a little shine and sparkle on your Christmas design. If you’re thinking of making a Christmas design, you should consider including a metallic element to the design or even some unique print effects.

One of the print effects that you might want to consider using is to include foil print effects, which is a perfect option for Christmas design projects. This can be a gold or silver foil, and you can include them on invitation cards, gifts, and packaging. The amazing thing about this strategy is that you don’t need to include so much holiday wording or language before you can evoke the festive feel using this technique.

If the design is for website design or digital elements, you might want to consider using animation or video elements to show that the design is sparkling or metallic.

2.      Don’t Pick Only One Holiday

You need to keep your audience in mind when you make a design, and in some cases, going all out with only Christmas designs during the holiday season might not be appropriate for some audiences. When creating Christmas designs, you might want to consider using winter scenes, imagery, and colors to create a connection among your users and allow them to appreciate the winter holidays.

This option is a great one, especially for websites that offer different products and services. If you have such a website and would want to impress your users, you can consider sending them holiday cards. This is a unique approach that businesses use during the festive season.

3.      Embrace the Advantage of Type

Christmas design projects usually offer multiple opportunities, and among these include the ability to use typography in many ways. There are many ways to use typography, and among these include using childlike handwriting styles or flowy scripts.

You don’t have to include complex messages, and they can be as simple as Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and many more. Basically, there are different ways for you to experiment with typeface, and it depends on your preference and the type of message you want to deliver.

4.      Don’t Get Stuck on Green and Red

During the Christmas season, the most common colors that you’ll find on most Christmas designs are green and red. For most designers, these are the most common colors to use are red and green, but these aren’t the only options you have. There are other options that you might want to consider including in your color palette.

For your Christmas design, you can begin with cool colors, and examples of these are blue and purple colors. You can also apply metallic effects on your color palettes, especially if you’re looking to make your Christmas design appear unique.

A key thing to note as a designer is that you can conveniently mix some of these colors together. Doing this will help to increase the aesthetic appeal of your design.

The importance of colors cannot be overemphasized, especially considering that they are a universal language with which you can convey different information. Colors also help to set the right mood and serve as a major force in decision-making.

Here are unique ways you can combine Christmas colors:

8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart

Classic touch or green and red

Whenever we remember Santa Claus, the first thing that comes to mind is his red attired, his white beard, and most of all is, his red hat. The Christmas tree is also an element we think of during the Christmas season, and it’s basically a dark green pine tree.

With that said, green and red is a perfect color combination that you might want to consider using during the Christmas season to enhance your design and also ignite the Christmas feeling. These are colors that also help in creating a cheery vibe.

8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart

The Snowy Blue and White

Another color combination worth trying is to mix blue and white colors. This represents the clear blue sky, snowflakes in the air, and a rooftop covered with snow. All of these are features used in bringing the Christmas feeling and setting the right mood during Christmas.

The interesting thing is that blue and white is a color combination that you can use on all you designs, irrespective of the type of design you create.

8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart

5.      Light Up Christmas Designs with Animation

This is an interesting way to give your website a festive touch. There are many cheerful animations that you might want to consider using. With this option, you can use the animations in many ways. This can be as a small, delightful object or even as the complete design background. The goal of using animation is that it helps to increase attention to a particular element of your Christmas design.

These animations, when added to designs also helps to ignite the holiday feeling. Another interesting thing about using animations is that it gives you the option to explore all the other tips that we have provided above.

6.      Use Christmas Imageries on your Christmas Design

There are many things that remind people of Christmas. For some, it’s the exclamation of an old man saying, “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.” That’s actually the voice of Santa Claus, and today, it’s not possible to talk about Christmas without mentioning Santa. This is because he brings so many gifts in his red sack, and he wears a huge smile.

That’s not the end of it all. The Elves are also there to support Santa in sharing the Christmas happiness all from the North Pole. There are so many other elements that we link to the Christmas Season, and among these include pinecones, Candy canes, ornaments, stars, and stockings, all of which are mostly used in decorating Christmas trees, holly berries, and many more.

You can use Christmas imageries on your Christmas design, and examples are Elves Santa Claus, Rudolf, snowflakes, red-nosed reindeer and many more.

8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart

7.      Add Some Quirk and Fun to your Christmas Design

You don’t have to be a traditionalist before you can make your Christmas design fun and quirky. People usually get intrigued by deviations in designs, and one option you is to apply geometric designs, silhouettes, funny illustrations, quirky themes, and many other modern styles in your design. You might also want to consider using playful graphics in your Christmas design.

In addition, fun typography and a splash of color is also great way to make your design more fun, intriguing and exciting. Even though this might sound rather artsy, it’s a guaranteed way of making your design more exciting.

8.      Focus on the Message you are Sending

While designing posters for the season, it’s important to also focus on the Message that you are sending with your designs. As you make various designs for the season, do not forget to pay attention to the Message of your design.

If you’re offering bonuses during the Christmas season, it’s important that you specify these bonuses in your design. This also applies if you’re simply sending the designs as well wishes. You’ll need to ensure that you’re able to pass the right Message to all your designs. To enhance your Message, you can use Christmas quotes and other similar messages to your design.

Another way to enhance the Message in your design is to include different graphical elements in the design. This is not a difficult task to do, and you don’t need to be a professional designer before you can achieve this.

8 Fantastic Ideas to Create Christmas Designs with Free Christmas Character Clipart

Where to Get Free Christmas Character Clipart

We have provided handy tips to guide you through creating your own Christmas design. For someone who doesn’t have the time to create their own design from scratch, they’ll need help. You don’t have to always design from scratch. The design industry today makes things a lot easier for designers, and today, you can find designs that suit your need online.

There are so many other platforms that offer free vectors and clipart for designers to download for free. If you’re wondering which platform to choose from, we recommend checking illustAC. This is also a global platform where you can find free Christmas vectors, illustrations, and clipart for your design projects.

Apart from Christmas illustrations, you can also find other illustrations on the platform, and this is because they are all grouped into different categories. Among these categories include animals, people, flowers, Christmas, and many more.

Are you wondering why you should consider this platform out of other available platforms? Here are some features that make illustAC stand out:

  • Fresh vector frequently: The website is constantly updated with fresh content every day, and with that, you can be sure to always find ideal content to use. Also, the contents that are added are from top designers in different parts of the world.
  • No attribution required: Illustrations, vectors, and clipart on illustAC are free to use, and you don’t need to leave any attribution. However, it’s best to check their usage guides and terms.
  • Gift pack regularly: Another reason to use this platform is that after you register on illustAC, you’ll receive daily free design, vector graphics, and photos.

There are many other reasons you should use you should use illustAC, and this is just to mention a few. Visit illustAC today for all the Christmas character clipart for your design project.

You also can try freebieAC for other Christmas freebies.


Even though holiday is a time during which designers generally decorate their graphic designs, it’s always best to have a simple plan. It’s worth noting that a good Christmas design will easily give the feeling of the holiday season. If you’re wondering how you can create your own design, the tips in this article is for you. We have provided 8 tips to guide you through creating your own Christmas graphic design.

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