2022 New Year Cards: 10 Great Ideas to Ring the Upcoming Year

Giving New Year Cards to your loved ones is the perfect way to share that joy with people around you. As you are preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebration, watch the ball drop, and if you feel inspired, write out your thoughts and goals for the year ahead, and make sure to spread the love with people around you with these inexpensive New Year cards.

Do you realize 2021 is almost over? If you are thinking of what happened, you are not alone. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the holidays and hoping for better times ahead. Although 2021 may not have been all you hoped for in living a regular life, the new year is here, and it is time to celebrate a new beginning.

The New Year is a time for joy and celebration, and there is a reason to rejoice as we approach the end of 2021. Limitations and social distancing tactics differ by location, so how you spend the holiday will depend on where you are. 

For some people, all they know about this holiday is the restriction of movement, maintaining social distancing, staying indoors, and keeping safe. That doesn’t imply that having fun isn’t on the agenda, so we have created a list of ideas to design your cards.

When you look back on the preceding year, you may have completed specific goals, discovered something new about yourself, and celebrated milestones—whether everything went as planned or not. In 2022, adopt a viewpoint as you look forward to new possibilities to grow, exchange experiences, and nurture joy.

Whether you want to make a joke about 2021 or send an inspiring message to your friends and family in 2022, these hilarious and charming design ideas are sure to make them smile. 

Why You Should Send New Year Cards in 2022

Recently, New Year Cards are a relatively new notion after surviving the pandemic that swept the world. There are several compelling reasons to send a New Year Card rather than a Holiday card to your business companions, clients, customers, or even relatives and loved ones.

Most individuals find themselves overwhelmed by the number of activities during the December holidays. Consider the days after the holiday. Work is winding down, the holidays are over, and we are resting and planning for the new year. Now we can think of a kind remark, or maybe we have a fantastic Holiday gathering picture of the team or family that we can send out to select lucky individuals.

What better way to start someone’s New Year than with good wishes? 

You may always extend the welcome with the hope that their Holidays were pleasant and the New Year brings them Health, Happiness, and Prosperity. It may be an option, but it’s a good start. By sending the Cards, you relieve yourself of a one-day duty while still reaching out to individuals with well wishes and recognition of your thankfulness that they are in your life in some manner.

What are the benefits of sending New Year cards if you send congratulations and well wishes to people you care about during a particular time of the year?

  • It is inexpensive

Of course, money should not be the most significant consideration while giving New Year Cards. Nonetheless, knowing that mailing cards are less expensive may increase attractiveness.

  • Short and to the point

If you are the type of person who rambles in the cards you send to friends and family, sending New Year cards will solve that problem.

With less space to write your message, you will have to make it sweet and brief. It will also allow you to be more creative with your expressions.

  • Ideal for framing

If you choose a great design or image, the receivers of your new year postcards may utilize them as house décor. It is more personal than a Facebook status update. Now all you have to do is come up with a distinctive design. 

When to Send New Year Cards

1st of December – 7th of January

New Year cards are unique in that the celebration they are commemorating will last much longer than just one day. As a result, you now have a significantly larger permissible window.

You may send the New Year Cards early in the holiday season or wait until the last minute – receiving it in January still makes sense. It is not out-of-place if they received your greetings before the end of January.

It means you may send your cards in early December or the first week of January.

The Western and Asian New Year

The most noticeable change must be the hour of celebration. The Western New Year falls on a regular date each year, and that is the first day of January on the Gregorian calendar. The Asians, on the other hand, celebrate the Lunar New Year on a different day each year, generally in late January or early February.

Why is the Spring Festival held on a different day each year? We are all aware that the Western New Year marks the beginning of a new civil year based on the Solar calendar. The Lunisolar calendar is for the Chinese Lunar New Year. The traditional lunar calendar determines the precise date for the new year, which differs from the Gregorian calendar each year.

Read on for the best and inexpensive New Year cards for 2022—and as one of the cards says, Goodbye, 2021!

Ideas to Design the New Year Cards

We have listed ten New Year Cards ideas for 2022, and if you need more illustrations, you can get them from illustAC.   

1. Homemade Designs

Your New Year Cards should be innovative for a more personal touch. It shouldn’t restrict to Greeting Cards. To make shooting fireworks, you must be creative with glitter glue because the cards links with glamor and shimmer, so don’t be afraid to add some bling with sequins, beads, and buttons.

Handmade new year cards from paper, buttons, and wool fibers
Handmade new year cards

Your design will stand out if you use a range of textures. Decorating them with your children may be a fun bonding activity. Create cards that you will be glad to claim you decorated.

Do you recall what we mentioned about textures? Papercraft is a terrific method to incorporate them. Crimped and patterned sheets are ideal for this to create lovely border details.

Another affordable option to add a variety of unique border designs and embellishments to your cards is using washi tape. 

Do you know a Queen fan in your network? They will like this “Another Year Bites the Dust” Freddie Mercury-inspired card. How adorable is that? This handcrafted card is blank on the inside, allowing you to be creative with whatever thoughts you may have.

2. Family Photography

Nothing makes a more charming New Year card for your friends and family than a photo of you and your loved ones together.

While you may not consider yourself the best photographer, some editing apps are available to help you improve your photos. Enhance the lighting and contrast before adding festive accents and lettering. Cards with family photos are memorable. Who knows, you may even end up in a photo book of your family!

Family photo for new year cards
Family photos for New year cards

3. Amusing Selfies

Are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve on an adventure or in a unique location away from home? Perhaps you are taking a Gap year abroad or working with endangered animals in the savannah. Some of the most bizarre and spectacular selfies have resulted in gorgeous photographs. 

Make a funny face, adopt a risky position, or – even better – have a daring backdrop. A little amusement goes a long way, so a card with a well-thought-out selfie will undoubtedly make people grin. If nothing else, it will serve as an excellent future discussion starter.

The importance of safety cannot be over-emphasized. While we do not want to conclude on a down note, a startling number of ‘death by selfies’ have occurred in recent years.

So, always stay alert of your surroundings when taking a selfie.

1401072 m 1
Selfie for making New year cards – Why not?

4. New Year Calendar

Sending New Year cards that double as a calendar is an excellent method to maximize your investment. Not only do you profit, but your beneficiaries do as well. A card calendar, despite its size, is a present that keeps on giving to your receivers.

It is the best suggestion for anybody you know who may benefit from a little additional order in their busy lives. This card might help them get ready for the new year and wind up sitting on their desk or posted on their notice board all year.

new year cards editorAC 2 edited
New year cards – from editorAC
22376879 1 edited
Scandinavian New year cards 2022
calendar 2022 editorAC 3
Calendar – New year cards

Do you know any particularly creative friends? Why not send them New Year cards that could be a crafting tool or template? It is also a terrific suggestion for folks you know who are environmentally aware. They don’t have to feel awful about recycling your card.

So, what is this “crafting tool”?

Assuming your card has a pattern on the front, such as a row of stars or hearts. How about making them with cut outlines around them?

As a result, your card may be viewed and then reused to make something even more lovely.

It is a good suggestion for any family with children. It will undoubtedly motivate them to create something good in no time. Who knows, you could get a fantastic artwork in return.

6. Art Prints

You can get more personal with these New Year Cards made with Art prints by considering the type of art your friends enjoy. They are an ideal gift for any art enthusiasts you may know. If you want to find more cute illustrations and clipart for New year cards, illustAC might be one of the free-yet-great stock illustration sites for you.

22378559 1
Geometric New year cards 2022

Is there a favorite artist or photographer among them? Find out, and demonstrate what a kind friend you are. Your creative ideas may land up on the fridge doors of your pals.

Even better, they may get framed!

Why not produce some prints if you are talented at photography or painting? It is an excellent method of self-promotion. It is also a great confidence booster if you are looking for an excuse to get your art in front of the people you cherish.

cute tiger 2022
Cute tiger illustrations from freebieAC

7. Motivational Quotes

New Year cards with inspiring quotes may help to light up morale and build confidence. Everyone requires an inspiring boost from time to time. The start of a new year isn’t necessarily a lot of joy for everyone. For some, it may appear more intimidating than fascinating.

A positive remark customized for individuals you care about might be what they need. It may help them regain their confidence and motivation. 

new year quote edited
Quotes for new year cards – 2022 – https://www.ourmindfullife.com/
new year quote 2 edited
Happy new year cards – 2022 – from https://fitgirlsdiary.com/

We like a good pun, and this card is no exception. It is adorned with a labyrinth and the slogan “May the New Year Amaze You.” You may order it in packs of up to 75 cards, making it simple to give them to your loved ones.

8. Maxi Cards 

You may send your New Year Cards as enlarged format postcards for added emphasis. It will draw the attention of anybody you send it to, making your extra-special quotation stand out when they need to see it the most.

You might use a Maxi card with any of the designs you want. It is significant if you pick the calendar option since it will provide you more room to highlight key dates and events.

9. Goodbye 2021

Send out 2021 in style with this adorable New Year cards idea, which includes various ways to say goodbye to 2021, such as “bye-bye, see you later, and forth!” The receiver will choose the message they prefer, but most people will like making preparations for 2022. The inside of this card is blank, allowing you to customize your message.

10. Best wishes for 2022

If you give these New Year cards with a bottle of champagne, your best friend will adore you even more in the new year. You may also order up to 20 various envelope colors to match the rest of your presents. You may inscribe something like – Cheers to the start of a new year.

You can send this card to a friend who needs a pick-me-up in the new year to remind her that you are there to support and encourage her. The interior is left blank for you to write your message.

Are you feeling inspired?

Now, you should have some of the best ideas for New Year cards designs to try out for 2022. We hope we were able to instill some creativity in your mind. 

We understand that this may be a stressful time of year, so we have tried to provide you with as many alternatives as possible.

Whatever designs you choose, know that the people you care about will appreciate the thought and customized touch of your card’s greeting. 

So, why are you waiting? Get to work on your New Year cards and have them ready for delivery.