10+ Free Royalty-Free New York Illustrations for Download

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the royalty-free New York illustrations that you can download. But before we get to that, we’ll look at some of the basic things you should know about Royalty-free images, as well as how you can use these images. Continue reading to find out more.

As a designer, there will also be a time when you’ll need one or more illustrations to use. In such a case, it’s vital to know how to use these illustrations from, as well as where you can find them from. Sometimes, you’ll also need to go through some license laws that govern the use of these illustrations.

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The whole process of finding the right illustration to use can be tiring, but we got you on this. Whether it’s royalty-free New York illustrations you’re looking for or any other type of illustration, you’ll need to have the right information beforehand, and this is what you’d get in this article.

What to Know About Royalty-Free Images?

Technology has advanced in so many ways, and today, the internet is virtually at our fingertips. With that, everyone now has easy access to illustrations, stock footage, and photographs, and this is regardless of time and place.

Regardless of this wide availability, it’s important to note that there are many precautions to take before using these items. You’ll find answers to different questions below and also learn the best way to use all images.

Royalty-Free Photo

There are different image categories today, and one of these categories are royalty-free images. These are images that usually come with a license. The license is available for businesses and individuals to purchase once, and with that, they get to use it for as many times as they want to.

With royalty-free images, there’s no need for any form of license renewal after the purchase has been made. However, one thing to note is that the fact that it’s a royalty-free image does not automatically mean that the user has all the rights to the images. It’s important to note that other individuals and businesses will have equal rights to the images. This also applies to everyone who purchases the same license.

Another key thing to note is that it’s possible to make changes to these images so that it appears more unique and based on your brand. Changes that you can consider making include adding new fonts, design accents and illustrations.

The next thing that you should know about royalty-free images is that when you use them, you won’t need to give attribution to the actual owner of the images. This is very vital, especially for people working on a social media campaign or even a presentation. Before we continue with the different New York Illustrations, we’ll cover a few terms that you should know beforehand.

What are Royalties?

Royalties is the term used to describe the fee that a user needs to pay before they can use a commercial item or image. For example, if a recording studio wants to use a snippet for a song, whether new or old, they will need to pay royalties before they can use the snippet.

This also applies to newspaper companies that would like to use an image created by a freelance photographer. Such companies may also need to pay royalties for these images, whether it’s to be used on their digital news or print materials.

What is Image Licensing?

This follows a similar application with an image gallery domain. Basically, the publisher or owner of the image will need to agree and determine the type of license that they want to include in their image. The aim is for the designer to receive some compensation whenever a purchase of their image is made.

Some of the most common types of licenses that you’ll find today are royalty-free, rights-managed, and copyright-free licenses. It’s worth mentioning that rights-managed licenses are a lot similar to that royalty-free licenses, as they both require a flat fee.

However, there are a few restrictions included with the rights-managed licenses. This is with respect to the duration with which you can use the image. It also affects the type of formats that you can use the formats in. It’s always good to find out the type of license attached to an image before you use it, whether it’s for business or for personal use.

Royalty-free vs. Copyright-free

Most people, especially beginners, tend to confuse royalty-free with copyright-free images. It’s important to note that these two are not the same thing. You need to know their differences to be able to use them appropriately.

Basically, copyright-free images are offered by an owner or a photographer, and these images can be used by anybody. Even though the copyright of the images belongs to the owner or photographer, they still give legal authority to the images, which allows anyone to use these images. This implies that you can use such images on different public domains.

Royalty-free images are mostly available on different image library sites, and these are mostly available based on purchase or subscription bases.

It’s worth noting that it’s possible for a copyright-free image to not have a legal owner. This is the case with images that were published before 1923 or for images that were donated to public domains and main available for free use.

Regardless of the type of image license that you choose to use, it’s important to stay away from what the license covers and take all the necessary precautions to avoid being a victim of any legal issue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Royalty-Free Images

To help you understand the concepts of royalty-free images and for you to be able to effectively apply this when using New York illustrations, we’ll now look at some of the common questions that people ask.

Are Royalty-free images Free?

The first thing that most people tend to ask is whether royalty-free images are actually free. When it comes to payment, these images aren’t actually free, and you’ll be required to pay a flat fee for their license before you can use these images.

The payment you make will either be directed to the library domain where you found the image or to the creator of the image.

What can one use a Royalty-free image for?

Whether you are a brand owner or a designer, you need to know the type of asset you have and how you can use it. This is vital, especially when you want to use illustrations like New York illustrations. In addition to knowing what they can be used for, it’s also important to know what you can’t use them for.

The key things that you can use royalty-free images for include blog posts, websites, corporate slide decks, social media graphics, online marketing campaigns, and commercial locations and office environments.

Alternatively, there are also cases where you can’t use them, and this includes for trademarks or logos, resale, or for adult-related content. Before you use your New York illustration for any reason, you need to be sure that you’re using it correctly.

Is a Royalty-free image right for me or not?

How do you know whether the royalty-free New York illustration you’re using is right for you or not? Here are some parameters that will help you determine if it’s right for you or not:

  • You don’t want to give attributes to the owner: After purchasing the royalty-free New York illustration, there won’t be a need to include any form of attribution whenever you use the image.
  • Commercial use: For people who plan to use the image for commercial purposes, getting a royalty-free New York illustration will be the best option to stick with.
  • Multiple uses: If you intend to use the illustration more than once, then you should consider getting a royalty-free New York illustration. With this, you can easily use the illustration in multiple places, whether it’s on a website or on any type of campaign.

Where to Get Royalty-Free New York Illustrations

We have already covered a lot about royalty-free illustrations, and you should have a full idea of what they actually are by now. With all we have said, you might already be wondering where you can get these images from.

The interesting thing is that today, there are so many online platforms that offer royalty images for artists and designers of all time. What’s more is that these platforms offer images for different budgets, and you can be certain that you’ll find the royalty-free New York illustration that you’re looking for.

Despite the numerous options available, and all the diverse places that you might want to check, we would only advise you to stick to one option, and that’s illustAC.

What’s special about illustAC, and why should you choose this platform over other platforms? There are so many reasons to consider using illustAC for all the New York illustrations you need. The first thing you should know is that you can’t run out of options on illustAC. This is because there are different illustrations available on the platform, and more of these contents are uploaded on the platform daily.

Another interesting thing that you should note is that these illustrations that are on the platform are professionally curated, and this is with an eye for art-quality and authentic photos. The aim is for inclusion and diversity.  

When you go through the different illustrations that we have provided on our platform, you’ll realize that they are all of the high quality, and this is just to give users peace of mind. Another thing that you should note is that the images we provide on illustAC come with different resolutions. You can also download these images in different file formats.

With that said, you can conveniently check illustAC with assurance that you will find the New York illustration that you are looking for. Another key thing that you should note about illustAC is that finding the New York illustration or any other type of illustration you want is pretty easy. For this, you only need to use the search option provided and input a keyword to bring out different image suggestions.


Ways to Use New York Illustrations

Now that you have access to all the New York illustrations that you would ever want, the next thing is to be able to use these New York illustrations effectively.

Here are some of the possible places where you might want to consider using these New York illustrations:

  • Social Media: The first place you might want to use New York illustrations is on your social media platforms, and this can be for different reasons. Most of the time, people always opt for different options to post on their platforms, and illustAC will give you all the New Year illustrations you want.
  • Websites: Another option that you might want to consider is to use these illustrations on your websites, either as logos or as background images. There are multiple ways that you can use these New York illustrations, and it all depends on your level of creativity.
  • Marketing Campaigns: The next option that you might want to consider is to use the illustrations on marketing campaigns or for any other type of campaign that you have in mind.
New York illustrations


We have been able to go through everything that you should know about royalty-free images, as well as where you can get New York illustrations and many other types of illustrations that you want. For this, you only need to check illustAC, and you can be sure that you’ll get what you’re looking for. We also covered a few ways you can use these illustrations, and you might want to consider trying them.

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