5 reasons why Christmas postcards are timeless: awesome inspirations!

There is no better way to feel the presence of Christmas than to read wonderful Christmas postcards from your loved ones.  The excitement to read their heart-melting messages is incomparable to any material thing.

Postcards provide not only an attractive picture of greeting, but it has also become a part of everyone’s culture to send an artistic card to create a more appealing approach to greeting our peers. Companies send Christmas postcards to their staff to say thank you, and businesses provide complimentary cards to their customers to give back, even if it is just a simple message.

We rounded up some of our best Christmas postcard ideas that you can use as an inspiration for your epic Christmas message this holiday season. You can use our free best Christmas stock images for free! Before we move forward, let us discuss first why postcards are a timeless way of sending messages when we can just formally say our message to them.

5 reasons why Christmas postcards are timeless

1. Postcards allow us to say what we can’t say

Not everyone had the guts to speak what she truly meant. We might feel embarrassed and shy when we say “I love you,” but it feels different when we write it down on postcards. This card is more than just visual art that serves as a medium to express what you want to say; what makes the message extra special is that you’ll be able to create artistic greeting cards by adding designs to your cards such as using awesome fonts, vibrant Christmas colors, and wonderful high-quality stock images to visualize what you intend to say.

2. No need for lengthy messages, the arts and short notes are enough!

Creating your own Christmas postcards for family and special someone tells it all. The time and effort you put in to create a beautiful design and choose the greatest images to convey the message you want to convey. The artworks you made out for the cards really improve the total output of what you’re trying to express. It’s difficult to design a greeting card, especially if it’s for a special someone, and we really want it to be ideal for them so that when they view the front of your postcard, they’ll be instantly hooked by the visual and style. We want it to be simple yet fascinating implying the message that they are indeed very important for you.

3. It gives you the time to be creative

If you don’t like making and designing artistic graphics like posters, invitations, and other art-related tasks, this one will be an exception. Whether you are an artist or simply love randomly dragging anything from picture editing tools, you will have a lot of fun making postcards. It encourages us to produce something from our hearts since we are giving it to someone important, and it provides us with a challenge to go beyond our fundamental talents. You don’t have to be a skilled artist or graphic designer to make a postcard. Your honesty will ignite a creative identity in you, which you will recognize after spending some time dragging images and experimenting with different elements.

4. You will enjoy your time creating artistic postcards

Postcards are indeed affordable but it serves as a treasure for someone who has received it. It may just be a simple card but it portrays more than just a thing. It is special especially if someone has put an extra effort into it. One can render so much time and effort just to give you a greeting card that you will absolutely appreciate. We can truly feel the essence of Christmas from it and it touches everyone’s heart, from the awesome and artistic design to heartfelt messages.

5. It is affordable but serves as a priceless gift

A Treasure to Keep That Last

It is a priceless holiday present that will last a lifetime. You may put it somewhere secure, or if you have a storage box where you keep all your valuable belongings, you can keep it there. When you open them after years, it seems nostalgic, and the emotion it gives you is incomparable. Another feature is that if you receive a digital postcard, you can save it to your disk. It’s something you can retain for a long time.

It is the Perfect Way to Give Thanks To Someone

I have mentioned earlier that postcards allow us to say what we can utter through words so this serves as another perfect way of saying thank you. This applies if you are an employer who wants to give back and thank your employees for doing a great job all throughout the year. It may just be a piece of paper and a note but for your employees, it means a lot to them as they feel your gratitude and they will feel extra special from a simple note that you have given to them.  Later on, I will give you some examples of how you can improve your greeting cards for your team.

It shows you truly care for them

It represents not just your creativity but it shows that care for that special someone or anyone you know which you have given one. They will appreciate how you have given them a time of yours to write something for them and create an awesome design to make your holiday postcard extra more special. It is more than just a thank you and a greeting. It shows perfectly that they are important for you.

How to make unique Christmas postcards

Pick the Christmas color but explore more shades

If we use green and red, it does instantly imply that we are giving Christmas cards especially if it has a huge Christmas tree printed on the cover. When it comes to selecting colors, try to be creative. Choose other shades aside from red and green. You can use blue and select a snowflake element to create a winter wonderland design. Color is important as it adds more detail to your card; do not pick the color that does not correlate with the occasion.

If you’re planning to make a corporate greeting card for your employees, you could choose to utilize your brand color but highlight it with Christmas colors by including items that best signify Christmas, such as lights, gifts, and garlands. You may also choose a Santa icon to add extra images to your cover.

Use the correct and readable fonts

editorAC offers a variety of fonts that you can use for your holiday card. You can choose within the many options that best match your design. The best thing about this photo editor is that it allows you to see on the tab how the font will look once you have added it to your design.

Choose the font that is readable. You don’t want them to take their time guessing the text you just have added. You can pick cursive fonts but make sure that it is readable enough. Also if you are planning to write your note instead, you may put a space as a placeholder where once you printed the card, it will enable you to have a space where you can write your message on it.

Christmas postcards
Christmas postcards elements – illustAC

Use animated art for your digital Christmas postcards

Sending a digital postcard is as easy as sending a text message or a chat with your special ones. Take advantage of the features that most digital photo editing platform has to offer. You can use an animated graphic to level up the design of your postcard. Consider placing Santa in his sleigh, a dancing snowman, or a light-up Christmas tree. There are many possibilities which you can try in creating something valuable. You just need to explore among other features available.

Pick a photo or an illustration that best represent your message

Using a premium quality photo to add an image to your holiday card double the artistic vibe and style. illustAC has free Christmas vector graphics and illustrations that you can choose and use for our greeting cards. If you are giving it to your family member, choose a photo that best represents a happy atmosphere to celebrate Christmas together. You may also pick a cartooned graphic as a replacement for a photo and you can add more elements to design the whole card.

Christmas postcards illustAC
Christmas postcards elements – illustAC
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Christmas postcards elements – illustAC

Do not overdo your designs

We get it! We know how much you would want it to look artistic but you can’t appreciate art if it’s done too much with designs that make the whole work messy. It may look good but overdoing it with a design is just not right. Just pick a few elements that will summarize the whole point of your message.

Pick the best sign off for your Christmas postcards!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and other impressive sign-off that you put at the end of your letter. Pick the best line that will give impact to someone who will read the message. You can think of your own sign-off greeting that will grab their attention easily. Below are some of the best examples of a Christmas sign-off that you can.

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Holiday!
  • Warmest Greeting!
  • Season Greeting!
  • Warmest Regards
Christmas postcards illustAC
Christmas postcards elements – illustAC

Sign in with your signature and name. There is no better way to end every letter than to write your name at the end. It leaves a cozy feeling once they have read the name of who gives them the card.

Wrap up

You already got so many ideas that you can start with. Creating a Christmas postcard is truly exciting and we can’t miss this chance to give it to our special someone. Moving forward, before we end this article, you can see below some of our top lists which may give you an idea to whom you can give these creative postcards.


Definitely, you must never skip planning to create a postcard for your family. It is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas where you will see your loved ones opening their Christmas cards and reading with a smile on their face.


Stay connected this holiday season with your special friends. Make it extra special for them even if they are miles away from you. You can create a digital postcard and use some animated effects along with your voice record message and have them deliver through different social messaging apps! This is the best way to make them smile this season.


It is the time to give some little love by expressing creative thoughts to share with your neighbor. Thank them for being good and wish them well. Just a simple greeting will give them some smile and may even touch their hearts. It always feels good to say incredibly nice to someone.


They always give more, time and effort to give love and knowledge. This is the time to send back the favor and love, create an amazing digital postcard and have them send to your teachers. Say thank you for your patience and time. They always appreciate even small things from their students, it is always worth it to see that all their hard works are being appreciated.


The success of the company will come from your employees, when you treat them right they give back more productivity and with a stunning effort to provide more success for the company. In this season it is the time where you can grab this opportunity to say thank you and let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

So there you have it. This post should have inspired you to make a wonderful Christmas postcard for someone special. In case you want to find more Christmas illustrations for your postcard design, illustAC is a good place to find such cute clipart and vector graphics. Make this holiday season extra special!