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The long-awaited love will be celebrated by couples of all ages on February 14. Although the Day is known for its gifts, hearty dinners, and general celebration of love, the origins of Valentine’s Day are much less romantic. 

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic missionary who lived in Rome in the 3rd century BC. This Day contains relics of ancient Roman and Christian traditions, but the history of this Day and its patron saint is shrouded in mystery. There are many stories about Valentine’s Day, and over time these stories have evolved into the legends we know today. 

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History of Valentine Day celebration

In ancient times, the Romans celebrated Lupercalia from February 13 to 15, in which men sacrificed a dog and a goat. The men then used the skins of the slain animals to whip the women. Young women even stand in line to be spanked by men because they believe it makes them more fertile. 

During the celebration, a matchmaking lottery is also held, and the men choose the women’s names from a box and begin to express their love to these women during the festival. This also sometimes leads to marriage.

However, Lupercalia was replaced by Valentine’s Day in the late 5th century by Pope Gelasius. It is partly because Valentine’s Day is associated with romance and the beginnings of love.

heart background illustAC1
Heart background – free Valentine clipart – illustAC

Name History Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a priest who secretly helped Christian couples get married. It was a movement against the Roman Emperor Claudius II because the Emperor did not allow men to marry. 

Saint Valentine believes that single men are better and more dedicated soldiers. Valentine’s Day disagrees with this ideology and makes marriages for couples in love more accessible. For this reason, he was made to leave the Emperor. 

Before being beheaded while in prison, Valentin took care of his fellow inmates and also the blind daughter of the warden; legend has it that Valentine cured the young girl of blindness and the last act before her execution was to write her a love message that reads “from your Valentine”. He was then executed on February 14, 270 AD. 

It was not until more than 200 years later than February 14 was recognized as Valentine’s Day. Rome had become Christian by this time, and the Catholic Church was determined to eliminate any remaining pagan cults. A pagan fertility ceremony was held every February, and the Pope abolished the holiday and declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day, thus establishing it on the All Saints Calendar. Catholic. 

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated 

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in several ways. Although it is celebrated in most countries, different cultures have developed their traditions around this Day. 

Valentine’s Day is considered a day of expressing love between family members and friends in some parts of the world, rather than a romantic day for couples. Some traditions include leaving pacifiers and gifts for children, and others have acts of appreciation between friends. 

It seems that now, social media has made Valentine’s Day more viral and toxic, despite the pre-existing framework. It’s not so much that social media has changed the scrutiny that is so central to the Day; it’s just created a whole new possibility to take action on Valentine’s Day. 

Because social media sites are all about giving our best, the level of scrutiny on how we celebrate Valentine’s Day or what we get from Valentine’s Day increases exponentially significantly. 

For those thinking about what to do on Valentine’s Day to know no rules. It’s a new era we live in, and people can celebrate this love day as they see fit, even if it’s just out of self-esteem. 

A fun dinner, going to the movies, cooking a hearty meal at home, or throwing a party on Valentine’s Day are all great ways to celebrate this love day. Whatever you do, if you have a romantic partner, make sure the two of you are on the same page to avoid disappointment.

Where to find high-quality free Valentine Clipart


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Freepik is another best site when it comes to clipart and vectors. There are thousands of collections of best clipart that you can easily download and use for free. You will get beautiful free Valentine’s clipart in Freepik that you can get quickly with a few simple steps. Type what you are searching for, and you will get thousands of best options to choose from. Moreover, after searching, you will also find a search filter on the left side, which you can use to get the exact result you are searching for.

You can choose according to the color, orientation, publish date, and category, making it easy to find the precise clipart and images you are searching for. Some of the best free valentine clipart you can find on Freepik are valentine background, valentine banner, love, love valentines day, happy valentines day, heart, valentine card, valentine couple, and several others.


Vecteezy can also be one of the best options to go with if you are looking for the free valentine clipart for this valentine. Vecteezy has several best clipart that can easily be downloaded and used for absolutely free. You can use this clipart anywhere you like to. They also have several valentine clipart like valentine background, valentine pattern, valentine hearts, valentine card, valentine banner, valentine candy, valentine poster, valentine frame, vintage valentine, valentine couple, valentine gift, and several others. Moreover, you will also get a very easy-to-use search filter with several filter options sorted by newest or best match, color, orientation, etc., to best match your search result.

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All free download has thousands of the best free valentine clipart to choose from, giving you the ability to find something truly unique for this valentine. The interface is simple to navigate and avoids being confused by many options. And if you need help browsing through clipart, you can filter by photo, illustration, or clipart to narrow down your results. 

Free Vector

Free Vector offers thousands of high-quality free valentine clipart for all your website social MKT, blog, printed banner, flex, and several other purposes. With an easy-to-use search feature, you can quickly find exactly the type of clipart you’re looking for if the categories you see don’t work for you. 

1001 Free Downloads

Looking for some best and free valentine clipart? If yes, 1001 Free Downloads can be one of the best websites to checkout for it. You might feel difficult accessing this website because you will find more premium images and clipart rather than free one but if you are looking for the best clipart, sometimes going with the premium option can also be best.

Free Design File

Vector Design File can be the number one source for finding free valentine clipart. On the left side of each page, you will find categories that will take you to a vast collection of related clipart. Or type whatever you need or whatever comes to mind in the search box, and you’ll be taken a right to the search results pages. Browse through the many vector illustrations on the Vector Free site and find great graphics designed by talented vector artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. Vector images are free to download and use in your personal and commercial projects.

Vector 4 Free

Vector4Free is a website that is dedicated to providing access to free vector graphics shared by the most generous and talented designers worldwide. In Vector4Free, you will find an extensive collection of free valentine clipart that you are looking for. All clipart available on the website is free for personal use, so you can use the best clipart you like for anything and anywhere you want to. However, each artist might have different terms of use, so be sure to read the fine print before using it commercially.


Vectorportal is a fun platform that offers creative and professionally designed vector images, graphics, and icons. The site collects the best vectors on various topics from all over the internet and allows you to download them for free. You will also find the best free valentine clipart for this valentine in Vectorportal.

The site provides easy navigation to browse vector images. Once you’ve found something of interest, download it, edit it, and use it in your project. It also tracks your downloads to help you build your personalized resource portfolio. 


Pixabay is a website like Freepik and one of the world’s biggest and best vector graphics. Here you can find the perfect little gift for your coming valentine’s day. Vecteezy vector art spans multiple image gamuts – from vector icons to vector templates, making it accessible in exploring thousands of graphics created by vector artists worldwide. Here you will find several best free Valentine clipart that you can easily download and use anywhere you like. 

What kind of free valentine clipart are available on illustAC?

You can see different Valentine-related clipart on illustAC such as heart backgrounds (both flat and 3D illustrations), chocolate clipart, Valentine’s day vector elements.

valentine clipart 3d illustAC 6
Realistic chocolate clipart illustAC edited
heart background illustAC8
Valentine texts edited scaled

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Finding the right clip art for your document can be tedious and time-consuming. Searching for clipart on Google for a few high-quality results can be challenging to determine which images are free and legal to use. While buying quality clipart images is an option, most of us don’t want to cut our budget to add visual appeal to our existing document or project. 

Free clipart images abound, but while some are both free and high-quality, others are only free because they’re not attractive enough to pay for. In our opinion, there are several criteria that free clipart must meet to add value to a document or project.

As we have already mentioned, illustAC is one of the best photo marketplaces where you can download thousands of the best free Valentine clipart. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day clipart for this Valentine’s Day, illustAC might be one of the best places to look. 

illustAC is one of the best websites to go with for free Valentine clipart because you will get a clear and easy-to-use search filter to find the image you are looking for. Once you search for the keyword in the search bar, you will see the search filter on the left side. You can search clipart with several categories like business, creatures, figures, flowers and plants, food and drink, and Townscape/building. Furthermore, you will also have an option to exclude or include the category, making it easier to find the clipart you are looking for.

There are several other options in the search filter that you can use. You will get the option to choose based on the creator’s name, negative keywords, image type, orientation, color, and a few other things.


Since Valentine’s Day is all about happiness and love, we must spread the love around them. This Valentine’s Day does something that makes the people around you happy. Do something for the children around you who have no one to care for them. Likewise, one can go to a nursing home and do something for the elderly, who also have people in the world calling them their own. Valentine’s Day is all about showing and expressing your love and doing things that make someone feel loved. Spreading love is a notable trend of Valentine’s Day.

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