15+ Free Doll Images for Your World Doll Day Celebrations

Did you know that the World Doll Day Celebration is marked every year? You’ll find out more in this article.

Kids love dolls, and this is irrespective of their ability or gender. When kids play with dolls, it basically helps them to develop different skills, all of which have a significant impact on their lives. Have you ever watched a kid play with a doll? You’ll realize that they tend to repeat certain actions and phrases a lot.

What basically happens is that the kid uses the doll to process their experience. This includes diapering, cuddling, feeding, and other experience. If you’ve walked past a child playing with a doll, you’ll definitely hear them say different things, and it’s almost as if they are communicating with the doll. This is simply because by playing with the doll, they get to make sense of their own life with full control.

If you have a child in your home, you should consider getting them a doll. You’ll be surprised that this would be a release valve for different types of emotions, all for them to experience. Another thing to note about dolls is that it creates an opportunity for kids to test their sibling relationships. With dolls, they can experiment their feelings about different things.

Another important thing to note about dolls is that they are great for social-emotional learning in kids. It’s also a great way for kids to strengthen their hands and fingers. If you want your kids to work on their language development while they put their actions and feelings to words, you should consider getting them a doll.

There are so many learning possibilities that dolls offer for kids, and it’s only natural to see why there’s a special day reserved to mark World Doll Day.

Free Doll Images for Your World Doll Day Celebrations from illustAC
Free Doll Illustrations for Your World Doll Day Celebrations – illustAC

Encouraging Doll Play

It’s vital to know how to encourage doll play for your kids, and one of the first things to do is to first evaluate the space they have to use. Check to identify whether the space is filled or clustered with many accessories and dolls. Always remember that less is more.

One thing you should consider trying is first to take out one blanket, two or three doll items, and one baby doll. You might want to consider placing a diaper, spoon, and bottle as well. Leave all these items and the center of the room or space where they’ll play with the doll.

Set a baby doll washing station

To do this, you’ll need to place an absorbent towel on the bathtub floor or shower. You’ll also need to lay a bin of water, a bar of soap, and possibly shampoo. With that, you can leave your child to learn how to bathe their baby dolls.

Set up doll furniture

Another thing you should consider setting up is furniture, and this should be with blocks. For this, you’ll need their favorite doll, a small blanket and some blocks. You can then build a doll crib or bed using this material. For the doll bed, you might want to consider using a shoebox.

We have already covered the key things you should know about dolls, and this brings us back to the focus of this article, which is for World Doll Day. Let us now go into the details of World Doll Day and everything you should know.

15+ Free Doll Images for your World Doll Day Celebrations
15+ Free Doll Images for your World Doll Day Celebrations

Everything to Know About World Doll Day

Dolls are adorable items that kids love, and they have the appearance of miniature people. It’s interesting to know that they have names, families, carers, personalities, houses, and life stories. They are a great source of entertainment for kids, and this is an option that you can keep for many years.

The interesting thing to note is that dolls aren’t for kids alone. Even adults now keep dolls too, as it’s a great way for them to express their feelings, even before they understand these feelings. Dolls are a great way to learn and appreciate the importance of friendship and sharing. It’s a great option for when we are sad and feeling lonely. Basically, it’s great for people who want to find out who they are.

There are so many other interesting things to know about dolls, and you’ll find out more about these items.

Brief History of World Doll Day

Knowing that world doll day is actually a thing is an interesting discovery. However, considering that dolls have been a core part of human civilization for many years, one can see the reasons why we have World Doll Day being celebrated in many parts of the world.

Another fact that you’d find interesting is the fact that there is much archaeological evidence that shows that dolls remain one of the oldest toys in history. During those times, the toys that were made were from wax, leather, ivory, bone, wood, stone, and other handy materials.

Researchers, while going through the Egyptian tombs, found different wooden dolls, most of which dated to the 21st century BC. With Roman and Ancient Greek children, the common thing was clay dolls. Well, the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman children aren’t the only ones that like to have dolls. Even kids today like to have dolls and dress them based on recent fashion trends.

Dolls that are made from cloth scraps are usually referred to as ragdolls, and these types of dolls date to the 5th century AD. They can be found in some different parts of the Roman Empire, which we now know as Great Britain.

Free Doll Clipart for Your World Doll Day Celebrations - illustAC
Free Doll Clipart for Your World Doll Day Celebrations – illustAC

One of the most popular dolls of our time is Mattel’s Barbie, which was created in 1959. This doll has continuously stayed popular for many years now, despite the dynamic nature of the market in different parts of the world. What’s more is that the doll comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes, all of which are carefully adapted to different regions.

The main reason why world doll day was created is to celebrate the tremendous contributions of dolls, especially to the development of kids in different parts of the world today. It’s also to celebrate its contributions to humanity as a whole.

Today, World Doll Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in the month of June. It’s basically a time when people come to celebrate dolls and the idea that they deliver a global message of love and happiness.

It’s worth noting that there are different types of dolls, and the common types are paper dolls, stuffed toys, action figures, fashion dolls, and bobbleheads. All these dolls are usually placed on display on World Dolls Day.

At this point, you may start to wonder how World Doll Day actually started. The founder of World Doll Day is Mildred Seeley, who is an avid doll-related entrepreneur and doll collector. During the very first World Doll Day, she took out time to send invitations to people so that they could also participate. The aim was to encourage them to also tell other people about the coming day, and this was eventually celebrated on June 14, 1986.

15+ Free Doll Images for your World Doll Day Celebrations
15+ Free Doll Images for your World Doll Day Celebrations

How to Celebrate World Doll Day

Today, there are different people that usually have boxes of different children’s items. In many cases, they tend to dump these items in their attic, and the only time for them to bring them out is during the World Doll Day celebration. The interesting thing about this is that it has a way of bringing back old memories, especially when you do this with your siblings.

It basically brings a wave of nostalgia that will definitely overwhelm you, as it causes you to remember a lot and also bring the opportunity for you to play together.

After you are done going through these items, you might be lucky to find a doll or any other valuable toy that you can donate to children’s hospitals, children’s charities, or orphanages, especially for people who are located in really poor countries.

It’ll interest you to note that toys are not easy to access in some of these countries, and you can help them with your donations. No better day to do this than world doll days.

By donating these toys, you get to create magic in the kids, especially the less fortunate, as it will help to boost their imagination while creating fun in these kids. Another option you can do is to give your favorite toy to your own child or to someone to whom it will actually be precious to. If you don’t have toys to give, you might want to consider buying from a doll supermarket.

Another option that you might want to consider on World Doll Day is to check different doll exhibitions, and you can find these in museums, libraries, and many other organizations. There are different doll collectors that also hold different events where you can find the dolls they’ve collected. In some cases, you’ll also find stores that do doll giveaways and special sales for dolls.

Free Doll Images for your World Doll Day Celebrations
 Free Doll collection

Using Free Doll Images to Celebrate World Doll Day

We have mentioned different ways that you can celebrate World Doll Day about, and the common thing with these different methods above is that they all involve sharing dolls with kids, especially does that are in very remote areas or don’t have access to these toys.

Another way that you can market World Doll Day is with the use of free doll images. There are so many ways by which you can apply free doll images on this day.

Here are a few ways to use free doll images to celebrate World Doll Day:

  • Using on Social Media: The first thing you might want to consider on World Doll Day is to send out social media posts across different platforms. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll need the right images that you can post on this day, and this is where the option of using free doll images will come in handy for you. Remember that the aim is to create awareness and also put a smile on someone’s face using these dolls.
  • Using on Gift Items: In some cases, you might want to share gifts with people on World Doll Day, and you may need to be able to properly present these gift items. You can paste free doll images on the packaging of the gift items or even on the gift itself.

There are so many other impressive ways to use free doll images to celebrate World Doll Day. You might already be wondering where you can get these images for. For all the free doll images that you can use, you might want to consider checking illustAC.

Here you’ll find different types of doll images, and you can download them in different file formats. In addition, you can also edit these images directly on the platform to make them really unique. You can use the free doll images on illustAC for both personal and for commercial purposes, depending on what you have in mind.

Another impressive thing to note about illustAC is that more of these images are added daily by different contributors. Therefore, you can be sure of finding the exact type of free doll image that you are looking for.


We have gone through all the key things you should know about world doll day, including when it first started and how you can celebrate this day every year. For all the free doll images that you need to mark this day, we recommend checking illustAC now.

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