2022 – Year of the Tiger: Royalty-Free Tiger Vectors for Awesome Design

Lunar New Year is just around the corner. In this article, we share fun facts and beliefs about the year of the tiger and cute tiger vectors for download.

Finally, the day of the Lunar New Year is just around the corner. This year, on 2022, Chinese New Year Day is on February 1, 2022, on Tuesday. This is going to be the 4719th Chinese year. The first day of the Year of the Tiger Month is the first day of the Chinese astrological year. The exact date of the first day of Water Tiger is on February 2, 2022. If any baby was born before the date February 2, then the Chinese Zodiac sign of the baby will be Ox, not the Tiger. 

Before getting into the prediction of the Chinese zodiac of 2022, you must be familiar with your own Chinese animal sign in Chinese astrology. Chinese New Year’s Day does not determine your Chinese Zodiac sign. Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese Sten-Branch calendar, also known as the lunar calendar, is used by the Chinese Zodiac. 

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Year of the tiger – Cute tiger vectors set – illustAC

2022 is the year of the Yang-Water Tiger. Yang-Water is mainly connected with the flowing water, cloud, and river. Tiger is in the group of Wood. Tiger primarily has a Yang-Wood, which is also a tall tree. Moreover, it also consists of the Yang-Earth and the Yang-Fire. What is Yang-Fire? Well, Yang-Fire usually means related to the sun, and similarly, Yang-Earth means related to the mountains. Tiger means the tall tree that is on the mountain under the sun. 

Tiger is the symbol of loneliness, prestigiousness, and power. Tiger can not be with several animals, and the water of 2022 will be helpful to the tree of the Tiger to grow stronger and taller. That means vital Wood energy will be brought in 2022 to people. If the Wood is your Lucky Element, you will indeed have good fortune.

The Revelation by I-Ching of the Water Tiger

Tiger is linked with the motion or thunder in the Chinese I-Ching. Water Tiger is equal to the Hexagram of the Water-Thunder. It means something that is moving inside the water. That shows about the baby who is growing inside the womb. That’s why 2022’s Water-Tiger indicates the challenges, planning, growth, creation, and development. The first month of the spring is Tiger month. 

One Yang is contained by the December of Winter Solistice, and the seed and plants start to grow. There is one Yang in the December of Solistice. Similarly, there are three Yangs in the February of Tiger. San-Yang-Kai-Tai’s expression in the Chinese New Year depicts the Three Yangs Start Fortune. Because of that, it can be best to start the career goal or business in 2022.

Blue water tiger vectors - edited from freebieAC
Blue Water tiger vectors – Year of the tiger 2022

Black Tiger Brings a Good Fortune

The fifth lunar day of the Chinese New Year Festival is known as the God of Wealth’s welcome day, and the god of wealth rides the black Tiger. If you get a chance to see the Black Tiger, you will be lucky with the good luck fortune. Likewise, who is known as the God of Wealth? Chao Kung-Ming is known as one of the Gods of Wealth. He was known as the god of battle, and his magic powers are rain, thunder, and wind. Likewise, he has also defeated several deities, sorcerers, and wizards. 

Black Tiger of the Chao was a ferocious carnivore. Several people tried killing the wild Tiger but failed to kill it after the wild Tiger ate some of the livestock and people. After that, the black Tiger was controlled by Chao Kung-Ming to save people’s lives. That’s why the black Tiger shows the arrival of the God of Wealth.

year of the tiger vectors - black tiger silhouette
Black tiger vectors – Year of the tiger 2022 – from silhouetteAC

Luckiest Zodiac sign in 2022: Ox

There is an attractive relationship between Tiger and Ox. In the year of Tiger, the Ox seems to be enjoying companionship, friendship, and love relationship. Tiger consists of Yang-Earth, Yang-Fire, and Yang-Wood and Ox consist Yin-Water, Yin-Metal, and Yin-Earth. Every element inside the Tiger can make an attractive relationship with the elements inside the Ox. Those three attractive relationships indicated the love’s affection and secret, which made the Ox one of the luckiest animals in 2022. 

According to the Chinese I-Ching, there are three elements in Tiger called Yangs, and there are also three elements in Monkey, but it is Yins. Yang and Yin are opposite from each other. Because of that, Monkey and Tiger are different, and Tiger doesn’t like Monkey. That’s why Tiger and Monkey can not make it together and stay together.

2022 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

Tiger Chinese Zodiac 2022

Tiger is one of the carnivores, and it likes to be alone and is challenging to get along with. Tiger is a violent and ferocious animal, and its personality is persistent, adventurous, arbitrary, confident, and ambitious. Tiger also consists of Yang Fire and Yang Earth. Yang Fire is the sun, and Yang Earth is the mountain. Only one Tiger can get under the sun in one mountain. If there are two tigers, they will fight for the leadership.

In traditional Chinese horoscopes, that is the sign of jinx when one Tiger comes in front of another Tiger. It means that the people who are born in Tiger’s year will not get good luck in the year of Tiger. It means that if the Tiger is passing by the territory of another Tiger, it will be safe if it passes without making any disturbance and being quiet. If the traveling tiger starts messing with the tyrant, then the traveling tiger can be in trouble during the journey.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac 2022

Dragon is one of the triphibious and legendary animals that can survive in the sky, in the water, and on the ground. It is one of the majestic, energetic, intelligent, and mysterious animals. The Dragon can easily travel in the sky, which is the symbol of power. 

On the other hand, Tiger is a carnivore, and it often likes to be alone and is challenging to get along. Tiger can be a violent and ferocious animal. Tiger consists of Yang Fire and Yang Earth, and Yang Earth represents the mountain. That’s why the Tiger is the kind of mountain, and the Dragon is the kind of heaven. If Tiger and Dragon become together, they can create an unbeatable duo.

Dragon is of the group of Earth, and the Tiger is in the group of Wood. Wood typically represents the career of Dragon. Dragon will get a career opportunity with the help of Tiger. Earth represents the money of the Tiger, and the Dragon can bring a good source of money to the Tiger. We can say that the Tiger can Dragon can be a good duo. If you work with the Tiger, you will get a reasonable payment.

Tiger consists of Fire and Earth, whereas a Dragon consists of Water and Wood. Wood can control the Earth and Fire, usually afraid of the water. Because of that, Dragon can also drown the Tiger. Because of that, Tiger can handle the marketing, and Dragon can manage the accounting.

Rat Chinese Zodiac 2022

2002 is going to be the Year of the Tiger. The Earth can absorb Yin Water, and Tiger contains Fire, Earth, and Wood. Woods can help the fire burn, and fire will burn the Wood into the Earth. Earth is mighty in the Tiger, and because of that, Tiger can help you make your career.

Rats will get the chance to show their talent in their work with the help of Tiger, and you will also get a good reward for your hard work. Although your relationship with your boss is good and agile, and clever, you need to be very humble in your work. It will make you a good personality, and your words could impact your career.

lunar new year clipart

Tiger and Rats can be together, and when both of them are together, Rat will provide a good friendship and relationship to serve Tiger. Likewise, the Rat will not expect anything in return, and Tiger will take it for granted. Tiger will surely return good favor to Rat someday even if they are not good social animals. 

Ox Chinese Zodiac 2022

Ox and Tiger can be together without any complications. Cow consists of Yin Water, Yin Metal, and Yin Earth, and Tiger consists Yang Earth, Yang Wood, and Yang Fire. Tin Earth present in Cow has a good relationship with the Tiger’s Yang Wood because of the Earth connection. Likewise, Yin Metal found in the Cow has a good relationship with the Tiger’s Yang Fire because of the Water connection. Yin Water in the Cow has a good relationship with the Tiger’s Yang Earth because of the Fire connection. The sign is that the Ox and Tiger can be together without any problems because of their friendly matches. 

Yang Wood of Tiger and Yin Earth of Cow have a good relationship because of the Earth. Tiger is also the Travel Star, and the mountain tiger moves towards the farmland because of the excellent relationship with Cow. The shows that the Cow has good luck in the social connection, career, and love relationship.

Snake Chinese Zodiac 2022

It is said that the Snake is the fallen Dragon from heaven. The movement and the flicking forked tongue of the Snake usually give a wrong impression to the people. People typically think that the Snake is dishonest, not straightforward, and sly. The Snake usually belongs to the group of fire. Yang Fire is the fire of the Snake, which generally means the sun. Sun is ambitious, cordial, righteous, and selfless and has a practical visionary.

Tiger belongs to the Wood group. Tiger consists of Yang Earth, Yang Fire, and Yang Wood. Tiger’s Yang Wood is a tall tree that can be very useful to the Snake’s sun grow taller. Likewise, the Wood of Tiger is the mother element of the Fire of Snake. That’s why Snake and Tiger need to support and take care of each other. They have a relationship like a mother and children.

According to Chinese astrology, the relationship between Snake and Tiger is hurting. It can quickly get bad emotions with people, especially with close ones. Giving too much attention and love can also bring pressure on people. If there is a misunderstanding between Snake and Tiger, Snake can also ask for help with Cow and Chicken. Similarly, Tiger can also find a Dog or Horse for help. 

Horse Chinese Zodiac 2022

The Horse is one of the fastest animals that travel long-distance on the ground. Horses can compete with others and can also be the group leader. Horses are very fund of power, victory, reputation, and success.

Tiger is a carnivore, and it often likes to be alone and is challenging to get along with. Tiger can be a violent and ferocious animal. Similarly, Tiger is a mighty animal, and the Horse is an agile animal. If both of them work together, they can make an outstanding duo.

The Horse belongs to the group of fire, and it consists of Yin Earth and Yin Fire. Similarly, Tiger belongs to the group of Wood and consists of Yang Earth, Yang Fire, and Yang Wood. Woods can be very helpful for fire to burn. Yang Fire means sun, and Yin Fire means the fire on the ground. If they come together, they can make a very high temperature. Earth can help keep the high temperature longer. Tiger and Horse together can make a scorching heat. 

Horse’s Earth is connected with the money of Tiger. Tiger can easily get attracted to the Horse’s wealth. Horse and Tiger have a strong relationship, and because of that, Tiger will invest in the Horse.

Goat Chinese Zodiac 2022

Goat is a farm animal, and it is endurable, peaceful, less assertive, and kind. Goat belongs to the group of Earth, and it consists of Yin Wood, Yin Fire, and Yin Earth. Goat’s Yin Earth is connected with the flatland and farmland. Tiger’s Yang Wood is connected with the tall tree. Together, Goat and Tiger mean tall trees standing on the flatland. 

Tiger’s Yang Wood depicts the career of Goat. Goat’s Yin Earth represents the money of the Tiger. The Goat will work for the Tiger so that they both can make money. Tiger and Goat can be a good business duo. 

Goat’s Yin Earth has a good relationship with the Tiger’s Yang Wood, and Goat and Tiger can be together without any complications.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac 2022

Rabbit is the Yin Wood, and it is connected with the climbing vine or the grass. Grass consists of the ability of fast propagation. Likewise, Rabbits have a gentle personality with amazing fertility. They can reproduce their next generation in a short period. 

Tiger consists of the Yang Wood, which means the tall tree. Rabbit’s big brother is a tall tree, and the Rabbit can easily climb the tall tree. The Tiger provides the best support to the Rabbit, and with the help of Tiger, Rabbit can be more powerful and show itself to the world. 

What will bring good luck in the year of the tiger?

In the year of tiger 2022, the colors blue and green can bring good fortune, and the lucky numbers for Tigers are 1,3, and 7. Moreover, try staying clear from the color white and numbers like 4 and 9 this year.

year of the tiger vectors - number patterns
Tiger patterns – Year of the tiger 2022

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year of the tiger vectors - new year card
Year of the tiger – 2022 new year card with tiger vectors