Terms Of Extra License


According to the terms of usage at https://www.ac-illust.com/en/terms, all images at our sites are prohibited to use as the main content in the product. Therefore, the extra license is provided to get the permissions for usage as the main content in the product.


An extra license grants you the right to use a downloaded image in the range of the following usages:

  1. Allow using as the main content of the commercial products such as T-shirt, Calendar, Mug, Smartphone case, Postcard, ...
  2. Allow using in a commercial product in the internet environment such as downloading services such as Greeting card, Template,... or in the background of the lock screen, idle screen, ... of mobile phone and application.
  3. Once an extra license is purchased for an identified image. This image is allowed to use without limit of time.


The image that purchased as the extra license need to be processed one of the following ways:

  1. Process and incorporated in the design that the third party can not detach, download and use only our images.
  2. Change the resolution to be suitable for usage.
  3. Apply the simple composition on the image (inversion, trimming, size change, color change, text placement, simple composition, etc.,)

*Notice: Please be aware that the action of processing images such as changing color, adding the frame,... that make the original image to be easy to download and upload to the internet does not belong to the above-allowed terms.


Currently, the extra license is applied only for the PREMIUM membership.

The extra license is been providing under the subscription pack. Each pack has the price and number of downloaded images separately.

  1. Pack 1: 2 images - 56USD (28 USD / image)
  2. Pack 2: 5 images - 135USD (27 USD / image)
  3. Pack 3: 25 images - 625USD (25 USD / image)

(We could adjust the content of pack whatever we want with no need to inform)

Not at all the images are provided with the extra license. Extra licenses are sold only for the images which are attached "Safety Mark" and the creator allows to sell the website.

*Notice: All the extra license packs are published as the subscription and automatic renewal unless you cancel this option. To cancel the automatic renovation of your pack and avoid future non-desired payments you must cancel from your user's profile.


  1. Please be aware that if you use the image in the product deliberately without obtaining extra licenses, you will be required to pay the penalty for illegal use. Each violated image will be paid 100,000 yen for the penalty.
  2. Please be aware that the image can be used in the product and delivering to clients, but the copyright of the image is not allowed to deliver to clients.
  3. Please be aware that the image can be used in delivering to the third party/subcontractor to request production, but the copyright of the image is not allowed to deliver to the third party/subcontractor.
  4. Please be aware that the extra license of each image is a non-exclusive license. The extra license of an image could be sold to more than one.
  5. Please be aware that it's prohibited for uploading the image to the other stock photo site or the other similar platform which could sell and download.


With each extra-license on an image was purchased by the user, the creator will get 2000 yen and this amount will be converted to the system point.

Even if the extra license of the image was sold, the fee of sales for creator might be canceled in the following situations:

  1. When the buyer requests a refund, etc,... cause of the image itself is found to be defective or faulty.
  2. When an incorrect purchasing is executed such as the duplicate purchase, etc.because of the system error, etc.
  3. When ACworks company determines that the purchasing from the buyer is an illegal transaction or fell into a state of insolvency.
  4. When ACworks company determines that the creator member violated the term of usages by any other reason, Company is not obligated to pay for the related transactions.

*Notice: Please be aware that the creator can not ask for cancellation on the purchased image already.